PrimeShred is a ‘hardcore fat burner’ that is designed to help you revolutionise your body. It promises to help you speed up the rate at which you lose weight in order to give you the kind of physique you want.

Does this sound too good to be true? That’s where I come in. I think it’s natural to be cynical about products like this, but I am someone who has always struggled with weight loss and generally feeling positive about my body.

I have had some really good experiences with natural weight loss supplements – I’ve had results that I never thought would be possible. So now I am determined to sort the wheat from the chaff in the weight loss industry to help you save time and money when looking for the best fat burners available.

In this PrimeShred review I will be taking a deep dive into this product – looking at the people behind it, the intended goals, the ingredients, and how I got on when I put it to the test. By the end of this article, you will have a good idea of PrimeShred is the right weight loss product for you.

PrimeShred – Quick Verdict

PrimeShred packaging tub and box

PrimeShred is a great weight loss supplement. Like its sister product, PhenGold, it has a great balance of ingredients, focusing on the physical, but also the mental side of weight loss. Not only did I lose weight, but I felt more driven and confident.

If you are considering trying a natural weight loss supplement, then PrimeShred is a really good option.

What Is PrimeShred?


PrimeShred is an all-natural fat burner. To put it in simple terms, it is a supplement made with 100% natural ingredients that is designed to help enhance certain functions within your body that contribute towards weight loss.

The fact that it is all-natural is important – at Arts Health & Wellbeing we would never endorse any steroid or chemical-based product. If that is an avenue you would like to explore, you need to speak to medical professionals – I am not trained to advise you on those kinds of products.

What I can do though, is talk about natural products that are 100% safe to take. I have had some excellent experiences with weight loss supplements, and some not so excellent. I want to use everything I’ve learned to help you decide whether PrimeShred is the right one for you.

PrimeShred is made by a company called Health Nutrition Limited. It’s a UK-based company with a great reputation in the health supplement industry, having developed many products of natural products that cater for a wide range of customers, from people who want more focus at work to those that want a testosterone booster.

I am a fan of another of their weight loss products – PhenGold, which I have found to be very helpful when it comes to losing weight. I was intrigued with PrimeShred. I wanted to discover why they would release a different product that is basically designed to do the same job as one that I had enjoyed using.

PrimeShred is aimed at a slightly different market to PhenGold, though. As you can probably tell from the name, this is geared towards the gym-goer. The sort of person who already trains hard, but wants to cut fat, while retaining and building muscle.

To be honest, that’s not really me – I am not that interested in getting big, I just want to lose a bit of weight. But I went in with an open mind, because one thing I have learned from experimenting with natural supplements is this – you never know where they might take you if you are willing to put in some effort.

PrimeShred Benefits

So how exactly does PrimeShred help you lose weight? PrimeShred boasts three clear advantages with its use:

Increases Thermogenesis

Okay, let’s quickly first go over what thermogenesis means. Thermogenesis is the process in which our bodies create heat by burning fat and calories. It’s closely linked to our metabolism.

The thinking here is obvious – if we increase the rate of thermogenesis in our bodies, our metabolism will increase, and we will therefore burn more fat and calories. So PrimeShred is packed with ingredients that are proven to increase this process in our bodies, so that we burn more calories, even when we are resting.

Supports Metabolism

This is similar to the previous section, but thermogenesis is one result of metabolism. Our bodies break down food to use as fuel for a variety of different reasons, not just for heat.

But the principles employed here are the same – if we can increase the rate at which our bodies are converting food into fuel, we will burn more calories.

There will be some ingredients included in PrimeShred that are specifically designed to increase our thermogenesis rate, and there will be others that have a more general impact on our metabolism – but they all have the same goal; helping our bodies burn more fat, more quickly.

Improves Energy & Focus

I’ve said this before when I have looked at other weight loss supplements, but I consider energy and focus to be two very different benefits, so I’m going to split them up.

For energy, one of the pleasing by-products of an increase in metabolism is that you don’t just burn more calories, you are converting them into energy. You can then use that energy to train with and push through your usual barriers, thus burning more calories.

For me, it’s having those initial little bursts of energy to get me off the sofa. You know the feeling – it’s dark and cold outside, you’ve had a long day at work and you just want to crash out in front of the TV and chill out. I sometimes need something to push me to get out of that habit, so having more energy appeals to me very much.

Leading on from that, we have focus. Let’s take that same scenario, where you’re lacking a little in motivation. That’s when you need mental strength, just as much as physical energy, to lift you up and get yourself moving.

So PrimeShred including ingredients that specifically target your focus is something I am very much on board with. I have had positive experiences with nootropics, which are ‘smart’ supplements that are designed to help your cognitive functions, so I know the potential here – it can make a huge difference.

Who is PrimeShred for?

PrimeShred is for any adults (over-18s) who want to lose weight, while maintaining energy levels and without losing muscle. Basically, it’s for people who have struggled to lose that extra bit of weight.

It’s very natural for weight loss to plateau after a little while – you notice some improvement and then you hit a wall. That is something that I have experienced so many times, and it always used to be when I would lose faith and start putting weight back on again.

You need to be able to commit to putting in the effort yourself, though. PrimeShred, or any weight loss supplement for that matter, won’t work unless you eat well and exercise regularly. This isn’t a magic pill that can change your physique without you doing anything, that’s just not how it works. It is designed to enhance and supplement the effort you put in.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or on medication, it is best not to take any supplement without consulting a medical professional first.

PrimeShred Pros

  • Great ingredient stack
  • Focus on mental side of losing weight
  • Impressive energy boost
  • Money back if you’re not satisfied in 100 days

PrimeShred Cons

  • High caffeine content may not be suitable

PrimeShred Ingredients

So now that we know what PrimeShred hopes to do for you, let’s take a look at exactly how it achieves as much. We’re going to look at each ingredient one by one to see why it has been included.

