Fresh Art @

Fresh Art @

Aims & objectives:

  • To promote positive wellbeing, conversation and inspiration within hospital and community settings by bringing ‘fresh art’ into the environment.
  • To enable everyone to participate in socially engaged creative projects by providing workshops within the hospital, community settings and Bath Museums using the museum collections, including handling collections as creative inspiration.

Art for Everyone: Paintings in Hospitals’ Artwork Selection and Co-curation activities

Paintings in Hospitals

Our project aims to involve patients and service users from health and social care organisations in the selection of artworks for their sites. Recognising the importance of placing patients at the centre of the decision making process, the sessions aim to support them to explore their opinions on a group of artworks, explore their tastes, and contribute to decisions about their display – and therefore gain ownership of their health or social care- site.

Artfelt Workshop Programme

Artfelt Workshop Programme

Artfelt, the arts programme at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, has two primary streams of work. The Artfelt Workshop Programme sits alongside our commissioning work in using art to make hospital feel better. Overseen by our Workshop Coordinator, this two day a week project sees a variety of visual arts, crafts and music sessions made available to patients during their time at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Department of Health building notes

Department of Health (UK)

Health building notes give best practice guidance on the design and planning of new healthcare buildings and on the adaptation/extension of existing facilities.

They provide information to support the briefing and design processes for individual projects in the NHS building programme.

(For reference - April 2014, LAHF website:

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