Want to lose weight comfortably and quickly? Burn Lab Pro says it achieves this, amongst other things. Here, we run a thorough check in this Burn Lab Pro review to help you decide if it’s the right supplement for your weight loss goals.

Burn Lab Pro is an all-natural weight loss supplement that has a real focus on building muscle while you lose fat.

Sounds appealing, right? A bold claim not only from Burn Lab Pro, but from many competitors in the fitness supplement industry. It’s our job and passion here at Arts Health and Wellbeing to sort the wheat from the chaff. Does Burn Lab Pro really help you achieve your weight loss goals?

I personally have an historic struggle with weight. I’ve spent decades fighting through attempts to cut down my body fat, and had pretty much given up before I discovered natural weight loss supplements.

Burn Lab Pro – Quick Verdict

Capsiplex Burn bottle

Burn Lab Pro is a decent weight loss supplement, but there are better supplements out there.

It has a decent stack of ingredients for the physical side of burning fat and building muscle, but it ignores the mental aspects. To me, a decent weight loss supplement also aids your energy and motivation, to accelerate your goals while enjoying reaching them.

Capsiplex Burn does this well, getting the balance just right for both physical results and mental drive. For weight loss, I’d choose this over Burn Lab Pro.

Knowledge is success when it comes to choosing weight loss supplements, and I have made it my mission to find out which ones can genuinely help people lose weight, and which ones are more likely a waste of your money and hard work in the gym.

Here, I am going to take a close look at every aspect of Burn Lab Pro – who is behind it, what it claims it can do for you, the ingredients, and my personal experiences with it. By the end of this review, you will have a much better understanding of whether Burn Lab Pro is the weight loss supplement for you.

What is Burn Lab Pro?

Burn Lab Pro is a completely natural supplement which is designed to help you lose weight and build muscle. It comes in the form of a capsule, just like most supplements you might take, and it is designed to be taken every day.

The fact that it is all-natural is important. Their website claims that it’s 100% safe, as well as stimulant free. We are huge advocates of this kind of product. If a product claims to help us lose fat and retain muscle all with a completely safe and natural ingredients list, we’re keen to recommend it, so long as the results come in.

Despite the fact this product is completely natural, we always advise you speak with your GP before taking any supplement, particularly if you have any medical conditions or concerns.

Burn Lab Pro is slightly different to most weight loss supplements that I have tried and researched in the past, as it heavily promotes the muscle building benefits you can expect from taking it.

Most supplements in the weight loss arena will have some muscle building qualities to it, with the focus more on weight loss. With Burn Lab Pro, it feels like it’s the other way around. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s important to bear in mind when aligning the right supplement with what you’re looking to achieve.

Ultimately, the main purpose of Burn Lab Pro, as with most supplements of this nature, is to help you achieve your body goals quicker and easier than if you were doing it alone.

This could be misconstrued, so I always like to emphasise something at this point of a weight loss supplement review: all products like this are designed to assist you on your way to your fitness goals, maximising how your body responds to your healthy diet and training regime.

They are not there to do it all for you. If you don’t put in any effort and rely solely on a supplement, then you won’t see any results.

The basic facts about weight loss remain the same – if you eat well and exercise frequently, you will lose weight. A supplement like Burn Lab Pro is designed to supplement this, so that you consequently see greater results, quicker.

Apologies if you already know this, but I have found that most people who find weight loss supplements to be ineffective are those who misunderstood how supplements can be utilised fully. If you take that capsule and do nothing else, you’re not going to achieve weight loss, no matter how good the product.

Onto the people behind Burn Lab Pro: it is made by a company called Opti-Nutra Ltd. They are a company based in Leamington Spa in the UK. They specialise in developing and producing nutritional supplements, and you have probably seen some of their products before.

Their flagship supplement is probably Mind Lab Pro, an incredible nootropic supplement designed to improve cognitive performance – and a product I have used in the past and am certainly a fan of.

Opti-Nutra Ltd has a great reputation in the natural supplement industry, and fully justified too. So I was happy to be asked to write this Burn Lab Pro review and find out if they can do for my body what they have done for my mind!

What Does Burn Lab Pro Claim To Do?

On the official Burn Lab Pro website there are three main benefits that it claims taking this supplement will offer. Let’s take a look at them individually:

Retain Muscle

As I touched on in the previous section, I think it’s telling that the first benefit they list is relating to muscle – it shows where the emphasis is with this product.

The reason for such prominence towards muscle retention is that when people lose weight, it can often lead to them losing muscle from their body. If you are consuming fewer calories than you are burning, it’s quite common for your muscle mass to decrease. The people behind Burn Lab Pro know this and therefore have designed a supplement to prevent that.

