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The role of the third sector in delivering social care – Scoping Review

This review was commissioned by the Department of Health’s NIHR School for Social Care Research. Voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations have played an important part in delivering social care services for a considerable time. This role has been changing over time due to the personalisation agenda and greater integration of health and social care services.

How to…promote mental wellbeing

This resource has been designed for people and agencies wanting to actively promote and improve the mental wellbeing of their community.

This project has been led by the Public Mental Health Special Interest Group (SIG) of the UK Public Health Association (UKPHA) with part-funding from the Department of Health.

It is not intended to be a comprehensive mental wellbeing resource, which would need to encompass population level and socio-economic policy, instead it focuses on community level activity.

The state of arts and health in England

Global Alliance for the Arts in Health (US)

This paper provides an overview of the current state of the arts and health field in England, through an examination of practice, research and policy developments. Five features of arts and health practice are identified: the scale of the sector, regional variations, mapping of arts and health initiatives, recent conferences and symposia, and the role of key agencies supporting arts and health initiatives.

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