Were you under the impression that testosterone was all about muscle, sex drive, and even aggression? A lot of people have this misconception. However, testosterone plays a much bigger role in health and wellbeing, most specifically for men.

Testosterone is a hormone we produce naturally in our bodies. Some men’s levels are lower than others. Every man will have less and less testosterone as they get older. And when testosterone levels are low, it can cause some real turbulence in your life.

You’re likely aware that this can negatively impact your sex life and possibly your fertility. It will also impair your athletic ability and muscular strength and density.

Did you know it also affects your bone density, mood, motivation, focus, energy levels, and even your mental health? Yes, these are all side effects that come with low T-levels.

When I discovered my testosterone levels were erring on the low side, I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes. I knew that a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, a poor diet and alcohol consumption can all contribute towards a lower level of testosterone being produced.

Some men just happen to have low testosterone production. I’ve always led a healthy, active lifestyle, and paid attention to what I consume – low testosterone levels are more common than you think.

Thankfully, we have natural testosterone boosters available to help our bodies produce more of our own, whilst alleviating some of the side effects. We’re not talking about steroids here, which contain illegal and harmful substances. We’re talking about all-natural supplementation that helps your body create its own testosterone more efficiently.

Prime Male is one of them. There are some very effective testosterone boosters out there that make lifechanging differences to our T-levels and overall health and wellbeing. We took Prime Male through a thorough testing to see how effective it was, and how it works.

PRIME MALE – Quick Verdict

Prime male image

I loved using Prime Male – it’s an effective testosterone booster with a quality, potent stack of ingredients that made a clear difference to me visibly and from within.

It’s a little inconvenient with its 4 daily capsules taken throughout the day, plus the capsules are made of gelatin, making it unsuitable for anyone on a plant-based diet.

But if this doesn’t bother you, we highly recommend it. It delivers in helping your body produce more testosterone and alleviating the associated side effects – you’ll see some big results, especially after 2-3 months.

Prime Male Explained

Straight away, as someone who has reviewed many testosterone booster supplements over the years, I immediately like Prime Male. Why? Because it is fully transparent about what’s in it.

You’d think this is a pretty standard expectation, wouldn’t you? But I’ve seen too many manufacturers release products with ‘hidden formulas’ or proprietary blends, leaving us in the dark about what we’re taking, and at what dose.

Quite rightly, Prime Male lists every single item that stacks its formula – and they’re all high-quality ingredients at potent, safe doses. It’s a good start.

Roar Ambition are the company behind Prime Male and its formula. They’re based in the UK, although their manufacturing takes place in FDA-approved facilities in the US, under the strictest cGMP guidelines.

Looking at the ingredients list, Roar Ambition have done well to construct a premium supplement that is designed to improve your natural testosterone output and unravel its beneficial side effects. We’ll look into these ingredients and what they can do for you in a moment.

Prime Male Pros

  • Optimises natural testosterone production
  • Leads to more energy, greater athleticism, and heightened libido
  • Overall health and wellbeing should be enhanced
  • Cognitive function and clear headedness should be improved
  • Can help lose fat and gain lean muscle mass
  • Aids heart health
  • 100% natural ingredients with no known side effects
  • Worldwide shipping

Prime Male Cons

  • You can only buy it on their official website
  • On the expensive side
  • Capsules are made from animal gelatin, so aren’t suitable for those following a plant-based diet

Benefits Of Prime Male

Incorporating Prime Male into your daily routine will bring you a genuinely lifechanging selection of benefits, both physically and mentally. This will be through either directly helping your body produce more testosterone, or tackling some of the side effects you may be experiencing as a result.

For example, lack of drive and motivation can be a very harmful side effect of low testosterone. Prime Male have included Korean Red Ginseng, which doesn’t directly help boost your T-levels, but can specifically help with your energy levels and brain cognition.

