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PhenQ and Instant Knockout are two high-quality fat burners – but which one is the best? Read up on both and see which fat burner you should choose between PhenQ vs Instant Knockout.

PhenQ and Instant Knockout are two of the leading products in the fat burner supplement market – but they are both very different in the way they impact your body and help you reach your body goals. They each have very different ingredient stacks, and different proposed benefits.

So which is the best weight loss supplement for you – PhenQ or Instant Knockout?

That’s what I’ll be trying to help you decide in this article. I am going to be taking a look at each of these products individually – from manufacturing, ingredients, and how they worked for me – so that you can make the best possible decision about your next weight loss supplement.

Weight loss has always been a struggle for me, and supplements like these have made a big impact on not just my weight, but on my health and general wellbeing. While the results may differ from person to person, I will share with you my knowledge and experience to help you decide which one of these is best. Let’s get into it.


PhenQ bottle

These are two excellent weight loss supplements – each with a unique approach to losing weight, but both giving great results when I tried them.

It may just come down to personal preference, but if I had to choose one, I would opt for PhenQ – it’s one of the most effective weight loss supplements available today at a very fair price for its ingredients stack.

It’s the all-rounder that’ll suit almost everyone.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ with capsules

PhenQ is a weight loss supplement that aims to do more than just help you lose weight. It’s made by a UK-based company called Wolfson Brands – they’re a highly respected company in this arena, you may have come across some of their other products.

Brands like Crazy Nutrition, TestoPrime, Noocube (one of my personal favourite nootropic supplements) and Air Snore are all made by Wolfson Brands, and they have a partnership with Muscle & Health magazine.

PhenQ claims to be ‘Five powerful weight loss pills in one’, so I thought it would be helpful to take a look at these five different factors one by one.

Burn Fat

We’ll start with the obvious one. PhenQ is designed to help you speed up the metabolic process in your body. In a nutshell, if you have a quicker metabolism you will burn more calories both when you are resting and when you exercise. The more calories you burn, the more weight you will lose.

Stop Fat Production

This is linked to a quicker metabolism, but PhenQ also attempts to prevent fat being produced in your body by improving your gut health.

In recent years, more and more studies have been conducted around how important our gut health is, and as a result we now know that it plays a crucial role in not just weight loss, but our overall health and wellbeing too.

Suppress Your Appetite

Most of us overeat. I know this has been a problem for me – it takes a long time for my body to tell me that I am full, and in that time I have eaten a load of food that my body didn’t really need.

PhenQ includes ingredients that work to suppress your appetite and help to reduce the amount of food you crave and consume. This helps you achieve that crucial calorie deficit you need for successful weight loss.

Boost Your Energy

We all know that the best way to lose weight is to exercise more. But we all live busy, often exhausting lives. It can be difficult to incorporate workouts into our schedules, especially when our energy levels are depleted.

PhenQ has built in energy-boosting ingredients to accelerate your motivation, providing the motivation you need and the energy for powerful workouts.

Improve Your Mood

Never underestimate the importance of the mental side of losing weight. It’s hard to do, and eating less can leave us feeling irritable. And when we feel down, we tend to overeat. I know this all too well, so I welcome the focus on our mood by PhenQ.

I think it is absolutely vital to losing weight. And the end goal for everyone is surely to be happier with our bodies and our general wellbeing – and our mood and psychology are intertwined in that.

What Is Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout packaging

Instant Knockout is a fat burner with an emphasis on physical performance as much as weight loss. It boasts that it is the preferred choice of supplement for MMA fighters, for whom it is so important to lose weight while maintaining and building muscle – also known as cutting.

It is made by the company Roar Ambition, who are based in Leeds. It’s a company that has a great reputation in the dietary supplement industry, with products that I have found to be really effective, like the nootropic Hunter Focus.

What I found interesting about Instant Knockout is that they don’t really spend much time going into the various benefits that you can expect; they just seem to focus on the end result (along with a load of endorsements from people in the MMA industry).

