Arts, Health and Wellbeing Beyond the Millennium: How far have we come and where do we want to go?

Royal Society for Public Health

This report gives an overview of the arts and health field, with particular reference to the UK and New Zealand.

It provides a review of the evidence for the benefits of the arts to health, as well as the policy context of commissioning arts and health initiatives. It also highlights the potential role arts can play within professional education contexts (for example within medical training) as well as within therapy, healthcare and community settings.

International Index of Music Therapy Organisations

Nordoff Robbins

The International Index of Music Therapy Organisations (IIMTO) is an online, open source mailing directory of music therapy organisations, such as associations and training institutions. Following the success of its first edition (2012), this second edition lists a total of 514 organisations from 59 countries across the world. Usage guidelines, as well as background and supplementary information (such as links to other indexes and directories), can be found in IIMTO.

The Importance of drumming in society

BBC Learning Zone

# Description: Nick Topper Headon, drummer with The Clash, discusses the importance of drumming in his life. He battled a drug addiction for many years and since becoming drug-free he has taken up drumming again. Drumming is a primitive form of music and has been found to have a positive effect on mental and physical coordination, promoting a feeling of well being. The Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health in Folkestone says the rest of the NHS should adopt drumming therapy to help patients with mental health and addiction problems.

Shared Territories: Audit and Analysis of the Arts and Health Sector in the South West

Arts & Health South West

A Research report for Arts Council England and Arts & Health South West. In April 2005 Arts Council England South West and the South West Arts and Health Forum (now called Arts & Health South West) commissioned independent arts consultant Ruth Hecht to undertake an audit and analysis of Arts and Health activity in the South West. The research that took place between May and September 2005 forms the basis of this summary report published in June 2006 to celebrate the official launch of Arts & Health South West. The information was used to inform an action plan for Arts and Health in the region.

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