Short and Longer Term Effects of Musical Intervention in Severe Alzheimer's Disease

This study examined short and longer term effects of musical and cooking interventions on emotional wellbeing of severe Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients.

These two pleasurable activities (i.e., listening to music, tasting sweets) that were collectively performed (i.e., playing music together, collaborative preparation of a cake) were compared in two groups of matched patients with AD (N = 14). Each intervention lasted four weeks (two sessions per week) and their effects were regularly assessed up to four weeks after the end of the intervention.

Progress in Measuring National Wellbeing

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has published three articles reporting progress in the Measuring National Wellbeing programme: Where we live; Health; and Subjective Wellbeing. An additional article sets out the domains and measures which the ONS now plans to use for assessing wellbeing.

The release includes interactive tools that allow local area mapping and distribution analysis of the subjective well-being data.

Further results are expected in November 2012, to include a 'state of the nation' report 2 years on from the launch of the programme.

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