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If you’re starting a weight loss journey and considering using a weight loss supplement, then you’re on the right tracks. However, it’s essential you know that the core fundamentals to successfully losing weight is down to you.

The golden role that is undebatable is that you must be in a calorie deficit to achieve weight loss. This means that you burn more calories than you consume.

No matter what any product or marketing ploy tells you, you’re never going to lose weight unless you are putting the effort in with your calorie consumption, and ideally exercise.

However, it doesn’t have to be all down to you. Though it’s possible to achieve weight loss on your own, it certainly comes with its challenges, especially as time goes on – reduced energy and motivation; hunger pangs and cravings telling you to eat more than a calorie deficit allows; a slowing metabolism; weaker strength and endurance in your workouts; and even poor digestion.

This is where decent weight loss aids are worth their weight in gold. A quality fat burner helps you more ably and comfortably achieve your weight loss goals faster and effectively.

Here, we take a look at two of the best fat burners we’ve come across – Leanbean and PhenQ. We’ll be pitting them against each other, looking at their similarities and differences and deciding which is the best fat burner to buy.

Leanbean Vs PhenQ – Quick Verdict

PhenQ bottle

Though both Leanbean and PhenQ are top-tier fat burners, PhenQ claims the top spot – as it so often does in our comparisons. It’s a tough one to beat!

If you’re sensitive to caffeine however, then Leanbean will be better for you – it’s free from caffeine, giving you all the benefits of a quality fat burner without the symptoms you’d have if you’re caffeine-sensitive.

I prefer PhenQ – I like the caffeine content, I respond well to it, and it gives me that extra level of energy to achieve my weight loss target easier. PhenQ also offers some multi-buy deals that give you more value for your money than Leanbean.

PhenQ Explained

PhenQ with capsules

PhenQ is fast becoming increasingly well-known as one of the best weight loss supplements on the market. Behind it is manufacturer Wolfson Brands, who have stood strong in a highly competitive market for 16 years now – that’s some testament to its reputation and quality of products.

PhenQ is quite the baby for Wolfson Brands, only relatively recently manufactured for release. However, in that short space of time it is already developing quite a cult following thanks to the results it unlocks for its users.

As customers, we also have the reassurance of plentiful research and clinical evidence underpinning PhenQ’s efficacy, brought to us by experienced health professionals, nutritional experts and consultants of Wolfson Brands.

PhenQ is manufactured within FDA-approved premises, shipping globally from the UK, Germany and the US. Besides being seen as a leading supplement around the world, it also always performs well in our trials here at Arts Health & Wellbeing, often topping the charts against strong competitors.

Leanbean Explained

As you can see already, Leanbean certainly has its work cut out here, going up against PhenQ. Unfortunately, it lets itself down almost immediately by specifically marketing towards women only.

Thankfully for Leanbean, we always look way beyond a brand’s marketing – it means very little, and this is certainly the case here. This is simply a marketing tactic (which aggravates me more than it should really, but why would they immediately halve their audience unnecessarily?).

Stripping back down to the all-important ingredients list, Leanbean looks a lot like PhenQ, with its use of completely natural ingredients designed to increase thermogenesis effectively. So, despite its overly feminine targeting, Leanbean is suitable for anyone looking to achieve weight loss.

It offers a lot of its worldwide shipping options for free, and is based in the US. Leanbean has quite the social following, led by some popular faces like model and lifestyle surfer Bree Kleintop, who publicly endorse it.

As you can imagine with its marketing and promotional efforts, Leanbean’s following is mostly female.

Leanbean Vs PhenQ – Ingredients

Leanbean and PhenQ have some clear similarities on the face of it, most noticeably being that they’re both entirely natural, have vegan-friendly formulae and capsules, and are free from additives. They also have both been designed to achieve the same thing with their ingredient profiles – to successfully accelerate fat loss, with the clinical studies to prove it.

However, despite these resemblances, PhenQ and Leanbean have only one ingredient in common. This is unusual for two competing supplements.

This one ingredient isn’t a deal breaker, either – Chromium Picolinate, which is a trace mineral that helps control blood sugar levels and, therefore, is great for preventing cravings. Here, we’re going to take a look at the different approaches from Leanbean and PhenQ’ ingredients lists.

PhenQ’s Unique Ingredients

PhenQ’s up first. Often seen in the number 1 spot, what has PhenQ selected for its ingredients list that Leanbean has completely disregarded?

PhenQ Ingredients
α-Lacys Reset®

α-Lacys Reset® is PhenQ’s secret weapon, its winning ingredient. It’s a patented complex containing magnesium, cysteine, and alpha lipoic acid, with extensive clinical evidence that it will reduce body fat and weight, and even increase muscle mass.

