Arts in Health: a new prognosis


In recent years the arts in health field has acquired the expertise to address a wide spectrum of medical, health and social care issues.  It has the resilience and resourcefulness to weather the impending health service reforms in an era of austerity. But it will need to adapt conceptually and in delivery to healthcare environments in which patient choice, GP commissioning power and a new public health workforce are the drivers of change.

Report on healthcare in London

The King's Fund has published a report on improving health and healthcare in London.

The report raises concerns about:
  * the disproportionate lack of funding in London: both providers and commissioners in the capital are reporting greater financial deficits than in other parts of the country and London's NHS is subject to greater demands from Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts;
  * variations in the quality of primary and secondary care in London remain, despite past efforts to address them; and
  * the lack of clear leadership to address health and

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