Though low testosterone levels can be disastrous for men, it is unfortunately very common. Of course, it’s a natural process for us all to age – it happens to all of us, and it takes our testosterone with it, starting at the ripe old age of 30.

Hunter Test bottle

Genetic factors, a sedentary lifestyle, and poor diet can all contribute to reduced testosterone levels, as can high alcohol consumption, excess body fat, stress and poor sleep habits.

Getting our testosterone levels up to where they should be is essential to us, both physically and mentally. Physically, testosterone contributes towards athleticism, muscularity, muscular and bone health, voice depth, and body hair development.

Testosterone will also play a positive role towards your libido, immune system, your focus, and an overall energised, positive and balanced mood.

All in all, a pretty critical hormone we must pay attention to. We can do this with lifestyle changes to prevent hampering them any lower, while also supplementing them naturally with a testosterone booster.

Any testosterone booster we review at Arts Health & Wellbeing is safe and completely natural, with nothing synthetic. There is no testosterone in them – instead, it’s the natural ingredients that help alleviate the side effects of low testosterone, while helping your body produce more testosterone naturally.

Hunter Test is one of them, and it pitches itself as a high-end testosterone booster. Here, you’ll discover how truly effective it is, what the ingredients mean, and how it aims to pick of those T-levels as well as your health and wellbeing.

HUNTER TEST – Quick Verdict

Hunter Test bottle

Hunter Test is marketed and priced at the premium end for good reason – it’s one of the most potent, effective testosterone boosters we’ve tested.

Hunter Test wasn’t brought to market until years of research had been fully conducted to prove its efficiency – and it certainly delivers, improving Testosterone levels by as much as a life-changing 50%.

We confidently and proudly endorse Hunter Test as a safe, all-natural, and very effective testosterone booster. It’s on the pricey side, but it sure does deliver, making it worth every penny.

Hunter Test – What Is It?

Hunter Test is brought to us by a company called Roar Ambition. Whilst the marketing side of any supplement plays no real importance to its effectiveness (it’s all about the ingredients list), I always like to analyse their attitude, and what they’re trying to achieve.

It’s relatively new to the market, manufactured in both the UK and the USA, and it’s already making waves. It’s clearly a confident manufacturer and supplement, rich in driven language from ‘Roar’ to ‘Hunter’, encouraging its users to be ‘leaders of the pack’.

It’s aimed at busy, driven, high-achievers who are hungry for success in every aspect of their lives. Hunter Test is highly ambitious and competitive with its marketing, and it aims for the same type of audience.

In reality, Hunter Test will be effective for anybody looking to increase their testosterone levels. The formula is certainly geared up towards revving up your drive and performance, whilst optimising your health and wellbeing.

And the truth always lies within the ingredients list. When you review a lot of supplements like I do, pessimism comes naturally when it comes to a product’s claims. Guilty until proven innocent.

Hunter Test’s is cutting-edge – a potent and well-dosed collection of some of the highest-quality ingredients underpinning this top-tier T-booster. Further, its catalogue of clinical evidence proving Hunter Test’s efficacy is ever-growing, proving that it is one of the most workable, profound supplements available.

Hunter Test Pros

  • All-natural ingredients, free from gluten, GMOs, and soy, as well as any artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives.
  • High-quality scientific research supporting every ingredient
  • Potent doses
  • Full FDA and cGMP oversight
  • Proven to work incredibly well

Hunter Test Cons

  • It’s priced according to its quality, which is to say quite highly

Benefits Of Hunter Test

Hunter Test took its time hitting the shelves. I say it’s new to the market, but it’s been a long time in the making. Roar Ambition clearly wanted perfection with this supplement, and put it through years of design, research and refinement before presenting it to an awaiting audience.

It’s invested into the highest-quality, most up-to-date research data and scientific evidence few other T-boosters can match.

Roar Ambition took its time studying what should make it onto the ingredients list, and what shouldn’t, to make it as potent and effective as possible. I noticed a few absent ingredients that are typical in a lot of other boosters.

