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At Arts Health & Wellbeing, we’ve put many fat burners through their paces before. In your search so far, you’ll have probably noticed what a swamped industry it is worldwide. This makes it very difficult for you to know which will be right for you, especially if you’ve never heard of the ingredients before.

A lot of fat burners out there are average at what they do, with marketing claims a little far-fetched yet appealing. There are also some pretty useless ones. And then there are the elite fat burners that have an ingredients list powered up to help men ramp up their weight loss goals successfully.

Now, it’s important before we go any further that we understand the term ‘fat burner’. It gives the impression that these supplements burn through fat… melt it away. If only!

It’s absolutely essential that when you invest in a fat burning supplement regime, you need to be prepared to do your bit in terms of a healthy diet and fitness regime to see results. Unfortunately, no weight loss supplement will be effective on its own. You won’t be able to swallow a capsule and leave it to ‘fizz away’ at the fat around your body (wouldn’t that be nice?).

Each ingredient works in a way to either escalate or support different bodily functions geared towards weight loss goals.

What you need to plan for is a calorie deficit – burning more calories than you are consuming. This is tough to maintain. Your body will urge you to consume more rather than use its emergency fat stores. You’ll feel weak, and become increasingly likely to give in to your hunger pangs and/or perform sub-optimally during exercise.

This is right where fat burner supplements fill the gap. Quality fat burners will successfully suppress your appetite, boost your energy levels, and trigger effective thermogenesis to burn those calories faster.

Here, we’ve collated some of the very best fat burners for men today. Each one has an ingredients list that has been intelligently designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals quicker and more comfortably. They’re all natural and safe to use, but which one is best for you?

Fat Burners – Quick Verdict

PhenQ bottle

PhenQ is worth its weight in gold for anyone looking to invest in a top-tier fat burner.

It’s manufactured by a highly reputable brand who pay an exceptional amount of attention to clinical data. Its clever ingredients list will accelerate your metabolic rate, keep your energy levels at peak, and help you feel fuller for longer.

It makes a weight loss journey more achievable, sustainable, and even enjoyable. The high caffeine content may make it unsuitable for some, but highly effective for most. I loved taking PhenQ – it works, very well.


Let’s first talk about our most highly recommended fat burner, PhenQ.

Premium manufacturers Wolfson Brand created this incredible fat burner, alongside their catalogue of high-quality products that are the pillars of their solid reputation.

PhenQ is serious about thermogenesis – the burning of calories for energy – and it achieves this with its well-dosed and calculated ingredients list. Most specifically, it offers patented a-Lacy’s Reset, capsicum extract, piperine, and caffein anhydrous.

PhenQ bottle

We go into detail on these ingredients in our fully comprehensive review on PhenQ. But both individually and collectively they are gamechangers when it comes to getting that metabolic rate churning.

We also have some other fantastic ingredients added to PhenQ’s equation: Chromium picolinate, Niacin, L-carnitine fumarate, Nopal, and Calcium carbonate.

All of PhenQ’s carefully considered ingredients are fully supported with a wealth of thorough scientific research and clinical evidence proving their efficacy.

The wonderful thing about PhenQ is that it goes even further than providing advanced support in thermogenesis. It also helps you live a more fulfilled life in the process. Which sounds deep, but a less-quality fat burner will leave you burning calories like mad, but feeling weak, jittery, and craving for real energy.

PhenQ has included ingredients that support you with the negative side effects of a calorie deficit, and it does it well. My experience with using PhenQ was a very positive one. I felt very energetic, sharp-minded, powerful in my workouts, and calm, with no jitters or crashes. Because of this, I was more able to achieve my weight loss goals comfortably, and quicker.

You can’t ask much more of a fat burner than that. To top it all off, all PhenQ’s ingredients are completely natural and vegan friendly. It’s the perfect all-rounder that would be hugely advantageous to anyone in their weight loss journey.

