The Role of Culture & Sport in Health & Wellbeing

Chief Cultural & Leisure Officers Association; National Leisure & Culture Forum

The Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers Association has posted its guide to best practice in local authority engagement in arts and health. The organisation has produced a brochure showcasing a range of local authority arts in health case studies from across the country highlighting the benefits to public health of commissioning arts and leisure activity.

International comparisons of public engagement in culture and sport

The Department for Culture Media and Sport has published a report written by Orian Brook which uses Eurobarometer, Eurostat and other data to compare Great Britain with other European countries in relation to public engagement in sport and culture.

Key findings include: cultural attendance and sports participation in Britain are both higher than the average for Europe; higher rates of personal fulfillment are found for those that attend all kinds of culture, compared to those that do not; and rates of attendance between countries seem to be related to levels of government spend on c

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