When your motivation is lifted, you’re more likely to lead a more active lifestyle – this will help your body produce more testosterone on its own. When you enjoy more exercise, you feel better about yourself, which increases your libido, and your endurance.

This all creates a highly effective cycle in combatting the effects of low testosterone.

Prime Male have also incorporated some aphrodisiacs into their formula, as well as some ingredients to help improve blood flow, which postively impacts sexual function.

You’ll build muscle much easier with the use of Prime Male, too. Testosterone is essential for maintaining proper muscle function, strength and formation, so when your levels are optimised, you’re at an advantage with improved protein synthesis.

You’ll also benefit from improved bone density. Think you don’t have to worry about this? Having low testosterone is the biggest cause of osteoporosis for men. So keeping your T-levels healthy is an investment in the strength of your bones for the long term.

When you’re producing the right amount of testosterone, you’ll also have healthier levels of body fat, helping you achieve a leaner physique as well as a healthier one. This is because optimised testosterone levels will help you burn and use fat more efficiently, rather than store it around your stomach (which is what happens more so when your T-levels are dipping low).

And there’s more. When you’re low on testosterone, you’re at an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, often caused by the energy spikes and crashes that come with unbalanced sugar levels. Prime Male’s ingredients will alleviate this risk, as well as the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions, by balancing out your blood sugar levels.

Prime Male also contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties, and they help keep your cholesterol levels down.

On top of all this, Prime Male’s formula supports mental and cognitive health, reducing fatigue, anxiety, mood swings and sluggishness with its ingredients. Some serious advantages there, all from intelligently combined, completely natural ingredients. Let’s take a look at them.

Prime Male Ingredients

The ingredients list on any supplement is ultimately the code to how a supplement works, and whether it will be effective. It doesn’t matter how attractive a product’s marketing is, or how enticing its claims are… the truth lies within the formula.

And Prime Male’s is looking elite.

First, we start with a strong opener, D-aspartic acid calcium chelate (D-AA-CC). This is a decent go-to in any high-end testosterone booster, or a supplement that’s aiming to help you with muscle growth (hypertrophy).

This is because D-AA-CC promotes greater luteinising hormone (LH) and growth hormone (GH) output, which together help optimise testosterone production, leading to faster achievements in building muscle.

Next on the list is piperine, in the form of patented BioPerine®. This little number works to increase Prime Male ingredients’ bioavailability by a factor of 20 – meaning the ingredients can get to work faster on your T-levels and other benefits.

BioPerine® is also a fantastic antioxidant, so should minimise free radical-induced tissue damage in the body. This can be particularly beneficial for anyone who suffers with stress or has a particularly demanding day.

Boron is another great inclusion. It plays a pivotal role in regulating the natural production of oestradiol – a type of oestrogen – and testosterone. We don’t want oestrogen when we’re trying to boost our T-levels, and supplementing with Boron daily with just a small dose can significantly decrease how much of it is produced, which consequently increases testosterone levels.

Not only this, but Boron is also an anti-inflammatory, and supports the bioavailability of Vitamin D – another key ingredient which supports the production of testosterone.

I’ve touched on Korean Red Ginseng root already, which is a real gem with lots of benefits. It has aphrodisiac elements to enhance your sexual performance and libido. It has also been used in Chinese herbal medicine for centuries to promote general wellbeing, and it’s a fantastic antioxidant.

This brilliant ingredient also helps raise your energy levels, boost your immunity, improves brain function, and even contains anti-cancer properties. An absolute gem of an ingredient.

Much like the ginseng, Luteolin – a polyphenolic plant flavonoid – is an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antioxidant. It’s also an aromatase inhibitor. Put simply, Luteolin is an endocrine disruptor that reduces oestrogen, which we know helps the production of testosterone (through androgen stimulation).

A more commonly known herbal supplement is Ashwagandha, a fantastic ingredient that’s long been respected in Ayurvedic medicine for its multiple benefits. Its star role in Prime Male is its ability to support the body in producing increased levels of natural testosterone.

