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There are two ways you can look at metabolism boosters – one is correct, and the other is incorrect.

The idea of a metabolism booster working like a miracle cure that will have your metabolism working so well you will effortlessly lose weight, is incorrect. If you put little effort into your workouts and a healthy diet, a metabolism booster will put little effort into helping produce a slimmer waist or more defined abs.

The correct understanding of a metabolism booster is that it is a supplement to your efforts. Without your input, there is no output from any supplement. You are the base, and the supplement is the accelerator. They work together.

On your part, you’ll need to work on a calorie deficit. This means you’ll be consuming less calories than you’re consuming. And you can achieve this in two ways.

First, you should limit how many calories you consume, via a healthy diet. You’ll also need to burn more calories through exercise. This way, you’ll achieve a deficit by attacking it from both sides.

Here’s an example. If you want to lose a healthy and sustainable weight of 1 pound every week, you need to be in a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day. To achieve this, reduce how many calories are in your diet by 200-300 each day. Then, ensure you burn 200-300 calories each day.

This is an effective and proven way to lose weight. However, our bodies are smart, and they quickly adapt. It’ll turn to your fat stores to give you energy, but it likes to keep hold of these fat stores for emergency. So, your metabolism slows down.

Maintaining a calorie deficit becomes increasingly difficult to sustain, and your weight loss goals become harder to achieve. That is where metabolism boosters can really help. Even when you’re in the depths of a calorie deficit, metabolism boosters help you maintain an effective metabolic rate.

They also help our energy levels remain elevated, improving our focus, mood and motivation. Perhaps most importantly, they help suppress our appetites, so we feel fuller for longer and are much less likely to break into goal-destroying cravings.

Even for those of us who have a relatively healthy metabolism, it helps for them to be as running as efficiently as possible so we can achieve weight loss faster, and more comfortably.

Here, we have a collection of the best metabolism boosters we’ve tested. Not all products out there are effective, and it can be difficult to know where to invest your efforts and money.

All these metabolism boosters are completely natural, with sensible, smart ingredients lists that will maximise your ability to lose weight healthily. Let’s take a look.

phenq – Our top pick

PhenQ bottle

PhenQ doesn’t just top the best metabolism boosters – it’s one of the most comprehensive, smartest ingredient lists for any supplement in this industry.

High praise, but it truly does deliver. PhenQ contains 100% natural yet highly efficient ingredients, including a collection of minerals and stimulants that will keep your energy powered up without the jitters and crashes. The α-Lacys Reset® and chromium picolinate keep your metabolism charged up, while also ensuring you don’t have to suffer those soul-destroying hunger pangs. You’ll also see the benefits of faster muscular recovery, so you spend less time sedentary and more time maximising your energy levels and workouts.

PhenQ made a major difference to my metabolism and weight loss journey. I strongly recommend it if you’re looking for a decent and fair-priced metabolism booster. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, too.

Our Best Metabolism Booster

All the metabolism boosters that we’ve added to this list have been fully tried and tested here at Arts Health & Wellbeing.

We’ve also spent time researching and examining the ingredients in each formula, as well as the clinical studies behind them, giving us full confidence in being able to safely endorse these fantastic, potent, sensible and all-natural metabolism boosters.


PhenQ with capsules

Our most preferred, once again, goes to PhenQ – a regular here in the number one position, and a long-standing favourite for my personal use. PhenQ has a global stellar reputation, too.

Made by the highly reputable company Wolfson Brands, PhenQ is the perfect solution for anyone looking to maximise their metabolic rate while cutting calories.

Wolfson Brands has been operating for over 16 years, which is a long time in the health and fitness supplement industry. While other companies come and go, Wolfson Brands continues to produce some of the best-quality supplements available.

PhenQ is certainly a shining star in the Wolfson Brands family. Like many weight loss supplements, PhenQ focuses on thermogenic fat burning, which is the name we give to the natural process of our bodies burning fat as fuel.

The rate of thermogenesis – your metabolism – is influenced by many things, including natural ingredients, which work highly efficiently to optimise your metabolism.

And this is what metabolism boosters contain – those high-quality ingredients derived from various sources, to help you burn more calories than you would have been able to otherwise.

PhenQ’s collection is top-tier. It contains a number of super effective ingredients, including α-Lacys Reset®, which is a patented formulation that works incredibly well at boosting your metabolism.

You’ll also see chromium picolinate on the ingredients list, which is a trace element essential for the storage and use of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

PhenQ have also included Nopal, capsicum extract, calcium carbonate, and l-carnitine tartrate, which all play a part in enhancing metabolic function and suppressing your appetite, too. To top it off, there’s a good dose of caffeine for that extra energy for calorie burning.

Altogether, PhenQ’s ingredients work to boost your metabolic function, curb your cravings, and ramp up your energy levels with very, very few side effects.

