The art of being healthy: a qualitative study to develop a thematic framework for understanding the relationship between health and the arts

The University of Western Australia; Murdoch University, Western Australia

Objective In recent years the health–arts nexus has received increasing attention; however, the relationship is not well understood and the extent of possible positive, negative and unintended outcomes is unknown.

Morality, duty, and the arts in health: A project on Aboriginal underage pregnancy

University of Newcastle, Australia

Underage pregnancy in the Aboriginal population of Australia represents a serious set of physical, social, and mental problems. The shifts that have taken place in the population make-up of the communities due to this birth pattern are having detrimental effects on the well-being of individuals and families, including a destabilising of the sense of identity and belonging. The paper looks at the social and medical problems involved and summarises a project which aims to address them through the arts.

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