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In this article we take a look at the best fat burners available to buy over the counter in the UK – with the aim of cutting down on unwanted body fat.

If you’re looking to shift that unwanted body fat once and for all, then a decent fat burner can make all the difference to you achieving your target.

You may have had a look around already, and found yourself overwhelmed with different brands, ingredients, promises and claims, and wondered what on earth you should do. For some it can be too much, and they abort the whole idea, and consider ‘going it alone’.

It is possible to lose weight without any supplementation involved. Possible, but challenging – very challenging. The one thing we know for sure is that if you consume less calories than your body currently expects, then you will definitely lose weight. This is called a calorie deficit.

If you’re a man, on average your body will expect 2,500 calories every day to maintain its weight. Women on average require slightly less, at 2,000.

If you’re in a calorie deficit, you’re going to need to set a benchmark of, say, 500 calories per day, which will lose on average a pound every week. To achieve this, you only need to consume around 200-300 calories less each day, and burn around 200-300 a day.

This is achievable, and you can scale up depending on your targets and how quickly you want to lose weight.

The thing is, this is very difficult for us to maintain. Our metabolisms start to recognise what we’re doing, and slow down. When adjusted to a reduced calorie intake, our bodies tell us we’re hungry, making it increasingly difficult to stick to the calorie deficit.

With our bodies turning to our fat stores, our energy levels become depleted. Our motivation to get to the gym starts to dwindle – and if we do get to the gym floor or out the door with our running trainers, our strength and performance becomes weaker.

This is why the majority of us never quite reach our targets. Life is busy, and calorie deficits are tough.

Well, thank goodness for fat burners. They play a crucial role here in picking up the pieces, bridging the gaps for our bodies to keep on powering through with everything we need, and without all the things we don’t need.

Not all fat burners out there are good, though. We’ve tested a lot of them, and too many are a waste of money. Then we have the average ones, and then the elite fat burners – the ones that really do bring the support you need to reach your ideal weight.

With a decent fat burner on your side, you metabolism will accelerate, your mood will peak and stabilise, you’ll suffer less from hunger, and shift fat quicker and more efficiently.

The supplements we’ve listed here are some the best fat burners available, and with all-natural ingredients designed to make a big impact. Each of them are brilliant at what they do – it’s just a matter of deciding which one is best for you.

Our No.1 Fat Burner – Quick Verdict

PhenQ bottle

PhenQ is a first-class fat burner that gets the number 1 position against some tough competitors in this Best list, and for good reason.

PhenQ got my metabolism working at its best, while my energy levels were pumping on a level that felt good, and comfortable. I suffered no side effects, my cravings subsided as I felt full without feeling nauseous, and I reached my weight loss target.

Most importantly, I enjoyed the entire challenge. I loved taking PhenQ. It’s incredible, 100% natural, and even comes with a money-back guarantee.

Our Top Thermogenic Fat Burners In The UK

At Arts Health & Wellbeing, we’re always keen to check out which fat burners are available. Whether they’re new to the market or old-school favourites, we keep a tab on who’s who, and what they can do.

The rubbish ones have been kicked to the curb. The average ones have faded into the background. Here are the best fat burners we’ve come across – six elite products that will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

We’ve provided a snippet of info on each, to help you decide which would be the most suitable.


PhenQ bottle

PhenQ is a bit of a teacher’s pet for me. It doesn’t try to be, though. It’s not in your face, forever trying to get attention. Its slick formula does the talking, backed up by clear, clinical evidence approving its worth.

PhenQ’s formula is strikingly neat, with a team of high-end ingredients that all work individually at what they’re great at, combining together to create one ultimate supplement. We’re talking patented α-Lacys Reset®, capsicum, chromium picolinate, caffeine, niacin, piperine, and L-Carnitine.

Collectively, this formula is proven to help you lose body fat, body weight, and even increase strength. And you’ll feel comfortable on it, too. Upping your exercise and changing your diet as well as incorporating a supplement can be a lot on your body all at once.

PhenQ, however, seems to accelerate all the right systems while keeping them in a steady state. At least, that’s how I felt. My mood, digestive system, energy levels, they all felt comfortably regulated.

