Arts and Palliative Care, Dying and Bereavement

On November 9th 2015 there was a round table on the Arts and Palliative Care, Dying and Bereavement chaired by Baroness Ilora Finlay. The round table agenda and participants biographies can be downloaded here, and the minutes of the meeting here

The following is a list of people who participated in the round table, who have provided written submissions and related documents and links:

Dr Sam Guglani is a consultant clinical oncologist at Cheltenham General Hospital. He is Director and Curator of Medicine Unboxed. You can download information on the next Medicine Unboxed event on Mortality here. His essay on mortality in medicine, The Given World, was published in The Lancet last week and is found here. You can see his written submission to the round table here.

Fiona Hamilton is the Director of the Orchard Foundation, a writer and creative arts practitioner. You can read her written submission for the round table here.

Nigel Hartley is CEO of Earl Mountbatten Hospice on the Isle of Wight. His latest books is: End of Life Care – A guide for Artists, therapists and Arts Therapists’ Publ Jessica Kingsley Publications London 2014

Bob Heath was the resident music therapist at Sobell House Hospice for over 10 years. You can download and article by Bob Heath and Jane Lings on Creative songwriting in therapy at the end of life and in bereavement here.

Dr Iona Heath worked as an inner city general practitioner in Kentish Town in London from 1975 until 2010 and is a Past President of the UK Royal College of General Practitioners. You can download an article by Iona Heath Memento Mori for Uruguay here. You can see his written submission to the round table here.

Allan Kellehear, PhD., FAcSS is a 50th Anniversary Professor (End-of-Life Care) in the Faculty of Health Studies at the University of Bradford. You can download the Compassionate City, a Charter for Actions here.

Anna Ledgard is a producer, researcher and lecturer working across the arts and bio-medical sciences to facilitate long-term partnerships between professional artists, healthcare professionals and patients. You can download Anna’s written submission to the round table here.

Dr Viv Lucas is Medical Director of Garden House Hospice in Letchworth for over 20 years has suggested this link to 'Stories that Speak'. You can download Viv’s written submission to the round table here.

Olwen Minford is a nurse, trainer and psychotherapist. In 2014 she was awarded a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship which enabled her to research “Improving communication training and compassionate care using arts based methods” in USA and Australia. Olwen will co facilitate a Visual Arts Training Workshop for End of Life Care Professionals in Dulwich Picture Gallery on 26th November 2015 :  You can download Olwen's written submission to the round table here.

Jane Lings is a music therapist who has worked for 15 years in palliative and bereavement care. You can download Jane’s written submission for the round table here

Jane Moss is a writer and creative writing tutor who works in bereavement support. You can download an article by Jane on writing in bereavement here and another on bereavement care here.

Dr Simon Opher is a full time GP and GP trainer in Gloucestershire. He has suggested the following documents for reference: The Socio Economic costs of Bereavement in Scotland here and a literature review on bereavement and bereavement care here.

Christopher Rawlence is a Film Maker, Writer, Librettist and is currently Co-Creative Director of Rosetta Life for whom he has made more than 200 short films with people living with people living with life-threatening illness –
Michèle Wood Senior Art Therapist at Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead, and Principal Lecturer in Art Psychotherapy at the University of Roehampton. References for Michèle's work are:

Wood, M.J.M. (2015) 4.11 the contribution of art therapy to palliative medicine. In: Cherny, N., Fallon, M., Kaasa, S., Portenoy, R.K. & Currow, D.C. (eds.) Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine (Fifth Edition). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. pp.210.

Final Minutes of the Round Table on Arts and Palliative Care.pdf158.68 KB
Round Table on Arts and Palliative Care.pdf146.71 KB
Adolescents facing death of a parent.pdf395.77 KB
Bereavement-and-bereavement-care-literature-review.pdf1.75 MB
Compassionate Cities Charter.pdf330.7 KB
Commissioning of Hospice Care 2015-16 Summary.pdf234.5 KB
Creative songwriting in therapy at the end of life and in bereavement.pdf102.64 KB
Dying_without_dignity_report.pdf4.78 MB
Evidence to Dying Without Dignity Inquiry.pdf266.06 KB
Memento mori for Uruguay.pdf173.09 KB
Mortality Promoting the interdisciplinary study of death and dying.pdf102.64 KB
Moss - Writing in Bereavement.pdf452.93 KB
Moss, J. (2010) +ÆSunflowers on the road to NASA.-¦ Bereavement Care, 29, 2, 24.pdf247.78 KB
MU15 MORTALITY.pdf94.83 KB
Music Therapy and Motor Neurone Disease- a case study.pdf464.87 KB
Music Therapy with Bereaved Youth Expressing Grief and Feeling Better.pdf920.58 KB
Rest Report 25 February 2015.pdf1.17 MB
Rosetta Life Evaluation Report 2009.pdf381.24 KB
Socio-Economic Costs of Bereavement in Scotland.pdf370.86 KB
Fiona Hamilton written submission Arts and Palliative Care.pdf49.1 KB
Olwen Minford written submission Arts and Palliative Care.pdf316.09 KB
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