We put Testogen to the test – including with a zero-opinionated blood test – to see how effective it was in delivering the benefits of healthy T-levels. Find out the results in this honest Testogen review.

Testosterone is an essential hormone for everyone, but particularly for men. And when the amount we produce is on the low side, it can cause a hoard of unwanted problems.

If you’ve noticed your drive has dampened and that you’re struggling to gain muscle despite your hard work in the gym, then it may be a sign you have low testosterone levels. Other signs include reduced sex drive and dysfunction, lower energy levels and focus, and a reduction in your athleticism or strength.

Symptoms you may not notice can include poorer bone density, and quality of sperm.

These are all a big deal to us. The knock-on effect is that it can give our confidence a knock, impacting our passion, mood, and mental wellness.

Low testosterone levels aren’t too uncommon. Some of us will be medically low, which will require medical intervention – and if you’re experiencing these symptoms, I recommend you talk to your GP, where your levels can be tested.

A lot of us will simply be on the lower side, like I was. Despite always working hard in the gym and on my health and fitness, I discovered I needed to work on optimising my testosterone levels. Don’t forget that it’s naturally inevitable, too – as we get older, we produce less and less testosterone.

The great news is that we can help our bodies naturally produce much more. Natural testosterone boosters can be incredibly helpful here. We’re not talking steroids, either. At Arts Health & Wellbeing, we only ever endorse safe and natural supplementation.

Testogen being one. It’s an all-natural supplement designed to help increase your body’s natural testosterone output, while alleviating some of the symptoms that prevent you from achieving this yourself.

I got to take Testogen for a spin – and here’s what I found.

Testogen – Quick Verdict

Testogen bottle

Testogen is a brilliant testosterone booster – I felt better for taking it, seeing most results after around 4 weeks of use, with best results after a couple of months.

Testogen has a lot of its own clinical studies to support the efficacy of its 11 all-natural, high-quality ingredients, and also offers a 100-day money-back guarantee, which is great if you need that peace of mind.

What is Testogen?

Testogen is one of the much better testosterone boosters available – in fact, we’ve trialled a lot of T-boosters here at Arts Health & Wellbeing, and Testogen indeed made it onto our Best Testosterone Boosters list.

It’s brought to us by Health Nutrition Ltd., which is a leading nutrition company based here in the UK, although they also have facilities in the US.

All their premises are FDA approved, too. They’ve worked hard at designing a formula of 11 natural ingredients dosed effectively to get those testosterone levels to where they should be.

They’ve also proven themselves to be committed to providing thorough, transparent research that shows why and how their formula works, with 25 clinical studies and counting.

Testogen also tries to make it as convenient as possible to take. The main product itself is in capsule form, with doses taken all at once (which I prefer – some supplements require more than this, and spread out across the day with food).

However, it also offers its own Testogen testosterone booster drops. These are designed to give you a pick-me-up as and when you need it.

I don’t believe they make a direct impact to your T-levels, but rather alleviate the side effects associated with low levels. This is a great option to have, however I’ll be mostly providing feedback on the capsule form here.

The benefits of Testogen

We’ve talked a little about the problems caused by having low testosterone levels, and Testogen sets about to alleviate all of them.

The first benefit of Testogen is that all its ingredients are natural, with no fillers or anything synthetic involved. This is quite amazing, considering the impact it has. I’m quite used to seeing this, as I’d never consider the use of exogenous testosterone, which is illegal for good reason.

Natural testosterone boosters like Testogen, however, are rapidly growing in popularity due to their all-natural yet potent and effective ingredient profiles, providing incredible results with minimal risk of side effects.

And Testogen has worked hard to prove its worth, providing us with 25+ clinical studies and research papers. That is some effort, even amongst its biggest competitors.

However, I have noticed that some of these studies are only on animals, making the results a little wobbly. There also isn’t much third-party testing, which I always prefer.

However, the sheer quantity of studies from Testogen do show clear indications that Testogen works – and I can vouch for these results in my own personal trial, as someone who is experienced in having to manage testosterone levels.

When your body is producing optimal levels of testosterone, you’ll experience some genuinely life-enhancing benefits. We often associate increased testosterone with a heightened libido, and this is true.

Testogen will improve your sex drive and blood flow, which could help with erectile dysfunction.

The increased stamina will also contribute to this area of your life, as will feeling more confident and energised – it’s like a cycle of improvements feeding back into your ability to enjoy a better life as well as produce more testosterone.

You will find it easier to build muscle when you’re putting the work in at the gym, and the natural ingredients in Testogen will work on boosting your motivation and strength to push even harder during your workouts.

You’ll also be able to burn fat, carving more definition around those muscles for a lean, muscular build. Your immune function will also see improvements.

Most men will notice the difference when using Testogen, though it will of course be more noticeable in those who have lower levels.

Testogen ingredients

All these benefits are brought to you directly from the ingredients a testosterone booster includes. Testogen has 11 all-natural ingredients, all of which have been very carefully considered, tested, and proven to either help boost testosterone levels directly, or alleviate the symptoms of low testosterone.

We start with D-aspartic acid (D-AA), which is an amino acid that encourages the production of luteinising hormone (LH). This stimulates the production and activity of crucial cells in the testes called Leydig cells, and this directly elevates testosterone levels. Testogen provides a very high dose of this too, which is wonderful.

