You can be a young, fit and healthy man and have low testosterone levels. It’s not OK, but it’s more common than you think. It’s much more likely you’ll query your body’s ability to produce peak amounts of testosterone from the age of 30, where levels begin to decline year on year by a surprisingly damaging 1% every 12 months.

Not sure if you’ve got low testosterone levels? There are some telltale signs. Low testosterone can cause weakness, poor body composition, an inability to build muscle, fatigue, low mood and energy, and sexual dysfunction or a lack of a libido.

Low testosterone can affect women too, but it’s a much more prominent hormone in men.

If you’re suffering from some of these symptoms, it may be that your body isn’t producing enough testosterone. You can get this checked with your GP, which I highly recommend if your symptoms are severe.

Thankfully, however, most of us can do a lot ourselves to help our bodies produce more testosterone naturally. Any form of intense resistance training or heavy weightlifting will help, complemented with plentiful rest.

If you can find a way to reduce your stress levels, this will also allow your body to do what it needs to without the stress hormone cortisol blocking the use of your testosterone.

A decent diet and active lifestyle give you a huge advantage, too. Including lots of good-quality protein and fats, fruit and vegetables, and lowering the amount of alcohol you consume will assist your body in achieving higher rates of testosterone. A man who lives an inactive lifestyle with a poor diet is much more likely to suffer low T-levels and the side effects that come with it.

Taking a natural testosterone booster is also a key solution. These supplements are packed with completely natural ingredients that can elevate the amount of testosterone you produce by around 30% to 40%, which is a life-changing difference.

I must emphasise that we are not talking about exogenous testosterone products here, which are packed full of synthetic and dangerous chemicals and compounds. Here at Arts Health & Wellbeing, we only endorse natural supplementation that is designed to work with your body’s natural mechanisms effectively.

TestoFuel is a fantastic example of this – all-natural, with a formula that’s jam-packed with rigorously tested, effective ingredients.

When you get those testosterone levels back up to where they should be – which is what I achieved myself, reviving them from almost clinically low, right up to peak markers – you will see significant improvements both mentally and physically. We’ve tested many T-boosters here at Arts Health & Wellbeing, and now it’s TestoFuel’s moment. Let’s see what it can do.

Testofuel – Quick Verdict

Testofuel bottle

TestoFuel is one of the best natural testosterone boosters available, with plenty of clinical research that supports each ingredient’s contribution to helping you produce more testosterone naturally and alleviate low-T symptoms.

It’s a real shame that TestoFuel’s capsules are made from gelatin, making it completely unsuitable for those on a plant-based diet. Its dosage is also a little inconvenient, requiring 4 separate capsules to be taken with meals throughout the day.

But it does work, and it works very well. If you want to experience the lifechanging benefits that come with optimised testosterone levels, then TestoFuel has got the formula that’ll help get you there. I highly recommend it.

About TestoFuel

As TestoFuel is made of pure, natural ingredients, it’s a very safe supplement to take. Each capsule is dosed safely yet potently enough to maximise speed and efficiency, with intelligently blended ingredients that TestoFuel make crystal clear on their ingredients list (shockingly, not all products are quite as transparent).

For clarity, there is absolutely no testosterone in TestoFuel. Administered testosterone is a prescription medication, and only prescribed to individuals who are medically low and require direct intervention. There are illegal products out there that are unsafe for a host of reasons.

At Arts Health & Wellbeing, we will only ever endorse legal, sensible, safe and natural supplements, such as TestoFuel. Not all of them are effective, and we work hard to dig out the ones that truly make a big, worthy difference with the use of a smart formula.

TestoFuel is exactly this. It contains ingredients that will encourage your body to naturally produce its own testosterone. It’ll also work on some of the side effects we experience when our T-levels are low. All without the nasty and risky side effects you’d experience when taking an exogenous testosterone product.

I trialled TestoFuel and had some fast results in terms of energy and mood. I’ve never lived an unhealthy lifestyle, and always worked on my training and diet. Still, my testosterone levels were on the low side. For years, I’ve had the privilege of trialling some decent T-boosters (and some awful ones, too).

