The Role of Culture & Sport in Health & Wellbeing

Chief Cultural & Leisure Officers Association; National Leisure & Culture Forum

The Chief Cultural and Leisure Officers Association has posted its guide to best practice in local authority engagement in arts and health. The organisation has produced a brochure showcasing a range of local authority arts in health case studies from across the country highlighting the benefits to public health of commissioning arts and leisure activity.

Why Singing in a Choir is Good for You

Oxford Brookes University
Singing in a choir can be good for our psychological well-being. Researchers set up an online study asking 375 people who sang in choirs, sang alone or were members of sports teams about their experience of these activities. All three leisure activities yielded high levels of well-being, but the analysis of the results revealed statistically significant, evidence of higher reported well-being in people who sang with a choir compared to those who sang alone.

Attending cultural events and cancer mortality: A Swedish cohort study

a Department of Biosciences and Nutrition , Karolinska Institute , Sweden b Centre for Family and Community Medicine , Karolinska Institute , Sweden c The Red Cross University College of Nursing , Stockholm, Sweden d Norwegian Institute of Public Health , Oslo, Norway e Department of Epidemiology , The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center , Houston, Texas, USA

Attendance at cultural events is associated with better survival and self-rated health. This study aimed to determine whether attendance at cinemas, theater, art galleries, live music shows, and museums was associated with cancer-related mortality. A randomly selected, cancer-free cohort of Swedish adults aged 25-74 years (n = 9011), formed in 1990-91, was followed up to 31 December 2003. The outcome measure was cancer-related mortality. The main independent variable was a cultural attendance index.

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