Green Tea Extract – 500 mg

Green tea contains catechins, which are antioxidants. They have a whole host of health benefits, but the one that is particularly relevant here is that it has been found to help speed up our metabolism.

There have been many clinical studies over the years that have analysed the impact of green tea – and catechins – on weight loss, and the resounding opinion is that it can help people lose weight more quickly. This is particularly true in people who are overweight or obese, although most will see a benefit.

L-Tyrosine – 300 mg

I am a big fan of L-Tyrosine being used in natural supplements. I see it as a sort of super-ingredient, which has a number of different benefits.

The main ones are all based around our cognitive function and general mental wellbeing. L-Tyrosine has been shown in many different studies to improve our focus, which I have already mentioned is incredibly important (and often overlooked) when it comes to losing weight.

Another thing it’s good for is improving our mood. Which, again, shouldn’t be underestimated. If you think about when you are likely to want to exercise – you’re normally feeling good, and you want to go and do something positive.

If you’re feeling low, you’re not going to be motivated to do anything like head to the gym or go for a run. You’ll give into your cravings and watch TV. I know this, because whenever I feel down, I tend to take worse care of myself. Feeling better inspires you to do more to improve.

Rhodiola Rosea Root – 250 mg

The main reason to include Rhodiola Rosea Root in a weight loss supplement is the boost it gives to our energy levels. This has been proven by many clinical trials that have seen subjects increase in energy compared to those that were given placebos.

When we take Rhodiola Rosea supplements, our bodies have a stronger response to the stress it is put under when we exercise, which means we can work out for longer and push ourselves harder.

It is also claimed that Rhodiola Rosea can help to speed up our metabolism, but I would like to see more evidence of that before I can fully get behind it.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 225 mg

While some people might be slightly put off by the idea of taking a supplement with caffeine in, there are plenty of reasons for including it in PrimeShred.

First of all, you get an energy boost. It’s why many of us reach for the coffee as soon as we wake – we need that extra kick to get us going.

So what else? Caffeine also speeds up your metabolism, which is something else you probably already knew. It plays a part in the thermogenic process that we mentioned before – helping us burn more calories to convert into heat.

Finally, caffeine can bring out the best in other ingredients. It’s been proven that the catechins in green tea work best when combined with caffeine, and L-Tyrosine works better with caffeine too.

Cayenne Pepper – 200 mg

You’ll find a form of Cayenne Pepper in almost every weight loss supplement you come across – can you guess why that is? It’s because it works!

Cayenne Pepper helps to speed up your metabolism, as well as boost fat-burning enzymes within your body – this helps to speed up the process of breaking down fat. This has been proven in many clinical trials over the years.

DMAE – 150 mg

DMAE, or dimethylaminoethanol as it’s formerly known, is an ingredient that is more focused on the mental attributes needed to lose weight than the physical.

One of the main benefits we get from DMAE is being able to stay calm and positive when under stress – and when we reduce the amount of calories we take on board, our body can show signs of stress.

Green Coffee – 100 mg

Not to be confused with caffeine, Green coffee works in a similar way to green tea in that it helps to improve our metabolism rate, which helps us to burn more calories quicker.

There have been some studies that have suggested that it works even faster than green tea, but having the two ingredients together should help with sustained weight loss over a longer period of time.

Vitamin B Complex

The B Vitamins are a bit of an all-rounder, not just in terms of weight loss but for our health in general. They have been shown to play a critical role in speeding up and regulating our metabolism, as well as preventing fatigue. Both of these are so important when we are trying to lose weight.

Bioperine – 5 mg

Bioperine is a black pepper extract, and its main role in PrimeShred is to help your body absorb the other ingredients. While it also possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, its main role is supporting the other ingredients and ensuring that your body uses them effectively.

Personal Experience with PrimeShred

PrimeShred was a weight loss supplement that I was excited to try. As a huge fan of PhenGold, which is made by the same company and has a very similar ingredient stack, I had high hopes for this one.

I was not disappointed.

To conduct a fair test, I made sure I took the recommended dose (three tablets 20 minutes before breakfast) on both training and non-training days. For the first week or so I didn’t notice a huge difference, but that’s to be expected – you rarely find instant results with products like this, even though plenty is going on underneath.

In the second week, though, I started to notice something. The first sign of improvement was when I shaved nearly a minute off my regular time on my standard run – that seemed to come out of nowhere, as I wasn’t consciously pushing myself to improve my time. From there, I had the confidence to push myself a bit more, both on my runs and at the gym.

It all fed into a happy little loop – I was working out harder, so I felt good, so I was being careful with what I ate, so I was feeling good, so I was working out harder… How much of that was PrimeShred directly, and how much was just the positivity I felt from a small push, I can’t really be certain.

But what I can say is that the initial push I got when I started taking PrimeShred spurred me on to a place I didn’t think I would ever get to. I have never been a proper ‘gym guy’ – but I found myself going back more and more to see what I could do. Motivation I just never thought I would have.

Not only did I lose weight, but I really started to feel good about myself – physically and mentally. I was proud of what I achieved when I took PrimeShred.

PrimeShred Verdict

PrimeShred is a fantastic weight loss supplement. It’s one of the most all-round natural products that I’ve tried, as it does far more than just speed up your metabolism. The impact it had on my general outlook and positivity was as gratefully received as the physical changes that I experienced.

I am a huge fan of its sister product, PhenGold, as well, and they are very similar. Either one of these products would make a great place to start if you are thinking of trying out an all-natural weight loss supplement. If you experience the same results as I did, you will not be disappointed.