And this is where Roar Ambition stand out. They didn’t follow the crowd. If evidence lacked in an ingredient’s efficacy, it was cut.

Tribulus Terrestris, for example, is one of the most commonly used ingredients in a testosterone booster. It lacks clinical research, so Hunter Test left the herd and aborted it.

All Hunter Test’s ingredients are natural and premium, with evidence to support as such. D-aspartic acid and vitamin D, for example, have rich evidence of raising your testosterone levels.

Everything in the formula has been proven to be beneficial – which makes Hunter Test an elite supplement for your natural testosterone output.

As your T-levels optimise, you’ll also benefit from improved athleticism and body composition, including power output and strength. You will find it easier to shift unwanted fat whilst gaining muscle.

You’ll also enjoy the advantage of elevated energy levels and refined focus. These are huge benefits in life in general, and of course during training when you’ll find you have increased endurance and motivation.

You’ll recover easier from those intense training sessions, too, thanks to reduced DOMS (delayed onset of muscular soreness) and fatigue.

This is what healthy testosterone levels can do for you, your body and your mind – and Hunter Test does well to help you achieve it.

Hunter Test Ingredients

It’s clear that Hunter Test is simply better designed and thought out than most of its competitors. Here, you’ve got the best, all-natural ingredients in one capsule, at potent doses.

There is nothing harmful whatsoever in them, and each capsule is manufactured in UK/USA facilities approved by the FDA.

To further amplify how safe and clean this product is, Hunter Test is also free from GMOs, gluten and soy, as well as any artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

We’re talking about 9 all-natural ingredients in Hunter Test, split across three complexes:

  • Muscle Mass Amplifier
  • Energy Ignition
  • Performance Power

Each of these are designed to provide a different benefit, mitigating all the negative effects you’d experience with low testosterone.

Hunter Test label

The Energy Ignition Complex has a nice dose of ginseng. This is a herb that has been used medicinally for centuries for various outcomes, including as a libido booster to enhance your sex drive.

Today it is proven to elevate testosterone levels, which naturally leads to an energy boost. We understand now that ginseng raises levels of your Luteinising hormone (LH), which plays a key part in supporting your body with producing testosterone.

Additionally, ginseng has also been separately proven to tackle focus, mood and energy levels directly.

Another ingredient that works much the same way is D-aspartic acid. It’s an amino acid, and this too massages your LH levels up.

It does other things, too. It actually accelerates the rate at which testosterone can be produced in your body. It has also been linked with muscle gain and improved fat loss, while also giving your focus and energy a kick.

Equally importantly, D-aspartic acid can improve the quality of your sperm count, and your sexual health.

Next we’re going to take a look at Vitamin D3, which Hunter Peak supplies in a good dosage. This is particularly beneficial for those of us who don’t see as much sunlight as our bodies would like. Long hours in the office, indoor lifestyle in general… living in Scotland… that’s my reason for not getting enough sun.

Vitamin D3 is supplied directly from a capsule, and incredibly, it acts as a steroid hormone. This is super beneficial – essential, even – for your testosterone levels, and can help raise them by quite a large proportion. This diamond of an ingredient is also believed to improve muscle mass and bone health, and even reduce risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Ashwagandha is a great addition, too. In fact, I’d struggle to get on board with a T-booster that doesn’t include it. It’s an ancient form of traditional Indian medicine, a powerful adaptogen that can tackle depression, stress and fatigue – all symptoms exacerbated by low testosterone levels.

Hunter Test have ensured ashwagandha’s addition due to its ability to enhance testosterone output naturally. It’s a must in any quality booster.

Moving on to Boron Chelate. This is a smart little number. Rather than increase testosterone output per se, it manages the levels of effective T, which plays a very supportive role for the other ingredients.

It also helps the body efficiently absorb the steroid hormones and vitamins required for muscle gain – so it’s a fantastic training supplement as well as supporting act for the ingredients list.