Fenugreek is another fantastic ingredient. It contains furostanolic saponins, which are compounds that have shown to prevent certain enzymes from converting testosterone into oestrogen. If we’re going to work hard at creating more testosterone, we want to make sure it stays as testosterone – and Fenugreek does this well.

It’s also been shown to significantly improve mood, energy levels, libido and strength, as well as reduce body fat. So all in all, a valuable addition to Testogen’s formula.

We also have vitamin D3, which has been linked to notably higher levels of testosterone in clinical studies.

Magnesium, Vitamin K and Boron are all included here too, working in concert with the D vitamin.

I particularly love the inclusion of Boron here, as it’s believed to increase the conversion of total testosterone into free testosterone – your testosterone metabolism. We want free testosterone, as this is what gives us all the wonderful benefits of healthy T-levels.

Boron also reduces the levels of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) in your blood, which is what we want to happen. SHBG binds to testosterone, rendering it useless, so the inclusion of Boron is a great one from Testogen.

Stinging nettle root works much the same, and is included by Testogen to protect testosterone further from becoming bound to SHBG. Though research is inconclusive at the moment, it’s also believed that nettle roots can help prevent testosterone from converting into oestrogen, too.

Testogen have added zinc to their formula, which is often included in a lot of testosterone boosters and multivitamins for men. This is because it’s an essential mineral we don’t often get enough of from our diets alone, yet even just a minor deficiency of zinc can have a damaging impact on our testosterone levels.

Testogen provides a good dose of zinc in the form of Zinc Citrate, which is readily absorbed, and helps protect those Leydig cells from oxidative stress, thus giving our T-levels further opportunity to thrive.

Next, we have Korean ginseng, which can directly help produce more testosterone. It also puts your sex drive into gear. This can be a huge relief if you’ve been suffering with a low libido.

But once again, these benefits feed back into the cycle – the more sex you have, the more testosterone you produce. So a healthy sex drive means healthier T-levels.

Testogen also includes a good dose of Vitamin B6. Did you know we can’t store B vitamins? We have to consume them to use them.

But if you’re deficient in vitamin B6, you’re at risk of lowering your testosterone levels and increasing your oestrogen levels. Studies have proved there’s a link, so it’s reassuring to see it dosed well in Testogen.

Our final ingredient from Testogen is Bioperine, which is derived from black pepper. It won’t directly impact the amount of testosterone you produce, but it is great for improving your metabolism.

Most importantly here, Bioperine increases the bioavailability (absorption of the other ingredients into your system) by up to 30%. It brings all these incredible ingredients together and ensures they can get to work as best they can.

Using Testogen

Testogen recommends you take four capsules every day. Thankfully, these can be taken all at once before breakfast, making Testogen pretty convenient. It’s easy to remember and stick to, and you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day.

Because Testogen’s formula is completely natural, the risk of side effects is minimal. However, we are all different, and Testogen have noted that you may experience headaches, indigestion, or nausea, although it’s very rare. Always check with your GP before incorporating a new supplement into your routine.

As the full dose is taken in the morning, Testogen offer some booster drops for that extra kick later on. They do work, and I felt a pretty immediate effect from them.

However, I believe they simply alleviate some of the effects of low testosterone (such as low mood), as opposed to working in the same way as a testosterone booster would. They are a nice little addition, recommended at 1 to 3 drops per day if needed, although I personally am only interested in the main product itself.

If you already have high levels of testosterone, then Testogen won’t do much to escalate them further – no natural testosterone booster will exceed your most healthy, natural peak, and you don’t need it to.

Testogen will also be ineffective if you’re not executing a healthy diet and lifestyle. You need to be active and fuelling your body correctly for it to respond to a testosterone-boosting supplement. So please do bear this in mind.

Testogen does, however, have all the right ingredients to make a real difference to your T-levels when you’re doing the right things, including:

  • Eating plenty of fruit, veg, high protein and healthy fats
  • Avoiding processed foods and alcohol
  • Getting plenty of sleep (7-9 hours ideally)
  • Exercising regularly – resistance training in particular, such as weight training, swimming, yoga, etc.
  • Keeping stress levels low

When all this in place and you’re using a high-quality testosterone booster like Testogen, you’ll start to see some real changes. I did.

My testosterone levels were quite low, despite doing all the above. When I incorporated Testogen into my routine, I quickly felt more motivated and driven.

The best results come in after around two months of use. I also have private blood tests taken, which visibly proved the difference a good T-booster and healthy lifestyle makes.

I enjoyed taking Testogen. It does work, thanks to its carefully thought-out formula of high-quality ingredients.


Testogen bottle

Testogen is a solid option for anyone looking to raise their testosterone levels (unless they’re already at their peak).

Low testosterone levels are no fun for any man. The side effects that come with it can be equally hard to live with sometimes. Testogen covers this from all angles, working to get your body producing more of its own testosterone, preventing anything that tries to block it, and alleviating all the side effects that can further impact the amount of testosterone you produce.

Testogen does exactly what it claims to. With its generous and confident 100-day money back guarantee, it’s certainly worth seeing what it can do for you.