If you want to know the fixed and definitive way to burn fat and lose weight, it’s a simple and indisputable rule: burn more calories than you consume. The small print is that this is not easy, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain, and comes with a negative collection of punishing side effects.

It is doable. When you’re in a calorie deficit, your body turns to the fat you have stored in your body, and uses it as energy. Currently, the NHS recommends a daily calorie intake of 2,500 for men and 2,000 for women.

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To give you a rough guide, if you reduce this amount by 500 per day (2,000 for men and 1,500 for women), it’s likely you’ll lose around one pound of weight a week, mostly from stored fat.

If you were to up this calorie deficit to 1,000 (with men consuming 1,500 calories and women 1,000), you’ll likely double this loss to around two pounds.

You can achieve this deficit with both your calorie intake and burning more calories with exercise.

Therefore, to lose that 1lb per week, you should reduce how many calories you eat by 200-300 per day, while maintaining exercise that burns through 200-300 calories per day.

This is a proven way to burn fat – but it’s not easy, and not always the most effective way to achieve your goals.

Losing weight this way is tough, which is why only a very, very small percentage of people stick to their weight loss plan. As time goes on, it becomes increasingly difficult to cope with a calorie deficit and perform at the same level – whether that’s in the gym, in your job, or even in a relationship or as a parent.

Your body is telling you it’s tired and hungry – it’d much rather keep hold of that stored fat for emergencies.

This affects your mood, your motivation, and your behaviour. For me, I become miserable. This is especially true when I’m trying to achieve a set weight loss goal – those first two weeks or so when you have to work hardest, yet see little results.

The great news is that fat burners exist. Brilliant fat burners. Thoroughly researched, tried-and-tested capsules of natural ingredients that come together to help alleviate these goal-crushing side effects and accelerate your performance. And PhenQ sits amongst the very best.

It’s a crowded market when it comes to fat burners, making it incredibly difficult for anyone looking for a brand that actually works. Amongst the money-wasting pots of rubbish out there, there are some real gems with glittering formulas that help you maintain a calorie deficit with boosted mood and motivation to spur you on.

PhenQ, whilst subtly marketed, is an all-natural yet mighty thermogenic fat burner that never fails to impress us – and we’ve trialled a lot of products.

Let’s take a good look at PhenQ – from who’s behind it to what’s in it, and whether it’s the right fat burner for you.

PhenQ – Quick Verdict

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PhenQ is a master in the weight loss and fat burning arena, continuously finding its way to the top spot amongst other high-quality products.

Though all-natural and safe to use, PhenQ’s ingredients have been thoroughly researched and amalgamated to help you achieve your weight loss goals whilst protecting you from the destructive side effects that often come with a calorie deficit.

I felt sharper, more motivated, fuller for longer, and more able than ever to reach and maintain a healthy weight when using PhenQ. A brilliant product worth every penny.

PhenQ Explained

PhenQ was created and manufactured by a highly credible company called Wolfson Berg, who’ve been at the top of their industry for more than 10 years. This is quite an achievement in itself in such a competitive market, and says a lot about the quality of their products, most namely PhenQ.

Wolfson Berg pride themselves on a reputation that’s been built on scientific rigour and data-led research, which has led to the production of some of the most high-achieving weight loss and fat burning products available.

PhenQ goes beyond what a standard fat burner would do. Its meticulously designed formula holds well-dosed ingredients that not only tackle weight loss, but every angle of being able to achieve it, including appetite, mood, and mindset.

I must emphasise here that no supplement will shift body fat without your input. No matter how good a product is, if you’re doing nothing by way of eating healthily and maintaining an active lifestyle, you’ll never achieve weight loss.

In contrast, with all your ducks lined up and a quality thermogenic fat burner like PhenQ in place, you’ll have a huge advantage in reaching your goals.

Benefits Of PhenQ

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PhenQ is, ultimately, a thermogenic fat burner. Thermogenesis is theoretically a complex process where heat is created biochemically within the body.

