As men, we cannot overlook the importance of maintaining optimal testosterone levels as we age – or, indeed, at any point in our lives. If you want healthy energy levels, strength, vitality, sexual function and performance, body composition, and plenty more besides, you need to keep your testosterone levels in balance.

Testosterone supplements are a fantastic aid in this endeavour. They can help to increase your testosterone levels to a naturally high point, giving you plenty of health benefits in the process.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing Nugenix Total-T, a completely natural formula designed to support testosterone levels. Spoilers – I found it worked very well, and I think that you would, too.

Nugenix Total-t – Quick Verdict

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Based on my personal experience, Nugenix Total-T is good. I saw notable benefits to my energy, strength, and sexual function, as well as my overall sense of wellbeing, whilst taking it.

My testosterone levels spiked slightly – though, of course, within reasonable, healthy bounds.

However, the results are far from the best on the market. For this, honestly, I would go with TestoPrime, which I’ve always used myself to great effect.

What is Nugenix Total-T?

Nugenix Total-T is a testosterone boosting supplement designed to help men to optimise their testosterone output. It is made to increase both free and total testosterone levels in the body, with eight key ingredients that are claimed to enhance energy, strength, muscle mass, and endurance during intense workouts.

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Free testosterone is testosterone unbound from any other molecules in the bloodstream. It is therefore always readily available for use by the body.

By boosting both free and total testosterone, Nugenix Total-T should help to amplify the benefits associated with optimal testosterone levels.

You get eight ingredients that have been carefully chosen for their potential to support testosterone production and enhance performance – as we’ll see below, they are pretty standard fare in this kind of supplement.

I’ve used several different testosterone supplements over the years, all of which use variations on a common theme, typically using ingredients taken from a wider roster of 30 or so. Choosing wisely – making sure I’m taking in ingredients like those found in Nugenix Total-T – I’ve always been able to keep my testosterone levels up where they need to be.

These ingredients typically include vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and other natural compounds known to have testosterone-boosting properties.

What are the benefits of using Nugenix Total-T?

There are several benefits to using Nugenix Total-T. Most of these revolve around supporting optimal testosterone output, of course – I would expect nothing less.

This is the big one, the obvious one, the most welcome one. Nugenix Total-T is specifically formulated to bolster natural testosterone output. It targets both free and total testosterone levels in the body, aiming to optimise hormone production for improved overall wellbeing and performance, particularly in men.

Testosterone is a hormone. It’s mostly produced in the testes, and it plays a vital role in various aspects of male health.

It is responsible for promoting muscle growth, maintaining bone density, regulating libido, supporting red blood cell production, and influencing mood and cognitive function. As we’ll see, these benefits all come thick and fast when using Nugenix Total-T.

However, as men age, testosterone levels naturally decline. I’m in my thirties now and always make sure I’m doing everything I can to promote optimal output, as allowing levels to dip can greatly impair your health and wellbeing. It can lead to a range of issues such as reduced energy, decreased muscle mass, diminished sexual drive, a decline in overall vitality, increased anxiety and depression, and a lack of overall drive.

By increasing testosterone production, Nugenix Total-T aims to provide you with several potential benefits associated with optimal hormone levels – as below. With this boost to your testosterone levels, you can expect to experience:

Enhanced Muscle Mass

I can’t speak for this – I used it for six weeks, which is nowhere near enough time to test changes in muscle mass. However, I’ve always found it easier to pack on muscle with testosterone levels optimised by a good testosterone supplement that uses similar methodology and ingredients to Nugenix Total-T.

Testosterone is a crucial hormone for muscle growth and development. It plays a vital role in stimulating muscle protein synthesis, which is the process by which the body builds and repairs muscle tissue.

When testosterone levels are optimal, muscle protein synthesis is enhanced, leading to increased muscle mass and strength – I genuinely struggle to build muscle without using a testosterone booster to help optimise my own levels.

When testosterone levels are optimal, the body is better able to build and repair muscle tissue efficiently. This can result in enhanced muscle development, increased muscle size, and improved strength and power. With consistent Nugenix Total-T use, I don’t doubt that plenty of us will notice improvements in muscle mass and strength.

Improved Physical Performance

Optimal testosterone levels are intimately linked with enhanced physical performance and endurance. This heightened testosterone presence underpins the more amplified athleticism and physical performance we often see in men over women.

As we know, testosterone plays a crucial role in promoting muscle growth and increasing muscle strength – this leads directly to improved athletic performance.

When testosterone levels are at their peak, men may also experience an increase in energy, stamina, and overall physical performance. I’ve always felt this on a good testosterone booster, and this certainly happened for me during my Nugenix Total-T usage.

