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University of Bath

This report is a summary of the preliminary findings from Annaleise Depper’s PhD research. Annaleise is a PhD Student in the Physical Culture, Sport and Health Research Group at the University of Bath.

Project aims

The aim of the project was to explore young people’s experiences of leisure, active mobility and inequality in Swindon. This project identifies the complexities of active living and the everyday challenges faced by young people.

What do we currently know?

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of community singing on mental health-related quality of life of older people: randomised controlled trial

The Royal College of Psychiatrists

As the population ages, older people account for a greater proportion of the health and social care budget. Whereas some research has been conducted on the use of music therapy for specific clinical populations, little rigorous research has been conducted looking at the value of community singing on the mental health-related quality of life of older people.

To evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of community group singing for a population of older people in England.


The Contribution of Community Singing Groups to the Well-Being of Older People: Participant Perspectives From the United Kingdom

Southern Gerontological Society

Current evidence suggests that participatory arts activities, and particularly group singing, may contribute to the well-being of older people. However, there is currently a paucity of prospective research from the participant perspective. This qualitative study nested within a randomized controlled trial aimed to assess participants’ perspectives of the acceptability and effect on health and well-being of a community singing program for older people.

Art Works: using the arts to promote emotional health and wellbeing in schools

City Arts, Nottingham

This report shares the learning from a creative project in four Nottinghamshire schools which used collaboration with artists to improve the emotional health of the whole school community.

Creativity in Care: evaluation report

City Arts, Nottingham

The Creativity in Care programme was delivered by City Arts (Nottingham) and commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council. The Creativity in Care programme built on a premise of creatively exploring ‘whole’ care home environments and investigating how we might develop approaches that best respond to the individual needs of older people.

Arts on prescription: research report

City Arts, Nottingham; University of Nottingham

For over 30 years, City Arts Nottingham (CAN) has developed expertise in working creatively with communities, enabling individuals and organisations to change by releasing their creative potential. The majority of our work takes place within Nottingham City and County and the East Midlands. We collaborate with public, private and voluntary sector agencies to achieve shared goals and meet key local and national agendas. Our projects prioritise marginalised communities and break down barriers to accessing cultural provision.

Measuring the economic and social impact of the arts

Arts Council England

Assesses different models and methods of measuring the economic and social impact of the arts, and the quality and appropriateness of existing research methods. - See more at:

Research Directory (Global Alliance for Arts in Health - US)

Global Alliance for the Arts in Health (US)

This Research Directory, made possible by a partnership with the University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine, is regularly updated with research from the field.  

A Guide to Research Ethics for Arts Therapists and Arts & Health Practitioners

Nordoff Robbins

This practical guide aims to inspire ethically-aware practitioners to become ethically-aware researchers, evaluators and participants. Conducting a research project, whatever the setting, requires not only knowledge of research methods but also an in-depth understanding of research ethics. Embedded in 'real life' experiences of research ethics applications, this guide navigates the reader through research ethics procedures, drawing from legislation and a range of research ethics committee regulations.

Nordoff Robbins Evidence Bank (3rd edition)

Nordoff Robbins

The aim of this web-based publication is to collate research papers and other key sources of information, to help practitioners locate the resources they need quickly and easily. Following the success of the first (2010)and second (2012) edition, this third edition provides 21 Accounts with over a thousand references.

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