Speaking personally, losing muscle isn’t a huge worry for me – it’s the weight that has long been my problem. I don’t really have any interest in huge muscles or a six-pack – I just want to feel a bit lighter and fit into my old jeans!

I don’t think I will be alone in that either – the majority of the weight loss audience isn’t overly interested in muscle gain. That being said, it’s hardly a negative, and certainly of interest to those who are cutting in between bulking phases.

Burn Fat

This is more like it! This is what I want to see from a weight loss supplement.

Burning fat is great, and Opti-Nutra Ltd break down exactly how this is achieved in three points:

1. Have increased energy

When you work out,  you go harder and for longer so that you are burning more calories. For a lot of us (and by which, I mean ‘for me’), it’s having the energy to get exercising in the first place, so increased levels would be a welcome little boost.

2. Stabilise energy and control appetite

This is equally important. If when we eat, we retain that feeling of being full, we are much less likely to snack and take on calories that our body doesn’t need. Snacking is my biggest weakness, and one of the main reasons I have struggled with my weight.

3. Break down fat more efficiently

The way our bodies convert fat into energy plays a critical role in our weight – and sometimes it needs a bit of help. By taking supplements like Burn Lab Pro, we help our bodies with this process, meaning we have more energy and less fat.

These three factors combined will certainly target the fat in your body. More exercise, a more controlled diet, and more efficient processing of fat in our bodies. Get these three things working for you and the weight will drop off.

Faster & Easier Results

Taking Burn Lab Pro should increase the speed of the results, and make them a little easier to achieve. Easier to go to the gym, easier to skip the snacks, easier to eat well.

GTF Chromium in Burn Lab Pro is what helps your insulin levels provide glucose into your muscles. And whether you’re power lifting or going for a gentle jog, your exercise drive and endurance is accelerated. HMB, which we’ll look at in a moment, also gives you that supercharge.

Ultimately, it’s your increased efforts that’ll bring faster, ‘easier’ weight loss results – and these efforts are driven by the right ingredients.

This counts for a lot. So much of the challenge of weight loss is a mental one. Pretty much everyone on the planet knows what you need to do to lose weight – but you have to have the drive and commitment to keep going.

For me, I need to see results otherwise I start to lose my enthusiasm. I need to feel that progress is being made, or else the words, “What’s the point?” start to get louder. When we can see the results quickly, it gives us the motivation to keep going. When each workout is just a little bit easier, we can keep pushing when we may otherwise have quit.

Burn Lab Pro Ingredients

So now we will turn our attention to exactly how Burn Lab Pro intends on helping you achieve your weight goals. What’s in these little capsules that are all-natural yet potent enough to have such an impact on your body? Let’s take a look:


ForsLean® is a branded ingredient derived from the roots of the Coleus forskohlii plant. It is a slightly controversial ingredient, because there hasn’t been anywhere near enough testing to determine exactly how effective it is when it comes to weight loss.

The theory is that the forskolin can help create enzymes known as adenylate cyclase, which play a crucial role in freeing fatty acids from your body’s cells. They are thought to help reduce fat, without impacting your muscles.

Which is great – but like I said, there is very little evidence to suggest that it works in practice. A very small study on overweight and obese men did show a reduction in fat, while their weight remained the same, which suggests muscle was retained.

There was also an increase in testosterone, which can aid weight loss. But for the headline ingredient in a weight loss product, I’d want a lot more evidence to prove its worth. I want to see clinical trials by independent organisations, and as things stand, they do not exist for ForsLean®.


Now to be a bit more positive! I have used products that contain Capsimax® before, and I have experienced the benefit of it. So I feel on more confident ground here.

To sum it up, Capsimax® is a cayenne pepper extract that helps to increase metabolism. Why is this important? Metabolism is the process in our bodies that converts food into energy. A slow metabolism can mean that we are left with more fat from our food, whereas a faster one can mean less fat and more energy.

Capsimax® is even thought to increase the amount of fat we burn when resting, but obviously is much more effective when we exercise. It gives us more benefit from all of the effort that we put in at the gym.

On top of that, it is thought to help us control our appetite a bit better, so we take on fewer calories.

Hydroxy ß Methylbutyrate – HMB

HMB is a compound that the body produces using the essential amino acid leucine. It is closely linked to muscle growth and preservation, as well as giving a boost to both aerobic and anaerobic exercise – this has been proven in clinical trials.

This makes it an excellent ingredient to include in Burn Lab Pro – better workouts and better muscle retention.

HMB is also believed to lower cholesterol, which is of course part of many people’s weight loss ambitions and indeed a necessity to improve our health.

GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) Chromium

I have to admit, GTF Chromium is an ingredient that I haven’t come across before – but it is basically a form of chromium, and that I am well aware of.

