Collaborative local governance for arts in health: Learning from an arts programme for hospital-based stroke patients

Isle of Wight NHS

The issue of training, supervision of artists and governance of arts and health practice is a major area requiring resolution for the development of arts-in-health practice. Moss and O’Neill posit that arts and health practice should be regulated and professionalized, whilst Mike White argues that arts practice should be the collective responsibility of local agencies and individuals working together to establish arts and health programmes. There has been limited discussion and debate within and between leading arts and health organizations. This article contributes to and raises the profile of this issue, by describing the development of a substantive arts programme for stroke patients, focusing on how artists were sensitized, prepared and supported to work with stroke patients in the specific setting of an arts programme for hospital-based stroke patients. It suggests that professional artists can be supported locally to deliver valued arts programmes. The article also outlines how the materials developed for the programme could be used in a number of ways to help support the development of flexible, local, professional arts practice in health contexts in other areas.

Baumann, M., Peck, S., Collins, C., Johnson, J., Riches, C. and Eades, G.
Journal of Applied Arts & Health
Volume 5 Number 1, pp. 117–133
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Supported using public funding by the Arts Council England