I can’t start this review without clarifying one thing: Trimtone is suitable for men as well as women.

Whether it’s a good supplement, bad one, excellent or average, there is nothing in the ingredients list to indicate that Trimtone will only work for women. It’s merely a pink label as part of a marketing ‘specialism’ tactic (which is frustrating, and silly to eliminate half the population from benefiting from its use).

You see, when it comes to burning fat, the solution is the same, whoever you are. You need to burn more calories than you are consuming.

Thermogenic fat burners like Trimtone accelerate this process, by increasing the rate you burn calories, which generates heat, which speeds up your metabolism, leaving you with more calories burned overall. When this is achieved, your body turns to its fat stores to use as energy, resulting in weight loss.

You can achieve this without a fat burner, but it’s a much slower and less efficient way to achieving your goals. The main factors you need in situ are a calorie deficit (consuming fewer calories than you burn), and an active lifestyle.

Here’s an example. To lose around a pound every week, you need to be in a daily deficit of around 500 calories. You can achieve this total, through both calorie consumption and exercise: decreasing your calorie intake by around 200 – 300 calories a day, and burning 200 – 300 calories per day through exercise.

This is a proven way to successfully lose weight. If you’ve attempted weight loss before though, you’ll appreciate how difficult this is to maintain. You start to feel weak and lethargic, and lose focus and motivation. Your workouts become less effective. Your cravings are telling you your body needs energy.

This is why the majority of people fail to achieve their weight loss target. This is also why thermogenic fat burners exist. Supplements like Trimtone are designed to accelerate calorie burn, boost your energy to keep you going, and attack hunger pangs by suppressing your appetite.

It is essential we stick to our side of the bargain, though. If you’re going to invest in a fat burner, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, or else the ingredients will sit ineffective.

Now we’ve clarified some key points – including the fact that Trimtone is completely natural and suitable for everyone – let’s take a look at what’s in it, how it believes it can help us, and whether it worked in this Trimtone review.

Trimtone – Quick Verdict


Trimtone is a very effective fat burner that would serve both men and women well, despite the outrageously pink branding.

It’s on the pricier side, but everything in it is potent and well-dosed, geared up towards weight loss and combatting the negative side effects you’d experience without it.

Trimtone has a high dose of caffeine, which increases its effectiveness, however it is sadly not suitable for vegetarians.

Overall, Trimtone successfully fulfils its promise with a quality, highly dosed formula.

Trimtone Explained

Trimtone is an effective, all-natural thermogenic fat burner with some real quality ingredients in its formula – more on this later. But ultimately, it does work, and it works well.

I’ve already cleared the air a little regarding the whole ‘fat burner for women’ thing.

Trimtone bottle

Granted, this isn’t overly common, and works both ways. While ‘women’s’ fat burners promote becoming slim and toned, ‘men’s’ fat burners can be hyperaggressive.

On their website, Trimtone say they went for this look to prevent people from thinking that by taking it, they’re ‘training to fight Dwayne The Rock Johnson if they happen to see the bottle’.

There is no substance behind this style of marketing. All genders taking either gender-branded supplement will see good results from a decent fat burner.

Gripe aside, what’s in Trimtone should help you endure a calorie deficit far more comfortably, while stomping on those cravings that destroy your hard work.

When I took Trimtone, I was burning more energy in thermogenic response, even at rest. When I’m on a restricted diet, my stomach often suffers – but with Trimtone, I had improved digestive health thanks to its quality fibre content.

Like all fat burners, Trimtone won’t work on its own. To achieve your weight loss goals, you must implement a healthy diet and active lifestyle – this lights the cylinders for Trimtone’s efficacy.

Benefits of Trimtone

Trimtone are clear cut with their claims on how Trimtone can help you reach those weight loss goals: to stimulate thermogenesis, burn extra body fat, boost your metabolism, and reduce your appetite.

They’re not wrong that these four claims can be achieved with Trimtone. However, these four separate claims are not four individual things. Three of them come under one entire process.