This is what often gets PhenQ to the top spot. It doesn’t need much else with α-Lacys Reset® in situ.

Capsimax Powder

Capsimax Powder is actually a blend of caffeine, capsicum, Vitamin B3 (niacin), and piperine – and the piperine is actually found Leanbean, but as an ingredient in its own right.

Blended together to form Capsimax Powder, this blend works to accelerate the rate of thermogenesis in the body, so that you burn energy faster. The piperine is the ingredient particularly hard at work here – and individually in Leanbean – as it’s believed it can prevent the creation of new fat cells.

A fantastic blend, with the potency of piperine working well as a fat burner for both supplements.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This ingredient can be a dealbreaker for you when deciding which to choose over Leanbean and PhenQ. PhenQ utilises caffeine’s ability to aid thermogenesis, whilst Leanbean has cancelled it (or at least, only has traces of it).

I like the use of caffeine. It works for me, I don’t suffer side effects when taking it, and I do value the health benefits it offers.

As well as accelerating thermogenesis – which makes a key difference when you’re trying to lose weight – caffeine also gives that increased energy, motivation, and alertness that often takes a hit when you’re in a calorie deficit. Without this stimulant, I’d struggle.

However, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, then you don’t have too much choice between the two.


Nopal extract is derived from the Nopal Cactus plant, and is very high in fibre and rich in amino acids. While the amino acids give that game-changing energy boost, the fibre content works on suppressing your appetite, helping you feel fuller instead of reaching for snacks.

A good amount of fibre like this also improves your digestive health – which can often take a hit during a calorie deficit – and helps reduce water retention, which can cause you to bloat. Nopal is an unusual ingredient to include, and an excellent addition from PhenQ.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

L-carnitine can be found in your diet in vegetables, nuts and red meats, but we often don’t get enough of it. It’s a powerful amino acid, which we know helps turn the body’s fat stores into energy. This provides us with a much-needed energy boost, whilst enabling us to burn fat more easily.

Leanbean’s Unique Ingredients

Now we take a look at what Leanbean has to offer. You’ll see that there are much more ingredients here than in PhenQ, however there is no α-Lacys Reset® – which carries a lot of PhenQ’s punch.

Let’s see what Leanbean has to offer, and what it does.


Now this is a decent addition. Glucomannan is not an unusual ingredient for a fat burner – in fact, I’m surprised PhenQ doesn’t feel the need to include it.

Leanbean, however, includes it in abundance, offering 3,000mg of it. Glucomannan is a quality dietary fibre, naturally derived from the Konjac plant root. It’s highly effective in what it does – expanding in the stomach, so that you feel satisfied and full, reducing the risk of giving into cravings.

This glucomannan doesn’t get stored as fat, but instead provides you with an energy boost while aiding a healthy digestive system. This is the perfect combo when you’re in a calorie deficit, and can make all the difference to your results.


It’s believed that choline can help with metabolic functions without any side effects. However, the data on this nutrient is far from inclusive.


This is another ingredient with little clinical data to support it, however it’s believed that this electrolyte can help with digestive function, which is certainly a good thing when your diet, exercise output and energy levels are changing.


I love seeing zinc in any supplement. We all need it, yet hardly any of us get enough of it from our diets alone. It’s well-known for its highly beneficial anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its ability to help the metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids.

It’s only ever a good thing to see the inclusion of this essential mineral in any supplement.

Green Coffee

So there are traces of caffeine in Leanbean with its green coffee beans; however, this is the equivalent to 10% of the caffeine content of a single cup of coffee. This won’t cause any typical side effects of caffeine.

What you will benefit from are the high levels of antioxidants in the unroasted form of coffee beans. When they’re pure and green like this, they hold a much higher concentration of chlorogenic acid. Though studies remain inconclusive, there is evidence that this can work well for improved body composition.


It’s likely you’ve heard of Turmeric before. It’s been used for centuries, but recently its benefits have been more widely recognised as a super-supplement in its own right.

It steps in to replace caffeine anhydrous, providing a more suitable alternative for anyone who’s looking for a non-caffeine-heavy weight loss supplement. It’s a great addition for fat burning and thermogenesis, as well as many health benefits.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that’s rich in hydroxycitric acid. It is often used to treat obesity, and acts as an effective appetite suppressant, making it a great addition to Leanbean’s formula.

Acai Berry

This is a nice little number from Leanbean, as it goes further than its weight loss advantages. Acai Berry is also great for cardiovascular health and healthy skin, and it’s an effective nootropic too, aiding in cognitive health.