You can read between the lines, though, so these are the main benefits that I have picked out, to help you make a more informed decision.

Quickly Burn Fat

The emphasis here is on speed – they highlight the fact that fighters may have an impending deadline to meet a specific weight in order to be eligible for a fight, so they may need to lose weight quickly.

Just like with PhenQ, the way they intend to do this is by speeding up your metabolism – and they include a number of ingredients that will help with this, which I will cover in the next section.

Reduce Cravings

They have designed Instant Knockout to be taken between meals, with the idea that it will help you to control your appetite and therefore avoid unnecessary snacks throughout the day.

There is a particular focus on suppressing the urge to eat sugary snacks – the worst culprit when it comes to cravings and fat storing.

Increase Energy Levels

As you would probably expect from a product that is trying to link itself to the MMA industry, there is a huge focus on workouts and energy levels. They realise that the only way you will lose weight is by exercising more, and they have developed their formula to help you do that on a big scale.

What are the main differences between PhenQ and Instant Knockout?

You may have already noticed the main difference between PhenQ and Instant Knockout from the previous section – PhenQ is primarily focused on losing weight and slimming down, whereas Instant Knockout is more geared towards muscle maintenance while losing weight, and high energy.

Now, it’s important to note that these goals aren’t that different – you should be able to maintain muscle if you are taking PhenQ, and you should be able to slim down by taking Instant Knockout.

But from a quick glance at their marketing tactics, you can easily see where the emphasis is for each of these products. While there are plenty of similarities, any differences that they have will be triggered by their different aims.

Personally, I have always just wanted to be able to lose weight. I am not an MMA amateur by any stretch of the imagination, I just want to lose some stubborn fat effectively yet sensibly.

The best way to look at the main differences between the products, and to get an idea of how effective they will be, is by taking a look at the ingredients, so let’s do that now.

PhenQ Pros

  • Excellent ingredient stack
  • Caffeine works well with the other ingredients
  • Mood boosting
  • All natural, and suitable for vegans/vegetarians

PhenQ Cons

  • Caffeine content may be unsuitable for those sensitive to it

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Fast-acting – see results quickly
  • Get more out of every workout with increased energy
  • Reduce food cravings

Instant Knockout Cons

  • Particularly high caffeine content which may be intolerable for some
  • Four doses a day is a lot

ingredients in both PhenQ and Instant Knockout

It’s only natural that there will be a crossover in ingredients, given that they are both set up to do similar jobs, so let’s take a look at the similarities:

Capsimax (Cayenne Pepper in Instant Knockout)

You’ll find cayenne pepper or Capsimax (a concentration of cayenne pepper) in almost every weight loss supplement that you look at, and for a good reason – it’s really effective. You’ll find more of it in Instant Knockout than in PhenQ (100mg vs 50mg), but both doses are decent.

The theory behind its inclusion is all to do with your metabolism. The compound capsaicinoids, which is present in cayenne pepper and Capsimax, has been proven to accelerate our metabolism and it has been suggested that it may help to suppress our appetite (but I would like to see more work done to prove that).

It’s also worth noting that Capsimax also includes black pepper extract, which also aids weight loss – so that’s a bonus point for PhenQ here.


This is another ingredient complex that you’ll find in most supplements of this kind – and again, that is because we know it works.

B-Vitamins are absolutely crucial to regulating our metabolism, particularly B6 and B12. These are included in both, with PhenQ pushing further with the addition of vitamin B3.

These vitamins will help you produce more energy, and thus store less fat. It’s a double-whammy really, as you’ll have more energy for workouts as well as burning more calories. Win win!


Despite its efficacy, this is an ingredient that may put some people off – caffeine can affect people in different ways, and if you tend to have a negative reaction when you take caffeine, you may have to find a different weight loss supplement to these two.

Which would be a shame, because caffeine is very effective in these kinds of supplements. Caffeine can have a huge effect on speeding up our metabolism, which gives us more energy and burns off more fat.

