Vitality – Movement to Music for the Over Sixties

Vitality – Movement to Music for the Over Sixties

VITALITY provides movement to music classes for the over sixties and those younger with medical conditions that cannot exercise or take part in similar activities in any other way. We are part of artsNK which deliver visual and performing arts projects, initiatives and events in Lincolnshire.

Creative Communications

Spaghetti Weston (

A qualitative evaluation of psychosocial outcomes of the Creative Communications pilot project for people with dementia

MovementWorks® Developmental Dance Movement™ Programme

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Aims and Objectives: MovementWorks® is a research driven organisation providing inclusive dance movement programmes that are mainstream and SEND appropriate. The Developmental Dance Movement™ Programme is designed to accelerate learning; integrating core curriculum and early learning goals whilst optimising physical development and enhancing global understanding and communication.  Previous studies evidence very promising results and highlight particular benefits for children with developmental delay.

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