Testosterone influences the body’s energy metabolism by enhancing fats utilisation for energy. This can in turn lead to improved endurance and prolonged exercise capacity.

This means that those taking a good testosterone booster like Nugenix Total-T may have greater stamina and be able to perform at a higher intensity for longer stretches. I’ve certainly always been able to push my limits further and achieve my fitness goals far more ably when using one.

Additionally, testosterone has been shown to play a role in muscle strength and power. Testosterone promotes muscle protein synthesis, which is crucial for the development and maintenance of muscle tissue.

With Nugenix Total-T’s potential to optimise testosterone levels, men may experience improvements in muscle strength and power output, leading to enhanced performance in activities that require strength, such as weightlifting, sprinting, and jumping.

Increased Energy and Vitality

As we age, our testosterone levels naturally decline. Among the many symptoms that can occur with this loss, perhaps the worst is the prevalence of feelings of fatigue, low energy, and reduced motivation. Depression, in short – especially if you leave it unchecked.

My own mental wellbeing certainly suffers if I neglect my testosterone levels, as these changes can have a significant impact on your overall vitality and quality of life.

Nugenix Total-T should help you to overcome these issues by naturally boosting energy levels and rejuvenating your overall vitality – a perhaps slightly nebulous term that nevertheless refers to something quite profound.

Low energy levels can make it challenging to perform daily tasks, engage in physical activities, and maintain an active lifestyle. In the absence of a good testosterone booster, I’ve never been able to get done what I want to get done with sufficient energy or wherewithal.

Nugenix Total-T contains ingredients that are specifically chosen for their potential to increase energy levels. By supporting optimal testosterone levels, it should help to fight fatigue and give you the energy you need to live each day more optimally.

In addition to this increased energy, Nugenix Total-T aims to enhance overall vitality. Testosterone plays a crucial role in numerous physiological functions, including mood regulation. Again, hence my low mood and poor mental wellbeing without taking a good testosterone booster.

Scientific literature points to a correlation between low testosterone levels and symptoms of depression and decreased motivation.

Finally, testosterone can greatly affect your cognitive function, particularly your focus. A good testosterone booster literally cuts through brain fog – or, at least, so I’ve always found. I can barely think straight without one. With one, my thoughts are fast, clear, and incredibly focused.

This increased focus and mental clarity should ultimately improve your productivity and overall performance in various tasks and activities. More importantly, it should make you feel more alive and switched on.

Enhanced Sexual Health

Testosterone plays a crucial role in male sexual health, including regulating your libido (your sexual desire) and erectile function. If your natural testosterone levels are low, it’s likely you’ll suffer a decrease in sexual desire and potentially erectile function.

Nugenix Total-T’s testosterone support can have a positive impact on sexual health. I won’t get too personal here, but suffice to say that it works much like any other good-quality testosterone booster – for which I’ve always been grateful!

Testosterone is known to play a significant role in the regulation of sexual desire in men. When testosterone levels are optimal, you may experience an increase in sexual thoughts, fantasies, and an overall desire for sexual activity.

By supporting healthy testosterone levels, Nugenix Total-T may potentially enhance your own sexual desire, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

This testosterone boost should also lead to better erections. Testosterone influences the physiological processes involved in achieving and maintaining an erection. Low testosterone levels have been linked to difficulties in obtaining and sustaining an erection, potentially leading to sexual dissatisfaction and a decrease in confidence.

And the last point there is a big one. Confidence is key in many aspects of your life, including improved sexual health and satisfaction in intimate relationships. Sexual wellbeing is a crucial aspect of emotional and physical intimacy. Any sexual issues can strain relationships and impact your overall wellbeing.

Hence, keeping your testosterone levels optimised should always be a priority.

Improved Body Composition

We’ve seen that testosterone will help you to build muscle. However, its benefits to body composition – in large part, the ratio of muscle to fat, and keeping healthy levels of both – go beyond this.

Optimal testosterone levels can play a role in fat loss and weight management by promoting lipolysis, which is the breakdown of stored fat for energy.

Testosterone has been shown to influence metabolism and the body’s ability to burn fat, making it an important factor in keeping a healthy, lean physique. Nugenix Total-T should therefore potentially help in fat loss and weight management.

I went through a stretch a couple of years back during which I found it very hard to keep fat levels down and muscle mass up – this despite being a professional personal trainer. In fact, there was a time when my clients were outperforming me! After a few tests, it largely came down to testosterone levels. Mine were healthy, but very much sub-optimal.