The energy boost I experienced was particularly enjoyable – it was a big escalation, yet it was calm. I didn’t become jittery here and crash there… In fact, everything about using PhenQ was enjoyable and sustainable.

I love using it, and I enjoy challenging my weight loss goals comfortably with PhenQ’s support.

PhenQ Pros

  • Ingredients are natural and safe
  • Boosts the metabolism and increases feelings of fullness
  • There aren’t many reported side effects – those reported are mild
  • Well researched and scientifically backed
  • Stops new fat cell creation
  • Gives you more energy, both short- and long-term

PhenQ Cons

  • High caffeine content may not be suitable for all users


Leanbean is a serious frontrunner when it comes to catering for those on a plant-based diet. It is a metabolism booster that’s completely natural, and vegetarian and vegan friendly.

This advantage doesn’t detriment its power as a metabolism booster, either. Leanbean’s formula rests on a solid bedrock of scientific data, including some highly efficient ingredients known well within the metabolism boosting circle.

Though its main focus is on boosting your rate of metabolism, the glucomannan in Leanbean does a lot of the heavy lifting. You’ll see this natural fibre in a lot of decent weight loss supplements, as its very effective at suppressing your appetite.

It expands in your stomach and doesn’t get stored, which squashes those cravings and also benefits your digestive health.

What a lot of you will love about Leanbean is that it is less stimulant-heavy than some of the other metabolism boosters out there. If you’re not great on caffeine or have poor sleep, then Leanbean and its low caffeine content will be a brilliant option for you.

Leanbean also contains chromium and choline. These are both fantastic at speeding up your metabolism, especially choline. The chromium is also excellent at regulating your blood sugar levels, which levels out your energy and simmers those hunger pangs too.

It’s a little fussier to take Leanbean, with three capsules every day – but this is nothing to complain about considering the effects it will have on your weight loss goals.

Leanbean Pros

  • Has glucomannan – one of the best appetite suppressants going
  • Little caffeine or other stimulant volume in the formula
  • All-natural, all-vegan ingredients
  • Blood sugar should stabilise

Leanbean Cons

  • Three servings per day are needed
  • The lack of stimulants could be a negative for many


Phen24 is another brilliant testosterone booster. It does much the same as our other favourite metabolism boosters here, in terms of doses and ingredients. What it does do differently, is have two parts to it: a daytime dose, and a nighttime dose.

With Phen24 working 24 hours a day, you will be in the ultimate fat burning state, as well as fast post-training recovery, day and night.

The daytime capsule focuses on your metabolism and energy levels, with the inclusion of compounds like cayenne pepper, caffeine, guarana, copper, zinc and iodine.

At nighttime, the focus shifts to ensure your sleep isn’t disturbed, switching off from energy-boosting ingredients and turning to appetite suppression. Here, glucomannan works very well, keeping you full at night and your digestion working at its best.

Phen24 also includes pyridoxine HDL, ascorbic acid, thiamine and chromium, all of which help to optimise and normalise your body’s nighttime metabolic function.

An innovative metabolism booster that’s considered everything to give you best support at weight loss, with some high-quality ingredients.

Phen24 Pros

  • Ingredients can improve muscular formation and maintenance
  • Blood sugar should be normalised
  • Metabolic function will be optimised appropriately for the time of day or night
  • Great for satiation and getting rid of hunger pangs

Phen24 Cons

  • Caffeine and guarana in the daytime capsules may be unsuitable for some
  • Multiple pills at different times can be inconvenient


Trimtone bottle

Trimtone is aimed at women, but it’s also suitable for men. I moaned about this quite a bit in the full review I did on Trimtone, because it really grates me.

I’m a guy in my thirties, and had some excellent results from using Trimtone. So if you can get past the insanely pink marketing, it’s worth considering, whoever you are.

And there’s the crux of it: Trimtone does work – it’s a great metabolism booster. It’s also convenient, recommending just one capsule per day (which is better than some of the others in this list).

Trimtone’s ingredients include green tea, caffeine, and green coffee – so it’s pretty heavy on the stimulants, but these are very, very effective in maximising your metabolic function, maintaining high energy levels, and increasing your ability to burn more fat.

Trimtone is another one that makes full use of the wonderful glucomannan, helping you stick with your calorie deficit by suppressing you appetite.

If you’re OK on caffeine, these ingredients will work very well for you, keeping your metabolism fired up on all cylinders. Just don’t take in the evening!

Trimtone Pros

  • Great for lasting fullness and getting rid of cravings
  • Plenty of caffeine and antioxidants
  • Only one serving needed daily

Trimtone Cons

  • The capsules are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians
  • The high caffeine content may not be suitable for everyone



PrimeShred is another excellent metabolism booster; but where the likes of PhenQ are suitable for anyone looking to improve their metabolic health, PrimeShred is aimed at a target audience.

If you’re interested in building lean muscle – whether you’re a gym buff or a physique competitor – then PrimeShred should gauge your interest. It works to help you cut that fat without losing hard-earned muscle mass, leaving you with a defined, lean physique.