Trimtone can, indeed, boost your metabolic rate. This will, by default, stimulate thermogenesis, which is what enables your body to burn more body fat, when you’re in a calorie deficit. Independently, Trimtone’s ingredients suppress your appetite, which improves digestive health.

Here’s what all this means to you.

When your thermogenic rate is boosted, you burn through more calories – an extra 50 to 100 – each day, just by taking Trimtone.

But it’s the other benefits that really make some magic. Trimtone contains a good quantity of fibre, which will help you feel fuller and reduce those cravings for longer. This is a real advantage when trying to sustain a calorie deficit.

You’ll also have a clearer, healthier digestive tract courtesy of bulkier stools. Not the nicest subject, but really important and very effective, in which Trimtone achieves well.

Trimtone also fights that horrible lethargic feeling you can suffer when on a strict diet, which is especially difficult to adjust to at the beginning of your weight loss journey. It achieves this with thermogenesis and stimulants. Your increased thermogenic rate will release more energy for you to use, while the high dose of stimulants sharpens your focus and maximises your motivation and performance.

These are game-changing advantages when you’re working hard to lose weight.

Trimtone Ingredients

All the benefits are achieved directly from the ingredients, which are completely safe and natural.

I absolutely love the benefits Trimtone’s fibre content can offer, so I’m going to start with this.

It goes by the name of Glucomannan – one the highest-quality sources of fibre you’ll find. It works with some expansion in your digestive system, telling your body you feel full, drastically reducing the chances of you falling for cravings your body doesn’t need.

Trimtone ingredients

As well as supporting your digestive health, Glucomannan helps control your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels, which are all closely linked with putting on weight.

A fantastic ingredient in Trimtone’s formula.

Next, Trimtone focuses on stimulants, which accelerate your metabolism and elevate your energy.

Trimtone provides a bouquet of stimulants in their formula – caffeine anhydrous, green coffee, and caffeine.

A lot of thermogenic fat burners include Caffeine anhydrous in some form, and that’s because it’s excellent at ramping up your metabolism along with your energy levels and calorie expenditure. It forces your body to break down fat cells – known as lipolysis – which of course aids in weight loss very effectively.

Trimtone offers a big old dose of caffeine per serving. 120mg, which is the equivalent of 2-3 cups of coffee. Whilst this eliminates Trimtone for anyone sensitive to caffeine, it sure does work and even makes Trimtone an excellent stand-in for a pre-workout.

I recommend steering clear from taking Trimtone close to bedtime, and also perhaps slightly reducing you coffee consumption to start, just to see how you get on.

The second of Trimtone’s stimulant trio is green coffee. This is another thermogenic booster for your metabolism, providing another form of caffeine.

However, these unroasted green coffee beans also double up as a brilliant source of antioxidants, including chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is believed to prevent the absorption of fat whilst spurring on your metabolic rate and decreasing insulin levels.

Finally, Trimtone has included plentiful green tea. Green tea, like green coffee beans, is highly rich in antioxidants, and a very good source of catechins. This inclusion helps prevent carbohydrates from being converted into fat.

Stimulation and fibre achieved, Trimtone as a real ace up its sleeve – Grains of Paradise, formally known as Aframomum Melegueta.

A member of the turmeric and ginger family, Grains of Paradise is a thermogenic, very powerful herb that is believed to convert white adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue. I could write a whole article on this, but in simple terms, Grains of Paradise helps you shift visceral fat, particularly round your abdomen, and increases calorie burn.

So there you have it. Trimtone’s collection of ingredients is actually on the lean side. Other thermogenic fat burners pack more into their formula. Having said that, ultimately, it’s a very good list of effective ingredients, and in good doses.

Sadly, the only disappointment here is that the capsules are made from gelatin, making it completely inappropriate for vegans and vegetarians. A real shame, in my opinion – especially in this day and age.

How To Use & Take Trimtone

Trimtone is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Just one capsule a day, with water, before breakfast. No faffing around planning multiple doses with meals around the clock. Lovely.

