National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing

Arts for Health (Manchester Metropolitan University)

The National Alliance for Arts, Health & Wellbeing launched in 2012 and aims to provide a clear, focused voice to articulate the role creativity can play in health and wellbeing.

Supported by Arts Council England, the National Alliance seeks

  • to act as a hub for information and research on arts and health work in England and further afield

  • to advocate on behalf of this work

  • to encourage the use of the arts by health and social care providers, and

  • to raise standards in this sector.

To acheive these ends, we have developed a Charter for arts, health and wellbeing after broad consultation across the sector. We are also currently supporting the work of a new All Party Parliamentary Group for Arts, Health & Wellbeing and developing this website as an information hub for people working in arts and health and beyond.

The National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing is governed by a board of trustees made up of representatives from nine regional organisations. These are:

(North East) Equal Arts

(North West) Arts for Health, Manchester

(West Midlands) Creative Health

(East Midlands) Arts Derbyshire

(East Anglia) Arts and Health East

(London) London Arts in Health Forum

(South West) Arts and Health South West

(South East) South East Arts and Health Partnership

Other organisations from around the country working in the field of arts and health and in connected spheres are working with us to support this activity.

The National Alliance is supported administratively by London Arts in Health Forum.

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Supported using public funding by the Arts Council England