Vitamin K2 also fits into the strong supporter category for Hunter Test. Its niche is in helping build muscle, which is particularly advantageous for anyone cutting or in a calorie deficit, when nutrient levels on the low. K2 also prevents the build-up of calcium, and by doing so enhances the production of testosterone and its use.

Now here’s a big one – Zinc. This mineral, in my experienced opinion, is absolutely essential for any man seeking to maintain his health for the long term. If you decide for whatever reason not to supplement with a testosterone booster, then buy a zinc (and, ideally, magnesium) supplement.

Zinc plays a central role in sexual and athletic performance, overall strength, and confidence. It’s been linked to male fertility, fixing the impairment that can be caused by low testosterone.

A lack of Zinc has also been shown to directly cause low testosterone, yet about one fifth of us a deficient in it.

When you have the right amount of Zinc in your body, you’ll likely have enough if not optimal levels of testosterone. This is because it plays a key role in promoting production of LH, which we know is essential for your T-levels.

Magnesium is supplied in good doses with Hunter Focus, as is indole-3-carbinol – both of which work synergistically with Zinc to create a well-oiled machine.

How to Take Hunter Test

Considering the complexity of its stack, Hunter Test is very easy to take. Similar stacks, such as some products in the CrazyBulk’s range, require you to take capsules throughout the day, and it’s hard to maintain.

With Hunter Test you take six capsules per day, all at once. 180 capsules will last you a month. Six capsules may sound a lot, but you do get used to it, and it gives you a reason to have that all-important pint of water at the beginning of the day.

Like all testosterone boosters, it’s recommended you stick to taking Hunter Test for a minimum of three months to see true results.

This isn’t just a marketing ploy from Roar Ambition to get you investing in their product. It’s genuinely the only real way you can compound the results. That being said, I felt the benefits after a couple of weeks. It’s an effective product that will get to work straight away alongside a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Using Hunter Test

My lifestyle overview is that of a busy and pretty healthy one. I enjoy training hard, run my own business, I’m a published author, and I love to study – the last few years I’ve been studying at under- or post-graduate level.

I like this kind of way of living, but it requires heaps of energy and some effective recovery periods in between tasks and challenges.

Though my testosterone levels are not medically low (this would call for medical intervention and potentially the use of exogenous testosterone), they are naturally on the low side. To be specific, they’re at the low end of what’s classed as normal, and this can impact my life quite a bit.

To correct this, I supplement with natural testosterone boosters, which have successfully elevated my levels back up to where they should be. Hunter Test played its part in this lifechanging improvement.

This is proven. I feel the improvement after just a couple of weeks. I have more energy and motivation. I recover quicker: both muscular, following training; and mentally, feeling well rested when I wake up.

I feel more driven and focused, which of course spills into all areas of my life.

This is also proven with blood tests, which I pay for privately. I recommend you do, too – it’s a great marker for what’s going on in your body. These tests show crystal clear the significant improvement in my testosterone levels after a couple of months of using Hunter Test.

This isn’t opinion – its measurable evidence.


Hunter Test is seriously impressive. I’m always researching and testing supplements, and this is one of the best I’ve had the privilege of experiencing.

Roar Ambition are incredibly committed to science and evidence – which is rare, and admirable. All manufacturers should have the same ethics. The best do, but many others do not – their claims are based on shaky data and thin research. A far cry from Roar Ambition’s dedication to its products and customers.

You’ll see some other high-quality testosterone boosters I’ve reviewed at Arts Health & Wellbeing. They’re also incredibly effective at what they do, with plentiful clinical research to support them.

However, this one really stands out for me in terms of intelligence, potency, efficacy and reliability combined.

My results were clear when taking Hunter Test, increasing my testosterone levels by an incredible 50%. Statistics aside, for me that meant a better mood, improved focus and energy, less stress and anxiety, stronger athletic performance and muscular strength, improved body composition, and enhanced sexual health.

I strongly recommend Hunter Test as an all-natural testosterone booster. It’s on the pricey side, but it works hard for it – and gives you the results that will make a profound difference to your T-levels, wellbeing, and health.