Don’t forget, however, that the option is there to take Trimtone as a pre-workout. Not as an extra, or else you won’t sleep for a week. In fact, I’d advise not to use Trimtone as a pre-workout in the evening, as it may very well mess with your sleep routine.

A bottle should cover one month, with 30 capsules in each. You can only purchase it through Trimtone, which I quite like, as it gives me reassurance that I’m at no risk of counterfeit goods.

What also appeals is Trimtone’s great customer service, and even a 100-day full refund guarantee. That’s a nice little sweetener if you want to try it for the first time, and also proves Trimtone’s confidence in its efficacy.

Despite having a slimmer ingredients list, Trimtone is on the pricier end of the spectrum. There are thermogenic fat burners that offer more in terms of quantity, at a little less. However, it would be unfair to penalise Trimtone on this – it works, so the price is justified, in my opinion.

You can also make it more cost-effective by purchasing multi-buy offers. For example, Trimtone offer deals where you buy two and get one free, or buy three and get two free… if you want to get the most value for your money, this is a great option.

Using Trimtone

I sure did feel alive using Trimtone. As a guy in my thirties, I really liked it. If they were to market how punchy this product is, perhaps they would’ve had The Rock on the label after all. It’s good, and it’s powerful.

Trimtone usage instructions

Your energy will be at its max from breakfast all through the day. As a pre-workout, I could barely hold myself back in the gym, smashing through my personal bests, getting extra reps in, lifting heavier than I have done before. It felt really good.

I should point out that I’m big on coffee. I’m a writer, and coffee keeps my energy levels where I like them. My body is certainly well acquainted with it.

Trimtone’s caffeine content is mega. Absolutely do not exceed one capsule a day with Trimtone. This one serving will give you roughly half the safe daily maximum amount of caffeine for an adult.

At first you may find you feel quite jittery, which is a common symptom from caffeine. I didn’t experience this, as I’m used to a lot of caffeine – but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who’s particularly sensitive to it. There are fat burners out there that work hard to compensate for a lack of such stimulants with other ingredients.

If you can handle the caffeine content, Trimtone works very well, most essentially alongside exercise and a healthy diet, which was made easy for me because I was taking Trimtone. I had the energy to smash some calorie-burning workouts, and the fibre to resist overloaded plates and damaging cravings.

Importantly, I suffered no plateaus, either. My energy levels helped me achieve everything I needed to each day, but steadily. There were no crashes or dips. Just a smooth peak, all day.

I loved using Trimtone, and it achieved exactly what a top-tier thermogenic fat burner should do. I lost weight more easily, more efficiently, more comfortably, and safely.

Pros and Cons

Trimtone Pros

  • The ingredients are all completely natural
  • Everything is potent, proven, and dosed to a high, useable level
  • Elicits thermogenesis
  • Aids satiation and digestive health
  • Gives you plenty of energy

Trimtone Cons

  • It is one of the pricier thermogenic supplements going, at least if you buy it one bottle at a time
  • Uses a lot of caffeine, so may be inappropriate for many
  • It isn’t suitable for vegans or vegetarians due to gelatin capsules


Trimtone is a quality, effective thermogenic fat burner.

I will get the negative out the way – the fact they’ve completely disregarded the needs of vegans and vegetarians unnecessarily with their gelatin capsules.

If you’re not on plant-based diet, however, then Trimtone should be seriously considered.

Approach with caution if you are sensitive to caffeine. However, it does provide a real punch to what you can achieve, and how you feel. Calorie deficits are a tough place to be, but with the intense dose of caffeine alongside some excellent fibre, you have a huge advantage over it.

Ultimately, Trimtone will help you achieve your weight loss goals. At a price, yes. But that’s what you pay for quality and effectiveness. The Glucomannan alone is worth its weight in gold.

With Trimtone, you have every opportunity to reach your weight loss goals once and for all, no matter your gender.

Give it a caffeine-cautious go, and see the results yourself.