When you’re in a calorie deficit, a sharpened focus and clear head can make a huge difference to how you feel and how you behave towards achieving your weight loss goals.

Vitamin B6 & B12

Both these very helpful vitamins have shown to reduce fatigue and boost your energy alongside accelerating your metabolism – which is exactly what we need help with from a weight loss supplement.

Leanbean Vs PhenQ – Key Markers

It can be difficult to conclude which supplement will be more efficient, so it makes sense to break down into six separate parameters: energy levels, satiation, weight loss, digestion, side effects, and testimonials.

For this, we used two men and two women, with one of each testing Leanbean while the other pair tested PhenQ. Here’s what we found.

Energy Levels

Both PhenQ and Leanbean performed well when it came to providing adequate energy levels, although PhenQ scored a little higher. Comments were added that there we no crashes with it either, instead leaving the two testers feeling ‘comfortably levelled at peak’.

This is likely due to the sensible dosages of caffeine, which aren’t present in Leanbean – although this did also score well, and its testers were pleased with their energy levels.


We expected Leanbean to win this one, with its inclusion of glucomannan. However, PhenQ kept its testers feeling fuller for longer, winning the appetite suppression category.

I always assume glucomannan will tip this one, but with PhenQ’s Capsimax, Nopal Cactus and Chromium Picolinate at play, PhenQ had this section covered.

Weight Loss

Both Leanbean and PhenQ successfully helped our testers achieve their weight loss goals. However, there were one pair of testers who achieved their targets more easily – and that goes to PhenQ. And this is what makes a brilliant weight loss supplement – one that makes the challenge all that more enjoyable as well as achievable.


No testers experienced any digestive problems when using Leanbean and PhenQ, which we expected from both supplements’ ingredients lists.

Side Effects

PhenQ and Leanbean are both 100% natural, so we knew the risk of side effects would be minimal. Indeed, no testers suffered any problems whilst taking their weight loss supplement. The PhenQ users didn’t experience any problems with the caffeine content either, which shows it is sensibly dosed.

Please bear in mind though that this was a limited test in the scheme of things. We’re all different and have unique medical histories and concerns, so please speak with your GP before starting any new supplement.

User Reviews

All our testers had positive things to say about Leanbean and PhenQ – but what about the outside world?

On researching, both supplements boast glowing reports from customers worldwide. A staggering majority agree with the individual claims of each supplement – they both deliver on their promises.

We did notice that all customers who boasted incredible weight loss results had put the work in themselves too, with their diet and exercise plan. And that’s a crucial takeaway – these supplements will definitely work, so long as you’re burning those calories through exercise and fuelling your body with the right food.

Verdict: PhenQ Or Leanbean?

PhenQ bottle

These two supplements really are quite the contenders. Each formula glitters with some incredible ingredients, covering all aspects of the weight loss journey, not just calorie burning alone.

And that’s what makes a smart weight loss supplement – one that considers all your needs when you’re in a calorie deficit. This includes your mood and how motivated you feel, your appetite and how easy it is to say no to your cravings, and your focus and clear mind, despite being in the depths of an effective calorie deficit.

When you’re trying to maintain a busy, everyday life alongside your weight loss goals, supplements as good as PhenQ and Leanbean are a big, big deal to your results and, actually, your quality of life.

We believe, however, that PhenQ is the best of the two, for a number of reasons.

Although Leanbean has a fabulously rounded collection of ingredients, PhenQ’s has the edge. It’s very intelligently designed to get straight to the point with some big-hitting ingredients, cutting out anything unnecessary or watered down.

PhenQ is also better value for money slightly, when you’re buying in bulk. For the price of what you pay for four months’ worth for Leanbean, you get five months’ worth of PhenQ. That’s quite a difference.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, it obviously makes sense to opt for Leanbean. I will say, however, that my partner is sensitive to caffeine – she’s tried supplements with high-caffeine content before and had to stop – but with PhenQ, she didn’t experience that cranky, headachy feeling. She just felt good.

We are unique in our reactions, however, so just be wary.

I also think it’s a shame Leanbean only direct their product towards women. I didn’t feel uncomfortable taking Leanbean – I understand its ingredients profile and knew it would help me, despite being a man. However, there are men out there who would feel uncomfortable buying this product, which is a real shame.

Overall, both PhenQ and Leanbean are highly effective in helping you reach and maintain those weight loss goals – they’re within your reach when you have either of these supplements in your arsenal.

I strongly recommend either, with PhenQ seizing the top spot.

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