Ingredients only in PhenQ

PhenQ Ingredients

L-Carnitine Fumarate

This essential amino acid is most commonly found in leafy vegetables and nuts, but it works well as a supplement too. It is part of the body’s natural process of burning fat, so by supplementing the levels in your body, the theory is that you will burn more fat.

Studies have shown that this is the case – but the effect is greater in people who are overweight or obese.

α-Lacys Reset®

α-Lacys Reset® is an ingredient that has been specially designed by the people behind PhenQ, with the main aim of increasing your metabolism and therefore burning more fat, as well as increasing the body’s thermogenesis, the process of generating heat. The more heat we generate, the more calories we burn.

It’s made up of magnesium, cysteine and alpha lipoic acid, and the latter has been studied by an independent body which concluded that it does promote “small, yet significant weight loss”.

Nopal Cactus Fibre

This is all about suppressing your cravings and appetite and speeding up your digestive system. This is rich in fibre, as the name suggests, which we know is essential to how we digest food, and proven by independent studies to help with weight loss.

Chromium Picolinate

This micronutrient is essential in helping our body regulate the levels of sugar – if we can get a better control of that, we can help to reduce cravings, particularly for sugary snacks. More research is required to fully understand the extent to which this is the case.

Ingredients only in Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout ingredients list


At 1800 mg, glucomannan is the most prominent ingredient in Instant Knockout. It’s main role is to help us suppress our appetite by absorbing water inside our stomachs and then swelling up – almost tricking our brains into thinking we are full.

This is a highly effective ingredient that I love to see in any high-quality weight loss supplement – it really works.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract (and the extract is important here – drinking cups of green tea will not have the same effect) has been proven to help people lose weight. It helps our bodies break down fat and convert it into energy. It’s also packed with antioxidants – which are always a welcome bonus!

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 can help with weight loss because it can help reduce cortisol production in our bodies. Cortisol is a stress hormone that, if we have too much, can cause us to store fat, particularly around our bellies.


This amino acid has many functions in our body, and it is a common ingredient in many different types of supplement, not just weight loss supplements.

The main reason it is helpful here is because it can improve our bodys’ ability to tolerate glucose – it works particularly well when combined with caffeine, as it is here.

PhenQ and Instant Knockout – My Personal Experience

I have tried both of these supplements and, while I am probably supposed to build up suspense here, I just want to say now that I had positive experiences with both of them. If you are looking for a powerful, effective weight loss supplement and are not sensitive to caffeine, I think either of these are a pretty safe bet.

However, I think that if I had to choose one of them as a preference, it would be PhenQ. The main reason for this is that I am personally less interested in building muscle, and Instant Knockout is designed for this.

Be warned too that if you take Instant Knockout and don’t exercise, you’ll be left shaking with some serious energy levels. You absolutely must commit to a serious training programme to get the full benefits of Instant Knockout.

While the same can be said for PhenQ, I found PhenQ to be more comfortable to live with on a daily basis. The energy levels were noticeable, especially during my workouts – but they didn’t ‘overtake’ me. The appetite suppression from it was also perfectly balanced – I never gave into cravings while taking it, making it so much easier to stick to a healthy diet plan.


PhenQ bottle

I think the fact that I am a fan of both of these weight loss supplements has probably shined through this PhenQ vs Instant Knockout battle. They are both great options, and well worth your consideration.

Both are powerful at what they do. Both are intelligently formulated. If you have a serious level of fitness already in the bag, I’d go with Instant Knockout – it’ll help you unlock that extra level of fitness, and create that defined, muscular physique you may have struggled to achieve with other supplements.

PhenQ is my personal winner. There are few people it wouldn’t work for. Its formula is perfectly balanced to tackle all angles of weight loss, to help you achieve your goals more comfortably, more enjoyably, and more successfully.

Both are great. PhenQ is outstanding.

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