Chromium is included in quite a few weight loss supplements because it plays an integral role in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

It also, as the name here suggests, helps us to control our levels of glucose. This can have a direct relationship with cravings – if our glucose levels are low, our bodies crave food to help top them up. The idea here is to maintain healthy levels so that we aren’t craving sweet and sugary foods to compensate.

Bioperine (95% Black Pepper extract)

Black pepper plays a critical role in our metabolism as it aids the suppression of fat cells. It contains the compound piperine, which helps to boost your metabolism and reduce inflammation. It’s also good for our digestion.

You’ll find a form of black pepper extract in most good weight loss supplements.

How should you take Burn Pro Lab?

The recommended daily dose for Burn Lab Pro is 2-4 capsules, which you should take 30 minutes before you work out. You get 90 capsules in a bottle, and the ‘number of servings’ is 30, so they work on the basis that you will take three a day.

This is where it gets interesting though – Burn Pro Lab is designed to support something called ‘fasted training’. What this basically means is that you work out on an empty stomach, which is supposed to help your body burn more calories.

Some people have found that they struggle to work out as hard when training on an empty stomach, so this is designed to counteract that. Fasted training won’t be for everyone. Personally, I can get quite lightheaded when I exercise in this way, which certainly impacts my performance.

I should also point out, though, that Burn Lab Pro will support any healthy diet and exercise program. It’s just particularly effective when you take it when you are ‘fasted training’ at the same time.

Burn Lab Pro Pros

  • Some excellent ingredients
  • Great for those that want muscle retention and weight loss combined
  • Great for intense workouts

Burn Lab Pro Cons

  • Fasted Training won’t be for everyone
  • More evidence needed on ForsLean®
  • No stimulants for motivation, which many users rely on

My Experience With Burn Lab Pro

I started taking Burn Lab Pro to see if it could do for me what other weight loss supplements have done. I took the recommended dose, and my experience with Burn Lab Pro was generally positive.

I try to work out three times a week, and so I would take three capsules half an hour before, on an empty stomach, just as recommended. There is, though, the question of what to do on my non-workout days.

It seems there isn’t a right answer. Even the company itself seems to say that there are pros and cons whichever way you go about this, so I decided to give it a go and take them on non-workout days anyway.

In the six weeks that I took Burn Lab Pro, I did lose weight. Not a huge amount, but four or five pounds over the duration. That was good, and I was happy with the results, but I have had better results with other supplements.

The main thing, for me, was motivation. It always is, and though I did keep up my three workouts a week, I found them really hard. Getting myself to the gym felt like a chore. I didn’t give up, though, so I was really proud of myself and the results I got.

But I couldn’t help but feel I’ve found it easier with some of the other supplements I’ve tried. We all have days where we are low on motivation, and top-tier weight loss supplements will help protect you from falling off the bandwagon. I didn’t get this with Burn Lab Pro – I just had to push on through.

When I thought about this, I realised that the other supplements had ingredients that were there to help with my brain. Various vitamins and other natural ingredients that are designed to improve your mood, focus, motivation and general cognitive performance.

And I need that. The battle I have always had with my weight has been much more of a mental issue than a physical one. It’s quite telling that in all of the marketing material for Burn Lab Pro, there is very little mention of mental performance.

Having said that, I don’t think I am necessarily the target market for Burn Lab Pro. I get the feeling they are targeting people who already are devoted gym-goers, who have worked hard to build up their muscle, and now just want to cut a bit of weight.

I am at the other end of that scale – I want to lose some weight and then I might consider building up some muscle.

I have read some reviews where users claim to have used Burn Lab Pro in conjunction with other weight loss supplements – and I can see that working. However, that’s quite an expensive way to lose weight, especially when there are alternatives out there that have more intelligent ingredient lists.

What alternatives are there to Burn Lab Pro?

Capsiplex Burn bottle

The best fat burning supplement that I have come across so far is Capsiplex Burn. The thing I liked about it most was that it did have ingredients that helped keep me motivated, and when combined with the quick results, I really bought into the entire process of losing weight, for the long term.

Of course, this may just be because Capsiplex Burn is designed for people like me, whereas Burn Lab Pro is aimed at a slightly different customer. But when we’re talking about weight loss supplements – which we are – I found Capsiplex Burn to be a great all-round supplement.

Burn Lab Pro Conclusion

Burn Lab Pro is a decent weight loss supplement, but as we have just seen, there are better out there.

If you are the type of person who has been going to the gym for a long time and wants to shift some weight without losing any of the muscle that you have worked so hard for, then Burn Lab Pro could be an excellent supplement to try.

My gut instinct, though, is that if you are looking for a weight loss supplement, you’re more like me. You want something to help you shift the pounds as comfortably and as quickly as possible alongside your healthy eating and exercising.

For that, I’d strongly recommend Capsiplex Burn – an excellent and highly effective all-natural weight loss supplement.