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The Third Sector Research Centre, in partnership with British Library and Big Lottery Fund, has launched the Knowledge Portal, to bring together research on the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors in one online searchable database.

As the national Centre for research on the third sector, part of TSRC’s role is to help voluntary groups use research.

Promoting social and personal wellbeing in 5 – 7 year olds through the ‘Speech Bubbles’ drama project

A report by Dr Jonathan Barnes, Sidney De Haan Research Centre for The Arts and Health Canterbury Christ Church University, providing background to a research paper published in the Royal Society for Public Health Journal (Barnes, 2012). The RSPH paper examines the wellbeing impacts of a drama based intervention designed to support young children with speech and communication difficulties.

The use of Structural Funds for Cultural Projects

Commissioned by the European Parliament, this study considers the importance of Structural Funds (SFs) in European cities, regions and countries developing their economy and improving their social fabric through culture. It highlights the breadth of the impact of cultural investment ranging from urban regeneration, social cohesion, jobs and entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, heritage preservation, education and tourism.

Healing Arts - Isle of Wight NHS - Time Being Programme

Healing Arts - Isle of Wight NHS

Identifying, isolating and measuring the contribution the arts make to health is a challenge.

Guidelines to Art

SAA - the society for all artists

This report represents the evaluation carried out on behalf of The Society for All Artists by researchers from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham. The researchers were invited to work alongside the organisation, staff and ‘budding artists’ using the Guidelines to Art templates developed by John Whyman. Research was conducted across four different sites within Nottinghamshire. Research data was also gathered from other locations throughout the United Kingdom.

Making Sense of Wellbeing: a creative intervention

In April 2010 Arts and Healthcare practitioner-researchers worked collaboratively to experience a tightly structured evolved version of the Making Sense project, using the ARP principles of chance and random selection to respond to a sound, an object, a smell and a method from the ARP database.

Journeys Toward 'Rebirth'

Public Art Scotland

In this article I’ll be describing the contrast in approaches, and the different challenges involved, in two public art projects – for Ninewells Hospital in Dundee and for University Hospitals North Staffordshire in Stoke-on-Trent. Each project had its unique flavour, and where the Ninewells arts commission for a new Cancer Centre followed a straightforward commissioning process, Rebirth (created to celebrate a new maternity centre in Stoke on Trent) was in many ways unpredictable.

Arts and Minds 2007 Arts and Health Project

Arts and Minds Network

The Arts and Minds Project, a six session creative arts programme of visual arts, animation, drama and music, was successfully delivered across six mental health and learning disability services by four art organisations. The participating services were Adult Social Care, Older Adults Day Treatment Services, Older Adults with Dementia, Specialised Supported Living, Acute In-patient and Addiction Services.

A Cure for the Soul? The Benefit of Live Music in the General Hospital

Irish Medical Journal, The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin

Abstract. From 2005 to 2006 a professional orchestra (the Irish Chamber Orchestra) performed in a university teaching hospital with the aims of bringing live music to patients who could not access traditional concert venues and of improving quality of life for patients and staff. This was the first time an orchestra was resident in a hospital in the Republic of Ireland. An independent contemporaneous evaluation was carried out to assess the benefit of live music for patients.

Voices of Experience: Narratives of Mental Health Survivors

Voices of Experience contains a wide variety of stories and narratives written by mental health survivors. These stories explore the way in which the survivors have discovered, recovered, coped, grown, and thrived through their experience of living with mental health problems. Many have developed their own self–management techniques and strategies for living. All have found ways to combat the stigma and discrimination.

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