Of course, we’re all different. I also recommend you consult with your GP before onboarding any new supplement into your regime, especially if you have medical circumstances to consider.

But as supplements go, PhenQ is the perfect all-rounder. I achieved my weight loss target because I felt good and comfortable, and could maintain my efforts, which is key to succeeding.

PhenQ Pros

  • Improves energy and mood
  • Fantastic list of ingredients
  • Elicits thermogenesis
  • Regularly tops our list of top fat burners
  • Money back guarantee

PhenQ Cons

  • Caffeine may not be appropriate for everyone


trimtone fat burner

Trimtone is another brilliant fat burner, all-natural yet potently dosed for efficacy.

Frustratingly, they do target this product to women only – but this is complete marketing nonsense. If you’re wanting to lose fat and working hard on a calorie deficit with a healthy diet and exercise regime, Trimtone will work for you no matter your gender.

Trimtone is a convenient supplement, asking for just one capsule to be consumed each day. They’ve included glucomannan, which is one of the best types of fibres available – in fact, you’ll see it in a lot of supplements aimed at weight loss or appetite suppression.

It works by expanding in size in your stomach, making your body think it’s full. You’ll less likely be dreaming of your favourite snack, which is so difficult to resist when you’re in a deficit. This fibre doesn’t get stored, but instead provides energy and improves the health of your digestive system.

Trimtone also include green coffee, caffeine, and green tea – so it’s pretty stimulant-heavy. This is great for your metabolism and contains lots of helpful antioxidants; but if you’re sensitive to caffeine, Trimtone may not be for you.

It’s also unsuitable for anyone on a plant-based diet, as its capsules are made with gelatin – which is a real shame.

Trimtone Pros

  • Great for cutting cravings and feeling fuller
  • Impressive caffeine and antioxidant profile
  • Very convenient

Trimtone Cons

  • Anything with caffeine will be unsuitable for some
  • Capsules are not suitable for vegetarians

Capsiplex Burn

Capsiplex Burn is a seedling in the fat burner market, but fast becoming a mighty oak, with an ever-growing following from users who highly praise its efficacy.

Capsiplex Burn is aimed directly at men; however, this is once again just a marketing tactic – I suppose it gives them some direction in their branding.

But in reality, it works for everyone. They also have Capsiplex Trim, aimed at women. Again, either could work!

No matter the branding, the ingredients are decent. The caffeine content is particularly potent, however, so again be cautious if you’re stimulant sensitive. For me, I love this kind of dose. It’s there for a reason, and it works well on your metabolism and energy levels.

Capsiplex Burn also includes Capsimax – which is a cayenne pepper blend – and Innoslim, a ginseng blend, which both work wonders at accelerating your metabolic rate and suppressing your appetite.

You also have Tyrosine, which plays an effective role in your focus and attention, and finally a good dose of iodine, chromium, and B vitamins too.

Capsiplex Burn is manufactured in FDA-regulated premises in the US, but distributed in the UK to ship globally. Their customer services is also based in the UK too, which is good for us here.

All its natural ingredients and the capsules themselves are vegan friendly, dairy free, soy free and gluten free, making it a great option for a wider audience (both men and women!).

Capsiplex Burn was another supplement that made my whole weight loss challenge easier to tackle. It’s particularly useful when you’re suffering a plateau, and want to kick things up a notch.

Capsiplex Burn Pros

  • Natural ingredients
  • Really impressive metabolism boost
  • Elicits thermogenesis
  • Helps keep hunger away

Capsiplex Burn Cons

  • 200mg of caffeine per serving may not be suitable for all



PrimeShred will be of particular interest if you’re keen to cut fat but want to maintain the muscle you’ve worked hard on. Its formula has been designed to support the likes of physique competitors, but it’s absolutely brilliant for anyone working on a lean yet muscular physique.

Each capsule offers a potent collection of ingredients seeking to hit fat hard and optimise your energy to maintain power and endurance, while the antioxidants support the recovery of your muscles so you can endure bigger workouts and recover quicker.

