Psychosocial Creative Programme

The Harley Street Clinic
Credit artist, Merlin Evans

The Psychosocial team of the paediatric ward at Harley Street Clinic has been working on a number of creative projects in 2016. These projects highlighted the importance of working collaboratively with the members of multidisciplinary (MDT) team to enhance the quality of care for our young patients and their families. These projects were part of the ongoing psychosocial programme aiming at addressing physical, psychological and educational needs of our patients.

The aims of the programme are:

Light Up Your Lanterns

Light Up Your Lanterns

a series of workshops to create lanterns for a family and young people focussed lantern parade in Stacksteads plus a community celebration event with live music.

Aims and objectives: To increase local engagement with the arts in this area and to use this approach as a pilot for the development of a larger similar activity across a wider area the following year.  

Funding sources: Grant from Arts Council England £4780.00.  Stacksteads Countryside Park Group £425.00.  Grant from Greenvale Homes £1000.00.  Plus volunteer support in kind.  

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Supported using public funding by the Arts Council England