With TestoFuel, I felt that healthy height in my energy levels, which sharpened my focus and had me feeling more driven to do that little bit more – whether it was in the gym, when I set out for the day, or other areas in my life.

With all T-boosters, it’s recommended you take them for at least two months to see best results. When you commit to taking TestoFuel, you’ll see that it’s easier to shift body fat – particularly around the abdomen – and gain lean muscle mass. You build strength, and notice a big improvement in your overall health. You’ll also have improved sexual function – a combination of a direct improvement in your testosterone levels and blood flow, and also because you’re feeling better about yourself mentally and physically.

I’ll explain how this works in a moment, when we look at each ingredient. It’s a formula that is held up with the most solid, innovative and recent research, which TestoFuel constantly updates to ensure its at the top of its game.

None of these ingredients have been added delicately, either – they’re all at decent (yet carefully considered) doses, giving you your money’s worth in every capsule.

So, let’s take a look at TestoFuel’s proudly bold list of ingredients.

TestoFuel Pros

  • A potent formula proven to work
  • A mix of fantastic ingredients
  • Non-proprietary blend, so everything is open
  • Heavily researched and data-driven
  • Decent multi-buy discounts available

TestoFuel Cons

  • Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans
  • Can be pricey
  • You need to take four separate doses per day, with food

TestoFuel Ingredients

The ingredients list is the very crux of any supplement on the market. There’s no hiding behind fancy packaging and claims – just the bare truth. TestoFuel have no fears here – they’ve got an army of top-tier ingredients that ensure TestoFuel is always amongst the best testosterone boosters available.

First, we have D-aspartic acid (D-AA) – a great start. D-AA has some clout in the testosterone arena, as it regulates testosterone synthesis, promoting the production of growth hormone, meaning it’s very effective for encouraging muscle growth and mass overall.

It goes further, helping regulate how the brain releases hormone levels, most specifically LH (Luteinising Hormone), which forms testosterone. After three months of using just this ingredient alone, it’s been proven that your testosterone levels can raise by up to 60%, almost doubling your sperm count in the process.

Next up is Vitamin D. Sounds ineffective, doesn’t it? However, this vitamin is a critical support of male hormone output, and can drastically improve your testosterone levels. Without causing any side effects, research shows a link between Vitamin D, strength, and muscle mass, and can even reduce muscle fatigue and soreness (DOMS) – this will support your endurance.

I can’t get enough of this. No, I literally can’t – I live in Scotland. Most of us don’t achieve adequate levels of Vitamin D. Thankfully, TestoFuel includes a good dose of it, come rain or shine.

Vitamin D is complemented with Vitamin K, another testosterone champ, also known as Menaquinone. It’s been shown that when taken for just five weeks, this vitamin can elevate T-level circulation by up to a whopping 70%.

Red meat and egg yolks are good sources of Vitamin K. Unfortunately this is an expensive way to keep our K up in significant amounts, plus you’ve got the added fat to consume with it. Which is why it’s sensible to supplement with it on top of that healthy diet.

Next, we hit another roadblock for vegans and vegetarians, I’m afraid – with Oyster Extract. If you’ve gotten past the gelatin capsules, then it’s likely this won’t bother you. You probably know that oysters are an aphrodisiac, which will of course help alleviate the symptoms of a dampened libido.

The main reason TestoFuel have included Oyster Extract is for its Zinc content, which is included in a dose that’s around ten times greater than what you’d find in most red meats.

It’s a vital mineral for helping maintain healthy prostate tissue, which is an important advantage for us men, especially as we age.

However, Zinc’s main role in a T-booster is its proven ability to improve sexual and reproductive function, and promote LH production, which directly and positively impacts our testosterone levels. It also helps prevent the conversion of testosterone into oestrogen.

All in all, Oyster Extract certainly has its place in testosterone production – however, it seems a real shame for an ever-growing plant-based audience.

That being said, there are other options out there. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian reading this, TestoPrime is an incredible, all-natural testosterone booster that’s completely vegan-friendly and often tops our ‘Best’ guides.