PhenQ Pros

  • Ingredients are all-natural and vegan friendly
  • No side effects
  • Fantastic body of research behind it all
  • Very effective fat burner
  • Stops new fat cells from being created
  • Suppresses the appetite whilst elevating mood and energy levels

PhenQ Cons

  • Caffeine content might not be good for all users



Whilst PhenQ sat quietly yet confidently in its marketing approach aimed at neither men nor women (it is suitable for anyone), PrimeShred makes it crystal clear who this is for.

It’s potent, it’s powerful, and it’s perfect for predominantly physique competitors and bodybuilders.

Looking at the ingredients list, PrimeShred would, on paper, work well for anyone looking to shift some extra weight.

However, they have calculated the formula to support high muscle mass maintenance during weight loss, which is quite tricky to achieve and would be hugely advantageous to such physique-focused athletes.

Despite its potency and high doses, PrimeShred has succeeded in remaining completely safe and all-natural. It boldly claims that it has the most ‘cutting-edge’ formula, which is pretty confident considering the company it’s keeping, although it certainly deserves plenty of credit.

PrimeShred showcase a top-tier, clinically-backed ingredients list that includes Bioperine, caffeine, green coffee, green tea, cayenne pepper, L-theanine, and a strong B vitamin complex. As we can clearly see, this formula is highly stimulant. So if you’re not good with the likes of coffee, it’s probably not your best option.

For most though, this is a big reason PrimeShred will be very effective. Your fat burning potential will escalate greatly, with plentiful antioxidants and energy supplied to help you train and recover optimally.

The cherry on the cake is its clean, all-natural, no-fillers formula that’s entirely vegan friendly.

PrimeShred Pros

  • Ingredients are all highly effective
  • Doses perfectly optimised
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Great for explosive workouts and active lifestyles

PrimeShred Cons

  • Caffeine content is high, making it inappropriate for some
  • May initially cause gastric discomfort


Here’s a little something different – Phen24, with the clue in the name.

Phen24 has took things up a notch, by tackling the fat burning business whilst you’re fast asleep. It comes in two phases – the daytime dose and the nighttime dose – so that you near your weight loss goals every single hour.

The daytime capsule works in a typical manner – typical, as in best-fat-burners-in-the-market-type typical. It’s got all the high-quality ingredients you’d by now expect a decent fat burner to have, including guarana and caffeine, plus micronutrients such as zinc, iodine and copper.

Phen24’s daytime formula works to increase your metabolism, ease and maintain your calorie deficit, and boost your energy levels along the way.

Come nighttime, your body’s needs are different. Phen24 saw the potential in this side of the clock, and have created a formula that encourages your body to continue to burn fat efficiently while you sleep. It also includes Glucomannan – a brilliant fibre source that expands in your stomach, creating a feeling of fullness to stop those goal-destroying cravings.

Phen24’s other all-natural ingredients include chromium, thiamine, ascorbic acid and pyridoxine HDL, all of which will support your metabolic health.

So if nighttime is your Achilles’ heel (nightshift workers – it must be tough!), this one’s a good shout with quality, safe, all-natural ingredients to help you achieve your weight loss goals quicker and more efficiently.

Phen24 Pros

  • Round-the-clock fat burning optimisation
  • Ingredients will allow for faster fat burning and lasting fullness
  • Should help to stabilise metabolic and blood sugar rates

Phen24 Cons

  • The caffeine may not be suitable for all users

Instant Knockout 

Instant Knockout is a serious contender in our best fat burners for men, originally designed for professional boxers and MMA fighters.

Athletes in this niche of sport require high-octane, explosive energy – which can be incredibly difficult to maintain when you’re in a calorie deficit. Instant Knockout has been developed to bridge this gap.

It works to suppress your appetite to fend off your body’s signals to consume more than a nutritional diet plan, while also firing up your metabolic rates.

To achieve this, Instant Knockout’s formula contains some heavy-hitting albeit all-natural ingredients including black pepper extract, cayenne pepper, green tea extract, and vitamins B and D.

