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To aid further research and development of X-System into additional uses to support more rapid, successful and economic outcomes in health care.

Description of the arts activity

X-System is a revolutionary music/health technology invented by Paul Robertson, a leading activist in the area of music and medicine, and Nigel Osborne, pioneer of the use of music to support children who are victims of conflict.

The system uses algorithms based on the Innate Neurological Response to Music (INRM, Osborne 2009) to analyse recorded music tracks and to predict what neurological effect - in terms of arousal, relaxation and valence - the music will have on the listener. Since X-System is based on universal human responses, it can predict physiological reactions to music globally by all human beings, regardless of culture or musical genre.

X-System streams neurophysiological entrainment playlists designed to lead the listener from their current state of arousal to a chosen state (for example to lead a person from a state of high stress to a state of relaxation). This process can be assisted by the use of sensors to monitor listener response and to adjust streaming where necessary.

X-System has been used successfully in clinical psychology trials related to stress and relaxation (University of Edinburgh/Royal Edinburgh Hospital 2011) and research is about to begin in leading UK hospitals into the uses of X-System in pre- and post-operative analgesia and psychiatric care of young people.

X-system has proved highly effective in predicting listeners’ reporting of states of arousal in response to given tracks and playlists (X-System testing 2009-2015). There are encouraging results for prediction of physiological measures. The X-System team is currently carrying out studies of both autonomic and endocrine responses to predictions.

The INRM model, which has been automated to provide X-System, has been applied highly successfully in the support of children who are victims of conflict in areas such as the Balkans, Middle East, East Africa and South East Asia (Osborne 2009, 2012. 2016) and in work with special needs children (Trevarthen, Gratier, Osborne 2014).

X-System is developing approaches to automated music therapy as a support to medicine in the following areas (followed by their respective bibliographic references). Whilst they will eventually be covered, additional funding will enable the work to be accelerated:
CORONARY CARE refs 1-18, CANCER CARE refs 19-30, PRE- AND POSTNATAL CARE refs 31-43, CARE OF CHILDREN refs 55-64, CARE OF THE ELDERLY refs 65-73, NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS refs 74-83, MEDICAL PROCEDURES refs 84-90, INTENSIVE CARE refs 91-95, SURGERY refs 96-109, PAIN MANAGEMENT refs 110-127, PSYCHIATRY refs 128-141, MENTAL HEALTH refs 142-177.

Details of the project participants

X-System has been successfully used in The Royal Edinburgh, and is currently under trial with the RCM and Queen Mary’s University of London. It will shortly be used in pain management, pre- and post-operative stress, and child psychiatry trials, in the NHS. It is applicable globally in health, and initial tests are also under way in India.

Project management, evaluation methods, and costs, are the property of X-System, and can be further discussed under a non-disclosure agreement

Supported using public funding by the Arts Council England