Despite its effectiveness, PrimeShred boasts a completely natural ingredients list. It’s potent, yet it’s safe. It includes caffeine, green coffee, green tea, DMAE, cayenne pepper, B vitamins, l-tyrosine, l-theanine, and Bioperine.

These are some big-hitting ingredients here, and they’re given in potent dosages to amplify your fat burning potential and keep your energy levels at their peak.

PrimeShred is another product that targets at one gender, but it is suitable for anyone who wants to crank up their metabolism and fat burning without demolishing muscle.

PrimeShred Pros

  • Ingredients profile is diverse, effective, and very well dosed
  • Everything is natural and suitable for plant-based diets
  • Goes hand in hand with active lifestyles and higher energy workouts
  • Would work very well as a pre-workout, taken half an hour before training

PrimeShred Cons

  • Capsules are not suitable for vegans
  • Can upset your stomach and digestion in the early days
  • Caffeine in these quantities isn’t suitable for everyone

Powher Cut

And another one. Aimed at women, but suitable for all. I’m getting over this bugbear of mine, as I see it all the time. If you’re looking to maximise your metabolic function whilst maintaining an effective calorie deficit, then Powher Cut is a great weapon.

It is highly caffeinated, even amongst the company it’s keeping here. I do like a decent amount of caffeine in a metabolism booster. It works well for me, and I value the health benefits it brings for most of us.

However, I would recommend you ask for medical advice if you have any medical conditions, concerns or medications that would react negatively towards such a high dose of caffeine.

Complementing the effects that a high dose of caffeine would bring, Powher Cut also blends together some wonderful fibres, minerals and natural stimulants to produce energy levels for harder workouts.

Glucomannan makes an appearance again, so that you can burn that fat as fuel instead of giving into those hunger pangs. As we know, you’ll also see improved digestive health. This, by the way, is something that often takes a hit when you’re in a calorie deficit, so any digestive support is a huge advantage.

Minerals chromium picolinate and choline will also help boost your metabolism. This is a very effective, all-natural metabolism booster here, and would be a perfect choice for athletes looking to push the limits without falling victim to hunger or low energy whilst in a calorie deficit.

Powher Cut Pros

  • High caffeine content will give you plenty of energy
  • Glucomannan will lead to lasting fullness, suppressing your appetite naturally
  • Mineral content is perfect for energy and metabolic health
  • All ingredients are fully natural

Powher Cut Cons

  • The high caffeine content may not be for everyone
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Lastly, we have PhenGold, brought to us by one of the most reputable supplement companies going, Swiss Research Labs Ltd.

PhenGold contains an excellent collection of compounds and ingredients focused on promoting thermogenesis and increasing energy use and fat burn. Using it means you’ll be maximising the efforts you’re putting into a calorie deficit, using fat stores with the use of your energy levels.

PhenGold is another one that’s on the high side of the caffeine content, complemented with green tea extract and cayenne pepper to massage those energy levels and keep your metabolism rate fully optimised.

So what makes PhenGold special? Well, it contains something none of the others do: dimethylaminoethanol.

This is a nootropic ingredient, which will greatly improve your mental clarity and brain function – something that is often a real problem for us when we’re struggling with a calorie deficit. Not many metabolism boosters consider this, yet improving the cognitive aspects of your calorie deficit can be hugely advantageous in your mood, drive, and focus.

I love PhenGold for this, and they’ve set themselves apart with this addition that many will find especially useful.

To top it off, PhenGold is completely natural like the rest on this list, and also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

PhenGold Pros

  • Energy levels and mental clarity will be greatly improved
  • Energy should also be long lasting
  • Very potent metabolism booster
  • Though it’s pricey, there are plenty of multi-buy discounts on offer on their site

PhenGold Cons

  • Not a great appetite suppressant, which many may struggle with
  • The high caffeine content may not be suitable for every user
  • Pricey when bought individually

Overall Top Pick

PhenQ bottle

Really, there are two winners for me in this collection of the best metabolism boosters.

PhenGold is the best product you could buy if you’re someone who struggles with energy levels and mental clarity when in a calorie deficit. This is a much-overlooked symptom for many people, and PhenGold’s inclusion of nootropic dimethylaminoethanol is a stroke of genius.

With the high-quality stimulants combined with a nootropic edge, your metabolism will be full steam ahead while you remain switched on and driven. That’s a result hard to compete with.

PhenQ, however, competes well here. It is one of the most comprehensive, intelligent ingredients going, spanning multiple supplement sectors. It’s great at weight loss, metabolism boosting, appetite suppressing, energy boosting… the perfect all-rounder, with some α-Lacys Reset® thrown in for good measure and speedy recovery in between powerful training sessions.

Though all the metabolism boosters on this list are brilliant, PhenQ and PhenGold stand head and shoulders above the rest. Go with the one that’s best for you – they’re all incredible.

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