But when we’re referring to weight loss, we’re talking about the heat generated through calories being burned. Thermogenic fat burners such as PhenQ accelerate the rate at which you burn energy, stimulating the entire process of burning fat to use as fuel.

However, PhenQ does more than this. Its ingredients are selected to help you feel fuller for longer, reducing the likelihood of cravings that put your calorie deficit at risk.

You’ll have higher energy levels and enjoy a more positive mood, which leads to increased motivation to stick to your goals and go a little harder at your workouts. It even helps with focus and mental clarity – an aspect that’s often impacted negatively when suffering a calorie deficit.

All these advantages will help you dodge the obstacles of side effects that so often break willpower and success, and spur you on when you would have otherwise felt fatigued and weak.

PhenQ Ingredients

Each and every ingredient in PhenQ’s formula has been expertly sourced in potent yet sensible doses to give you optimum results.

Let’s start with the biggest jewel in the crown, a-Lacy’s Reset. This is a patented formula that combines magnesium, alpha lipoic acid, and cysteine. Each of these three individual ingredients have been tested and proven to reduce levels of body fat and weight loss overall.

Additionally, they play a big role in reducing fatigue, while also promoting muscle growth and physical recovery. At 25mg of a-Lacy’s Reset in each dose, these three gems combined make for a sensational start to PhenQ’s ingredients list.

PhenQ Ingredients

We then have chromium picolinate, which studies have shown to reduce body fat and overall BMI in people who are overweight, when taken daily over a few months.

It’s a crucial trace element in metabolising and storing fats, carbohydrates and proteins. As well as this, it also plays a key role in controlling blood sugar levels – and when these are under control, so are those cravings.

I’m a little disheartened at first that PhenQ only offer 60mg of this one, particularly when most studies have used it in doses of around 400mg. In PhenQ’s defence, however, they are combining it with a pretty potent army of other ingredients.

They don’t hold back on the Caffeine Anhydrous. One dose contains the equivalent of a cup of strong coffee, at 142.4mg. This increases the thermogenic elements in PhenQ and helps oxidise fat, making it a great addition to help boost your metabolism and cut through more body fat.

Of course, we also know caffeine well for giving us that much needed buzz when we’re feeling less energetic. So if you’re sensitive to caffeine, it may be worth taking one capsule a day to start with, in the morning so as not to impact your sleep routine.

PhenQ hits the thermogenic elements hard by adding capsicum extract, nopal, calcium carbonate and l-carnitine tartrate – all excellent contributors to get your body to respond to thermogenesis effectively.

Last but not least, we get some piperine in there, which helps the body better utilise the ingredients as a whole. As an effective ingredient in its own right, piperine also has anti-inflammatory properties. This will be a welcome addition to anyone upping their exercise, helping them recover sooner and also protect against diseases and chronic illnesses.

A real fantastic assemblage of ingredients here. I’d never suffer a weight loss attempt without it in my arsenal again.

How To Take PhenQ

PhenQ is in capsule form, with a recommended dose of two each day – one in the morning with breakfast, and another at lunch time. The recommendations steer clear of evening doses due to the stimulants. Take one of these near bedtime, or even after 2pm, and you’ll struggle to sleep.

That being said, PhenQ doubles up as a brilliant pre-workout supplement courtesy of its caffeine content. So if you can time it to take around half an hour before you train, you’ll likely achieve a fair bit more and burn through those extra calories (evening workouts exempt!).

PhenQ can be used by any adult who wants to shift some stubborn fat, lose weight, or even cut body fat whilst maintaining and even building muscle. This is called ‘recomposition’, which is a tricky business made much easier with a formula like PhenQ’s.

It’s also an excellent supplement for anyone who particularly suffers with fatigue during a calorie deficit, or is challenged with a rigorous training programme.

