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University of Bath

This report is a summary of the preliminary findings from Annaleise Depper’s PhD research. Annaleise is a PhD Student in the Physical Culture, Sport and Health Research Group at the University of Bath.

Project aims

The aim of the project was to explore young people’s experiences of leisure, active mobility and inequality in Swindon. This project identifies the complexities of active living and the everyday challenges faced by young people.

What do we currently know?

Psychosocial Creative Programme

The Harley Street Clinic
Credit artist, Merlin Evans

The Psychosocial team of the paediatric ward at Harley Street Clinic has been working on a number of creative projects in 2016. These projects highlighted the importance of working collaboratively with the members of multidisciplinary (MDT) team to enhance the quality of care for our young patients and their families. These projects were part of the ongoing psychosocial programme aiming at addressing physical, psychological and educational needs of our patients.

The aims of the programme are:

Beyond Words - Cheltenham Festivals

Beyond Words
Cheltenham Festivals logo

The aims of Cheltenham Festivals’ 2014-17 Education Strategy are to unlock talent, enrich lives and illuminate career opportunities for young people in Gloucestershire and beyond. It does this through providing opportunities both at the four Festivals and also through targeted year-round programmes linked to literature, music and science.

Riverscross Soap Opera Project

Riverscross Soap Opera Project

Aims: To increase the active participation in society of young people with experience of mental health issues
Objective: To engage young people through drama, writing, music, design and film to create a professional industry standard continuing drama series.

Funding sources: Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity & South London and Maudsley Charity

Delivery: Snowsfields Adolescent Psychiatric Unit – 2007 - 2015
Royal Bethlem & Maudsley Hospital School, Radlet Lodge Autistic School, Newhaven Pupil Referral Unit and Oakview Hospital School – 2010 - 2015

Hear My Voice, Share My Song

Hear My Voice, Share My Song
Hear My Voice, Share My Song
Hear My Voice, Share My Song
Hear My Voice, Share My Song logo

‘Hear My Voice, Share my Song’ was a unique pilot intergenerational music project, taking place in Northumberland Heath, Bexley. It involved children aged five and under and their parents, a local pre-school nursery, and older people living in the area. The project was designed to share and exchange the cultural and musical understanding of participants, whilst developing a shared musical experience between the generations.

Youth Music Project

Gamelan Youth Music Project

“It was great watching the young people support each other in sessions and be able to offer them the opportunity of accessing a community music setting”
Cindy-Jo Morison, Music Therapist

“The project has allowed Young People to have a voice through music, to make choices and decisions where these may not be available during normal courses of life”
Activities Staff, Ferndene

“I am feeling more relaxed singing in a big group because of this group”
 Young Person Aged 13

“It did help make me feel better in myself thank you”
Young Female Aged 17

Tatty Devine Commission: Kaleidoscopic Reflections

Kaleidoscopic Reflections, Vital Arts
Kaleidoscopic Reflections, Vital Arts
Kaleidoscopic Reflections, Vital Arts
Kaleidoscopic Reflections, Vital Arts
Kaleidoscopic Reflections, Vital Arts
Kaleidoscopic Reflections, Vital Arts

Kaleidoscopic Reflections is the latest example of nearly 60 site-specific artworks commissioned by Vital Arts in the past 7 years. It is a ward-wide artwork by contemporary jewellery design duo, Tatty Devine. Children find visiting hospital stressful—regardless of how routine or frequent the visit. It is well documented, that the presence of thoughtfully selected and strategically placed artwork can be a critical tool in assisting clinical aims by positively engaging children and distracting them from painful and/or frightening treatment.

Six Ways to Wellbeing

Turner Contemporary and Mandy Quy Verlander

Partnership between Kent County Council Public Health, Royal Opera House Bridge and Artswork – delivered in six districts in Kent by arts and cultural partners working in consortia with libraries, healthy living centres and voluntary and community organisations:

Aims and Objectives:

Being Other: The Effectiveness of Arts Based Approaches in Engaging with Disaffected Young People

Photo credit David Fisher
Photo credit David Fisher

Aims and Objectives; Pegasus Theatre, in the east end of Oxford, and OYAP Trust, working across Oxfordshire, asked researchers in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford to examine the effectiveness of their creative arts and theatre programmes that are designed to offer alternatives for marginalised young people.
In a published report the researchers present analyses of these data alongside verbatim accounts in order to help further the understanding of the benefits of such provision for some of the most vulnerable young people in our society.

Music in Mind (MiM)

Rhythmix logo

We believe the most vulnerable should not rely on the whims and eccentricities of funding and grant giving systems. Our work is transformational, but the complex needs of participants can result in it being viewed as comparatively expensive. This risks making it potentially unattractive to grant funding models which in part judge outcomes for quantitative not qualitative impact. Such funding mechanisms negatively impact upon long term sustainability and outcomes of some of our most challenging work.

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