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Make a Move

Make a Move

To create a sustainable service for enhancing mother’s mental wellbeing, particularly in the
postnatal period, with infant attachment in mind.

The Alchemy Project

Image credit Pari Naderi
Image credit Pari Naderi

In 2015 The Alchemy Project undertook an innovative action research project pioneering the delivery of two, dance-led interventions, working intensively over 4 weeks, with two cohorts of young adults accessing Early Intervention in Psychosis Services through the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM).

Creative Alternatives

Creative Alternatives
Creative Alternatives
Creative Alternatives

Creative Alternatives is an ‘arts on prescription’ service offering a range of creative activities, events and outings to adults experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety and/or stress, with the aim to improve the participants’ mental wellbeing and health.

Out of the Blue (OOB)

HOOT Stretch Yourself - Charleston Live © Jenni Baker
HOOT Sing Your Head Off © Olivia Hemingway
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Aims: Out of the Blue offers regular weekly access to a wide range of participative arts activity for people with mental health needs. It aims to increase involvement in the arts both as participants and audiences, in the process developing new skills and fostering improvements in social, emotional and physical wellbeing. It works on a co-production model, including people as active agents in developing bespoke programmes of arts-engagement geared to promoting social inclusion, self-determination and self-confidence, personally and artistically.

St Albans Arts on Prescription

St Albans Arts on Prescription
St Albans Arts on Prescriptio

Planning: October-December 2015
Contacting potential referral agencies: January-February 2016
Receiving referrals: February-March 2016
Delivery: March-June 2016

Public Health England’s Community Mental Health profile for Herts Valleys CCG indicates that in contrast to the generally good health results for St Albans there are some surgeries which are significantly above the England average for the incidence of depression.  These include one which has the highest figure for the entire CCG.

Project Aims:

Change Minds: history and mental health in North Norfolk

Change Minds history and mental health in North Norfolk

Aims and Objectives
Change Minds (2015 – 2018) is a pilot project engaging around 30 people who live in North Norfolk and have complex mental health and housing needs. They investigate local heritage, mental health and identity using 19th Century Norfolk County Asylum Case Books. Change Minds is intended to have positive outcomes for participants in terms of New Economic Foundation’s 5 Ways to Wellbeing:
• Connect. People connect with individuals in the past and present. They make friends, reducing life-threatening isolation and strengthening resilience.

How to…promote mental wellbeing

This resource has been designed for people and agencies wanting to actively promote and improve the mental wellbeing of their community.

This project has been led by the Public Mental Health Special Interest Group (SIG) of the UK Public Health Association (UKPHA) with part-funding from the Department of Health.

It is not intended to be a comprehensive mental wellbeing resource, which would need to encompass population level and socio-economic policy, instead it focuses on community level activity.

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