But it also significantly helps with anxiety, stress, and low mood, as well as the levelling of blood sugar and improvement in brain function. All of which is clinically proven.

For me, Ashwagandha is a big deal even on its own – we should all be taking advantage of what it can do for us. I would raise an eyebrow at any testosterone booster that doesn’t include it.

Another addition to this wealthy list of ingredients is Nettle root – the last in the herbal compound. This root extract binds with Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG). SHBG is a bad thing for our testosterone levels – it binds to testosterone, rendering it useless to your system. But when Nettle root is thrown into the mix, SHBG binds to it, leaving your T-levels higher.

We also have a good collection of vitamins and minerals in Prime Male, all of which should support the production of testosterone in your body.

There’s Magnesium in the form of Magnesium Citrate, and Zinc. We’ve touched on Vitamin D3, which is accompanied with B6 and K2. K2 works very well with vitamin D, improving testosterone levels directly; while B6 encourages increased absorption of Zinc and Magnesium.

All in all, a fine assortment of powerful, all-natural, highly effective ingredients all working synergistically to boost your natural testosterone production.

The only negative here is the capsules themselves, which are made of gelatin, making them completely unsuitable for anyone on a plant-based diet. Which is a real shame, and unnecessary in today’s world.

How To Take Prime Male

It takes a little commitment from you to reap the benefits of Prime Male’s formula – to be precise, four separate capsules spread periodically throughout the day, with food.

This was a bit of a pain when I personally trialled it. You’ll see best results from any T-booster after a good couple of months’ use, so you’ll need to commit when it comes to scheduling your meals, etc.

That being said, once you see the difference it makes to your physical and mental wellbeing, you’ll be driven to ensuring your day works around these clever little capsules.

Using Prime Male

Prime Male worked very well indeed. Quite quickly after I first started taking it, I noticed my energy levels working to my advantage.

The longer I took it for, the more rapidly and increasingly my athletic ability improved. I was also recovering much quicker from my training. Where I’d usually consider a rest day to nurse aching muscles, they felt good to go again, with a visible difference in definition and size.

My waist drew in a little, as I lost stubborn fat I usually struggle to shift. I’ll briefly mention that my sex life was improved. Everything Prime Male claimed to do, I was seeing and experiencing first hand – and it was great.

I must emphasise, however, that I was putting the work in with a healthy diet plan and training. I consumed minimal processed foods and replaced with plentiful good fat and protein. I reduced my alcohol intake.

I worked on a strict sleep routine, and continued practising yoga. I strongly recommend you do the same where you can to enjoy the very best results achievable with Prime Male.

Prime Male Side Effects

Because Prime Male is completely natural and organic, with no synthetic components or additives, there aren’t any red flags that would indicate a likelihood of any common side effects.

But with anything you consume, there’s always a ‘however…’. We’re all unique, and all react differently to different things. So just be aware that, for some, testosterone itself can affect how you feel and behave.

Look out for mild headaches, feeling irritable, and possible aggression. If this happens, a supplement may not be ideal for you.

In addition to this, if you’re concerned about how low your testosterone levels are and are experiencing severe side effects that often indicate low levels, I recommend you speak with your GP. The same advice goes for anybody on medication or with any medical condition or concern.

Top-tier natural testosterone boosters often have full support from healthcare advisors, but safe is always better than sorry.


Prime Male gets a huge thumbs up from us at Arts Health & Wellbeing. Despite it being made with gelatin capsules and being a little inconvenient to take, Prime Male is amongst the elite testosterone boosters for its high-quality, effective formula.

Prime Male is a little on the pricier end of the spectrum; however, there are products out there for not much less and not as effective. Prime Male works for its price tag here, and you’ll achieve what you set out to with it.

Our testosterone levels make a huge difference to us. If you want yours to be at a strong, healthy peak, Prime Male is the answer.