Boron and Magnesium are also key minerals in a T-booster and, of course, TestoFuel contains plenty of both.

Boron can increase free testosterone levels by around 25%, making it very effective when it comes to testosterone production. This mineral, often found in leafy green vegetables, also works wonders for our general health.

Magnesium is a gem of a supplement, especially when most of us don’t get enough of it from our diets alone. Not only does it help boost the natural production of testosterone, but it is also linked to improved endurance, strength, recovery following training, and sleep. It also plays a significant role in the regulation of your heart, brain and overall health, and your bone function.

Finally we have a herb trio of Fenugreek, Ginseng, and Maca.

Fenugreek bolsters up the Zinc and Magnesium content, as it contains both as well as Selenium. This reduces the amount of SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin) – and we want this reduced, because it binds to testosterone and renders it useless.

There is scientific evidence that Fenugreek is linked to higher levels of free and total testosterone levels – so this is a great addition.

Ginseng is a lovely Asian herb that’s been used for many, many years as an aphrodisiac. We now also understand that it helps enrich immunity and improves our cognition and even our mood. We’re also learning that Ginseng can increase testosterone and its potent derivative, DHT.

We also know that it can increase the amount of LH (Luteinising Hormone) released, which we already know will stimulate testosterone output.

Last but certainly not least is Maca – a herb from South America which was considered essential – even sacred – to Inca warriors, who used it for strength and stamina. And this theory is supported today, as one of the best post- and pre-workout compounds around.

Maca therefore tackles low testosterone levels directly and indirectly, and also makes for an effective sex drive booster, which is a lovely bonus.

Overall, a treasure trove of ingredients here, all playing star roles individually and synergistically.

How to Take TestoFuel

The recommended dose for TestoFuel is four capsules each day. This should be taken throughout the day, with a meal. I don’t love this – it’s a little inconvenient to plan for sometimes.

I had to remain committed when trialling TestoFuel. I have a busy daily routine, and planning four meals or snacks and their times every single day can be a little tiresome, especially when taking a T-booster is no quick fix – you’re looking at a minimum of two months before it all starts paying off.

But that’s the crux of it – it will start paying off. I knew this – I could see from the ingredients list that it was all there for the taking.

An improved lifestyle with optimised testosterone levels was within my reach. If all I had to do was commit to ensuring I could take these four capsules each day, I’d do it.

And never underestimate how quickly you fall into the routine of things. So, whilst it would’ve been nicer for TestoFuel to be more easily consumed like some other T-boosters I’ve tried, it does work, and it works well – and that’s what matters.

I experienced no negative side effects when I used TestoFuel. Such reactions are unlikely, what with the all-natural content. However, some people will experience some side effects as a direct impact of testosterone levels being heightened.

Keep an eye on your mood, as it can cause aggression in some people, and this isn’t nice for yourself or people around you. The doses are safe and natural, but just be aware. High T-levels may also encourage oily skin and acne for some skin types, while others may notice more body hair.

All symptoms should be, at worst, minor thanks to the natural formula, but just be vigilant.

I also always recommend you speak with your GP before beginning any course of supplementation, especially if you have any medical history or concerns that may be affected.

Lastly, always stick to the recommended dosage.


TestoFuel is up there amongst the best testosterone boosters I’ve tried. Its formula is slick and smart with nothing wasted – every ingredient pulls its weight to ensure your body is working at its peak to produce optimal natural testosterone.

You’ll find it easier to achieve and maintain better body composition, building muscle more easily and losing stubborn fat too. Your mood will be brighter, much like your sharpened focus and drive. Your sex drive will be heightened, much to do with your increased confidence in your improving physique and strength, as well as your positivity and of course your T-levels.

You’ll even be investing in your bone health, which will last you years to come when maintained for the long term.

I really enjoyed my trial on TestoFuel. It’s worth the money, and it fulfils its promise. It’s a real shame it’s not plant-based, and that it’s a little inconvenient to take. TestoPrime is your solution for this.

However, TestoFuel does its job at an elite level. I highly recommend.