The RHN Staff Choir

The RHN Staff Choir

Aims & Objectives

The staff choir aims to promote the social, emotional and physical health of its’ members. It aims to maintain positive rapport and morale within the workplace setting. The primary goals of the project are to:  


A Choir in Every Care Home

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Aims and Objectives
These as set out by the Baring Foundation in their tender document were to

Why Singing in a Choir is Good for You

Oxford Brookes University
Singing in a choir can be good for our psychological well-being. Researchers set up an online study asking 375 people who sang in choirs, sang alone or were members of sports teams about their experience of these activities. All three leisure activities yielded high levels of well-being, but the analysis of the results revealed statistically significant, evidence of higher reported well-being in people who sang with a choir compared to those who sang alone.
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