Sustaining the note of hope: music, dementia and meaningful lives

National Alliance for Arts, Health & Wellbeing; Rayne Foundation

Report from the ‘Music & Dementia’ seminar, 18 November 2013, hosted by The Rayne Foundation and the National Alliance for Arts Health & Wellbeing.

The report draws on the presentations, discussions and stories from a creative multidisciplinary seminar in order to:

  • outline the emerging shape of dementia services in the UK, and the potential contribution of the arts, especially music, to dementia care
  • offer examples of current excellent practice in this area and provide a list of useful
  • resources
  • provide an overview of the evidence underpinning music and dementia programmes and suggest constructive approaches to evaluation.
  • explore the benefits of music and dementia programmes for different stakeholders in different settings, including people with dementia, management and staff of care and support organisations, musicians, commissioners of services and programmes.
  • identify the key challenges that need to be met in order for music and dementia activity to grow, along with potential responses to these challenges
  • propose ways of continuing, sharing and expanding the learning from the seminar.


Marsaili Cameron, Belinda Sosinowicz
Supported using public funding by the Arts Council England