This is when I first began trying out various testosterone boosting supplements. My body composition changed almost immediately – I suddenly packed on muscle whilst shedding excess fat, recomping and making gains like a complete beginner. It was profound, astounding, and very, very welcome.

Overall Wellbeing

Nugenix Total-T obviously goes a fair amount beyond physical benefits. It also aims to enhance your overall sense of wellbeing and quality of life. It does so admirably – it certainly did for me, as any top-rate testosterone booster should.

Testosterone has a significant impact on mental and emotional health, and maintaining optimal levels can lead to various improvements in mood, mental clarity, and cognitive function.

Declining testosterone levels have been associated with symptoms of depression, irritability, and a decrease in overall wellbeing. By supporting healthy testosterone levels, Nugenix Total-T should help to alleviate these negative emotions whilst promote a more positive mood.

Again, it did for me. It should for you, especially if your current testosterone levels are suboptimal.

Nugenix Total-T ingredients

Nugenix Total-T manages all of this thanks to a combination of several high-class, incredibly good, well-combined ingredients.

It begins with vitamin B6, which data at present suggest may impact testosterone levels. It is involved in hormone synthesis and metabolism, playing a role in converting cholesterol into testosterone. Some studies have found a correlation between higher vitamin B6 levels and higher testosterone levels, especially in older men, though we need more data before we can say so conclusively.

Nugenix Total T label

Vitamin B6 may indirectly influence testosterone by regulating neurotransmitters that control hormone release. Excessive intake of vitamin B6 beyond recommended levels may not have additional testosterone benefits.

Consult a healthcare professional before considering vitamin B6 supplementation for testosterone support.

This is backed up by vitamin B12, an essential nutrient intimately involved in various bodily functions. While it does not have a direct impact on testosterone levels, vitamin B12 is important for overall health and wellbeing.

It’s involved in the production of red blood cells, DNA synthesis, and nerve function, among other things. Adequate levels of vitamin B12 are therefore necessary for maintaining energy levels, supporting a healthy nervous system, and promoting cognitive function – all things that we look to optimal testosterone levels for.

Therefore, vitamin B12 is a perfect addition to Nugenix Total-T’s formula, very ably playing a solid support role.

Nugenix Total-T also makes good use of zinc, a trace mineral our bodies need for a range of functions – including the likes of cellular metabolism, immune system function, and wound healing.

It is also an essential nutrient for testosterone production. Zinc is necessary for synthesising luteinising hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which are hormones that stimulate testosterone production in the testes.

Research has shown that zinc deficiency can lead to reduced testosterone levels and impaired immune function. You will rarely find a good testosterone booster that omits zinc. I would certainly never take a testosterone booster seriously without it.

L-Citrulline Malate, a compound consisting of the amino acid L-citrulline and malic acid, aids blood flow. It does this by increasing the nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator, relaxing and widening blood vessels, which can lead to improved circulation.

Improved blood flow resulting from L-citrulline malate supplementation may have several benefits. It is thought to support better exercise performance by delivering more oxygen and nutrients to muscles, enhancing energy production and reducing fatigue. This can lead to increased endurance and improved recovery.

Additionally, L-citrulline malate may well offer a positive impact on erectile function. Nitric oxide promotes relaxation of the smooth muscles in blood vessels, including those in the penis, which can improve blood flow and aid in achieving and maintaining erections.

Again, then, we have a great supporting ingredient – though it may have minimal effect on total testosterone levels, L-citrulline malate helps to further the effects of everything else in Nugenix Total-T’s formula.

We get some decent botanicals in Nugenix Total-T’s formula, too, kicking off with Tribulus terrestris.

Tribulus terrestris has been used in traditional forms of medicine for centuries, where it is well known for its ability to support male reproductive health and enhance athletic performance. It is believed that Tribulus terrestris extract may help you to maintain healthy testosterone levels by stimulating the production of luteinising hormone (LH), which we have seen may help to promote testosterone production in the testes.

However, research on the effects of Tribulus terrestris extract on testosterone levels is still limited, and more studies are needed to establish its efficacy.

Then there is fenugreek extract, derived from fenugreek seeds. It has a long history in Ayurvedic medicine for uses, including supporting male sexual health. Fenugreek extract is believed to help maintain healthy testosterone levels by inhibiting testosterone’s conversion into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This should lead to higher total testosterone levels.

Fenugreek may also increase LH release, leading to a commensurate increase in testosterone production. Some studies have shown positive effects on testosterone levels and libido in those taking it, though further research is required to fully understand how it works – and how well it works.