There are plentiful user testimonials heavily praising the effects PhenQ had on their ability to achieve their individual goals. If the clinical back-up, all-natural ingredient profile and exemplary testimonials aren’t enough reassurance for you, PhenQ also offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

My Experience With PhenQ

I absolutely love using PhenQ. I’ve used many fat burners in my time. Some do absolutely nothing, while others make me a jittery, sweaty mess.

PhenQ, however, made my whole weight loss challenge… slick. I didn’t expect to feel quite so switched on from a fat burner – it had the effect some nootropics have, where the brain fog is lifted, and you feel sharper and positive.

This was a pretty instant improvement for me, and not a placebo effect, as I wasn’t expecting it.

PhenQ label

My workouts were more enjoyable. Even when I started to reach my limits, my mindset seemed to want to reach a little further, and my tired muscles had that extra bit more in them.

Better still, my body recovered quickly. It ‘got over’ the enduring workout I’d smashed the day before, and was ready for another session.

As for cravings, this is my major downfall. I can workout well, whilst my diet lets me down occasionally.

But with the appetite suppressant elements of PhenQ, I just didn’t seem to think about food as much, and found it much easier to stick to the nutritional plan I’d worked hard on preparing.

PhenQ helped me break through that two-week barrier I seem to always struggle with at the beginning of a challenge. The visible results soon started coming in, and once the ball’s rolling, I find it easier to maintain from there.

I also had no side effects, whatsoever. Of course, you may feel different.

Because of the nature of the ingredients and their purpose here, you may experience restlessness, especially if you’re caffeine sensitive. The appetite suppressant elements may cause you to feel nauseous or have an upset stomach.

I didn’t, when I’m usually quite sensitive – but it’s always best to be aware of the possibility, and I’d always advise to start taking supplements like PhenQ gradually to start, especially if you’re new to such a product.

If you have any medical concerns, always run it by your GP for advice before beginning any new supplementation.

PhenQ Verdict

What we want from a supplement and how we respond to it can be very individual. We have different struggles, different sensitivities, different weaknesses. We also have unique goals, lifestyles, habits, and more. So it’s very difficult to find a fat burner that will work for everyone – the perfect ‘all-rounder’.

Enter PhenQ. It is the ultimate fat burner for anyone looking to lose weight more efficiently and comfortably. I’m afraid it doesn’t quite cut the mustard for those of you who struggle with caffeine – there are some great stim-free supplements out there.

I couldn’t possibly penalise PhenQ for its caffeine content. Most of the very best fat burners will contain caffeine for the positive effects it has on thermogenesis and your ability to set those calories alight. PhenQ delivers exactly what it promises, safely and naturally.

I lost weight sooner, easier, and more enjoyably thanks to PhenQ. The whole experience was less of a punishment and more of a challenge I could achieve. I had that immediate energy. I stopped feeding my body urgent sources of non-nutritious food in desperation.

Instead, my willpower was maintained, my focus heightened, and my goals smashed. I became stronger, fitter, healthier, and ultimately, happier.

That’s a lot of power from one all-natural, almighty capsule.

PhenQ will absolutely be my go-to, which is high praise from someone who’s trialled many top-tier supplements before.


Has The FDA Approved PhenQ?

Because PhenQ is not a drug or foodstuff (it’s a supplement), it does not fall under the FDA’s jurisdiction. However, rest assured all PhenQ facilities are FDA and GMA approved.

PhenQ manufacturer Wolfson Brands always ensure their products are completely safe and tested by third-party labs.

Where Can I Purchase PhenQ?

You can only buy PhenQ from their official website. They ship globally, offer money-saving deals, and a reassuring 60-day money-back guarantee.

Although you can only buy direct from PhenQ, this does reassure you that you’ll never receive adulterated or counterfeit goods.

Are PhenQ And Phentermine The Same?

Absolutely not. Phentermine is a heavily potent prescription-only drug that must only ever be taken under medical instruction. Its side effects can involve weight loss and curbed appetite, but there is a risk of high blood pressure and seizures.

PhenQ, in complete contrast, is an all-natural product designed specifically to support the maintenance of an active lifestyle and healthy weight loss.