These include DMAE, green coffee, L-tyrosine, L-theanine, cayenne pepper, Bioperene, green tea, caffeine, and B vitamins.

PrimeShred aren’t shy about boasting their claims of effective fat burning with a ‘cutting-edge formula’ – and in fairness, they do deliver.

PrimeShred Pros

  • A wide range of highly effective ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Perfect for high energy workouts and lifestyles

PrimeShred Cons

  • It’s quite expensive
  • Can be unsettling to the stomach at first
  • Caffeine isn’t appropriate for everyone, especially in the quantities offered here


Phen24 takes a different perspective of how to tackle weight loss. While all these other fat burners work tirelessly throughout the day to maximise metabolism, Phen24 covers the night shift, too.

It’s a two-phased supplement, where you take a capsule for the daytime, and then a different one at night. These two phases have different ingredients to ensure your body is in a fat-burning state at all times without any nasty side effects.

The daytime supplement, like the other fat burners, ramps up on thermogenesis-inducing ingredients and stimulants, such as cayenne pepper and guarana. You also have some lovely micronutrients here – iodine, zinc and copper – which are all proven to boost energy.

Come nighttime, your body’s needs change. Phen24 provides a formula that optimises your nighttime metabolism whilst your asleep, without boosting you energy levels and impacting your sleep quality.

The metabolism is achieved with the inclusion of thiamine, chromium, plyridoxine HDL and ascorbic acid, while the glucomannan ensures you remain full with a settled and healthy digestive system.

I love Phen24 for how it’s tackled the dark hours of a calorie deficit.

Phen24 Pros

  • It’s a clever take on the more traditional fat burner
  • Two-part system keeps you at an optimum fat burning rate
  • Should normalise blood sugar levels and metabolic rates

Phen24 Cons

  • The daytime capsules contain caffeine, which may be unsuitable for some
  • Less straightforward to take than a once-a-day product


Our sixth favourite fat burner is PhenGold – another very effective weight loss supplement, brought to us by Swiss Research Labs Ltd, which is a well-respected company in the industry.

Like all the supplements that have made it in our top six, PhenGold includes only all-natural, high-quality ingredients that have been well researched and proven to help with weight loss, most specifically by boosting thermogenesis, fat burning, and energy usage.

However, PhenGold tackles an issue others on this list do not – and that’s mental clarity and brain function. It achieves this with the use of Dimethylaminoethanol, which is a wonderful nootropic ingredient.

Whilst you wouldn’t usually associate nootropics with weight loss, suffering with mental fatigue and foggy-headedness is a real problem for many of us when we’re putting our bodies through a calorie deficit. PhenGold deals with this head on, and it’s a real advantage for its users.

It also includes L-theanine – another intelligent inclusion, which helps to reduce stress. Feeling stressed and anxious can have a real negative impact on our ability to reach our body goals. When you’re less stressed, you are less likely to turn to food to feel better, and your focus remains intact.

PhenGold is also completely plant-based, making it more widely available for people to use. If you’re more mind over matter when it comes to achieving your targets, or if you suffer with stress and emotional eating, then PhenQ could be a great option for you.

PhenGold Pros

  • Very effective metabolic booster
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Elicits thermogenesis
  • Fantastic deals on offer from the manufacturer

PhenGold Cons

  • Not much by way of appetite suppression
  • The caffeine may not be suitable for everyone

Our Top Fat Burner Verdict

PhenQ with capsules

Our top fat burners here are all similar in what they want to achieve, with a few variations in target audiences. But ultimately, they’re all fantastic fat burners, with plenty to offer.

However, PhenQ deserves the top spot. It’s the perfect all-rounder, suitable for almost everyone (barring caffeine sensitive or those who have been advised otherwise by their GP). It works from all angles of weight loss, ensuring you achieve your targets faster, and comfortably.

I love PhenQ for its intelligent formula, and clear-cut scientific evidence that speaks for itself without garish marketing.

PhenQ has committed much time, effort and research into ensuring all its ingredients are effective and dosed accordingly, so that your body is optimised and comforted to help you achieve your goals faster.

You’re in very capable hands with PhenQ. Its money-back guarantee gives reassurance, and I highly recommend it.

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