On top of this, you get a powerful 350mg dose of caffeine. This plays a huge role in cranking up those energy levels, as you’d expect, as well as mental clarity.

It’s clear to see that Instant Knockout is stimulant-heavy, especially on the caffeine. If you’re sensitive to it, this absolutely is not the one for you.

My partner trialled this (it’s suitable for women and men), which was perhaps unwise considering she’s quite reactive to caffeine in general. Though she powered through workouts like never before and saw some incredible results, she felt shaky and flustered on it, and had to withdraw from taking it.

I, however, am a big coffee drinker. My body’s used to consuming coffee, and responds very well to it. I loved what Instant Knockout did for me – from energy and focus, to much reduced cravings, and more powerful workouts that led to faster and more achievable weight loss.

For anyone, I’d recommend keeping well away from evening doses, and long-term use. But if you’ve got some fast-paced goals or a challenge in sight, Instant Knockout means business. It’s also all-natural and entirely vegan friendly. Incredible stuff.

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Very high caffeine kick for extra energy
  • Great pre-workout supplement
  • Ingredients are fully natural
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Solid list of ingredients promises thermogenesis and weight loss

Instant Knockout Cons

  • The high caffeine content may not be suitable for users


Our last spot in our most highly recommended fat burners for men is PhenGold.

We like this one, because its ingredients work hard at powering up those metabolic rates with a nootropic ingredient on top. Generally, I do like a fat burner that includes more to cover all the side effects that come with it, like PhenQ does.

But not everyone wants the ‘extras’. If you want a solid, potent fat burner that aims more heavily in metabolism and healthy weight loss, then PhenGold is your arsenal.

Just like all the others in this list, PhenGold’s ingredients are fully researched, of very high quality, and completely natural. When taking PhenGold, your energy usage and fat burning rates will speed up. It doesn’t contain as much caffeine (225mg), so your energy levels are more likely to stabilise – a huge plus if you suffer spikes and dips.

However, PhenGold still uses stimulant ingredients including green tea extract and cayenne pepper, to ensure it gets to work on those metabolic rates successfully.

PhenGold’s golden nugget is in the form of dimethylaminoethanol – a nootropic ingredient that improves mental clarity and cognition. A real refreshing and premium ingredient from PhenGold that’ll work in buckets when you’re in a calorie deficit.

Finally, it also has some calming L-theanine to further keep your mind clear via reduced stress and a calmer mind.

PhenGold is also safely in the vegan-friendly camp. A strong contender in our Best Fat Burners list, it’s a great one if you want a more focused, less stim-laced weight loss programme.

PhenGold Pros

  • Speeds up metabolism very ably
  • Improves and evens out energy levels
  • Aids in mental clarity
  • Some good multi-buy discounts

PhenGold Cons

  • Not much by way of appetite suppressing/ satiation
  • Caffeine content may be unsuitable for some

Our Overall Top Pick

PhenQ with capsules

The fat burner market is pretty colossal today, with the good, the bad and the ugly all promising to do different things.

Meanwhile as individuals, we all have our unique lifestyles, bodies, strengths, weaknesses and goals. So choosing the best fat burner for you can be seriously overwhelming.

All the fat burners for men in this list are brilliant at what they do. We’ve trialled, tested and researched everything about them, and many more.

They all, however, have their specialisms and ingredients that could make all the difference to your success, or even failure.

PrimeShred, for instance, would be perfect for you if you like to train hard but struggle for physical energy. If it’s mental lethargy you struggle with in a weight loss regime, then PhenGold has you covered with its nootropic elements.

One fat burner on this list that won’t fail anyone, is PhenQ. Unless caffeine is an absolute no-go for you, then there is every reason PhenQ will be hugely advantageous to anyone wanting to achieve their weight loss goals.

The research and clinical support behind it is second to none. And what I love about it the most is that it’s on your side, from every angle. Whether it’s cravings, low energy, slow recovery, or slow metabolism, PhenQ has it covered – with a 60-day money-back guarantee to boot.

It’s the ultimate fat burner success story.

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