Eurycoma longifolia extract, commonly referred to as Tongkat Ali, is a herbal extract derived from the roots of the Eurycoma longifolia tree. It has long been used as an aphrodisiac and is believed to support healthy testosterone levels.

Tongkat Ali extract may work by stimulating testosterone production and increasing the release of LH. It has also been suggested to reduce cortisol levels, one of our main stress hormones, and one that can inhibit testosterone production – hence lowering stress levels is always one of the first things you should do when looking to naturally optimise testosterone levels.

Finally, we have boron, a trace mineral involved in various bodily functions. It may support healthy testosterone levels by increasing the concentration of free testosterone in the blood.

It may also enhance the activity of enzymes involved in testosterone synthesis. Studies have backed this up, showing positive effects of boron supplementation on testosterone levels, particularly in men with low-starting testosterone levels.

This is a pretty stellar ingredients list. These should all work together to support healthy testosterone levels, enhance sexual health, and potentially promote overall wellbeing in men. It all looks very similar to some of the best testosterone boosters I’ve ever used – boosters that have had similar effects to Nugenix Total-T, which was an absolute joy to use.

Using Nugenix Total-T

I’ve been using Nugenix Total-T for the past six weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I followed the recommended dosage instructions, of course, taking Nugenix Total-T daily as part of my broader supplement routine. The blend of natural ingredients had me excited from the get-go – it’s a bit of a rogue’s gallery of top-end ingredients, all of which I’ve had very positive results from in the past.

After six weeks of consistent use, I have noticed some positive changes. Or, rather, I have experienced what I always like to experience from this kind of supplement.

My energy levels seemed to be more stable throughout the day within a couple of weeks, and I had a slight increase in overall strength during my workouts. I felt a bit more motivated and focused, which is always welcome.

This showed itself both in the gym and at work. I’m a professional writer, so staying motivated and focused is a bit of a must. I cannot work without being switched on, and I cannot be switched on without my testosterone levels being where they need to be.

I was able to plough through work as if I’d just taken a superdose of nootropics, with everything coming far more effortlessly than usual. Similarly, in the gym I found myself fighting fit and raring to go, hitting higher weights at higher reps, pushing myself harder, and generally having a far better time of it – all notably with far less fatigue, and far lower DOMS (delayed onset of muscular soreness) than I usually experience.

I also noticed some very welcome improvements to libido and sexual function, which I think anybody would welcome.

Additionally, I didn’t experience any nasty side effects during the six weeks I used Nugenix Total-T. This isn’t a surprise – the formula is completely natural and is designed to be safe to use.

I would like to add a note here, though. Firstly, this is no guarantee of safety for everybody – we all have the potential to react poorly to any supplement or ingredient, no matter how natural it is.

Secondly, if you’re worried about your testosterone levels, or about including a new supplement in your daily regime, it is always – always! – a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider as your first port-of-call.


Testoprime capsules

I do have some niggles with Nugenix Total-T, however. For starters, I find it hard to take a testosterone supplement too seriously if it doesn’t contain ashwagandha, one of my all-time favourite testosterone boosting ingredients.

Secondly, Nugenix Total-T is good – but there are far better options out there. I’ve personally always, always used TestoPrime where I can. It’s my go-to and I’m rarely not on it – unless, of course, I’m trialling something new.

TestoPrime contains ingredients such as D-aspartic acid, Panax ginseng, and, of course, ashwagandha extract. These natural and herbal ingredients support healthy testosterone levels and overall health like few others – I wouldn’t trust anything too much that doesn’t make use of them.

My results on TestoPrime have always been measurably profound. I mean measurably. I take my bloods when I’m on it, and I’ve taken them off it – you’re talking about a difference of about 150%. That’s 150% more testosterone in my bloodstream as a result of taking TestoPrime.

I would always recommend it above others, including above Nugenix Total-T.


Testoprime bottle

Nugenix Total-T is decent. It does exactly what you want it to, giving you all the benefits of increased testosterone output – heightened energy levels, improved focus and concentration, greater strength and stamina, ability to more readily improve body composition, improved libido and sexual function, and so on. In large part, by genuinely boosting your body’s testosterone levels.

Do note that this is all-natural. It won’t push your testosterone levels past a safe point, in the way that, for instance, anabolic steroids will.

Nor will it likely cause any damage, again as anabolic steroids can. It will simply allow your body to produce testosterone at its natural limit, which is far above what many of us produce as we age.

However, do also note that Nugenix Total-T, whilst good, isn’t the best testosterone booster that your money can buy. For this, really, you need to go with TestoPrime.