Creative Health Next Steps

The recommendations in Creative Health call upon a wide range of stakeholders to engage in their delivery. Key to progress is mobilising individuals with energy and commitment, to influence others and to facilitate change in many different geographic, community and organisational contexts. The Inquiry process engaged over 300 people working at every level across various systems. Many of them have expressed an interest in supporting the next steps as outlined in the report. The report has generated interest, enthusiasm and energy.

The APPG aims to catalyse, support, monitor and evaluate progress on the ten recommendations set out in the Creative Health report. We will:

  • Engage parliamentarians in discussion and debate, widen engagement within parliament and involve parliamentarians in supporting the delivery of the Creative Health recommendations
  • Challenge culture, health and social care professionals, decision makers and leaders to engage with and support the delivery of the recommendations in Creative Health
  • Track progress with the Creative Health recommendations

Lord Howarth, Co-Chair of the APPG, and Alex Coulter, the Inquiry Project Manager, will continue to speak about Creative Health at various conferences, seminars and other events around the country.

You can download Lord Howarth’s Haygarth Lecture, Dancing to a Different Tune: The Contribution of Arts to Health, delivered at Chester University on 16th November 2017.

During 2017-18, Dr Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, the Inquiry Researcher, is disseminating the Creative Health findings at a range of health and social care national conferences as part of an AHRC funded follow-on project.

There are 9 regional events to disseminate the findings from Creative Health organised by the regional representatives of the National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing.

Building on the success of the Inquiry process, the APPG is delivering a series of meetings and round tables in parliament to explore the recommendations in the report, encourage open-minded cross-sector discussion, and identify and agree actions to further progress. Papers for the meetings will be uploaded after each meeting:

Monday 13th December 2017 Meeting to discuss:

Recommendation 1: We recommend that leaders from within the arts, health and social care sectors, together with service users and academics, establish a strategic centre, at national level, to support the advance of good practice, promote collaboration, coordinate and disseminate research and inform policy and delivery. We appeal to philanthropic funders to support this endeavour. We hope that the centre will also have the support of Arts Council England, NHS England and Public Health England as well as the Local Government Association and other representative bodies.

Notes and Actions


Monday 29th January Meeting to discuss:

Recommendation 3: We recommend that, at board or strategic level, in NHS England, Public Health England and each clinical commissioning group, NHS trust, local authority and health and wellbeing board, an individual is designated to take responsibility for the pursuit of institutional policy for arts, health and wellbeing.

Recommendation 4: We recommend that those responsible for NHS New Models of Care and Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships ensure that arts and cultural organisations are involved in the delivery of health and wellbeing at regional and local level.

Agenda and biographies of participants

Notes and Actions


Monday 5th March Meeting to discuss:

Recommendation 6: We recommend that NHS England and the Social Prescribing Network support clinical commissioning groups, NHS provider trusts and local authorities to incorporate arts on prescription into their commissioning plans and to redesign care pathways where appropriate.

Agenda and biographies of participants

Notes and Actions


Monday 19th March Meeting to discuss:

Recommendation 2: We recommend that the Secretaries of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Health, Education and Communities and Local Government develop and lead a cross-governmental strategy to support the delivery of health and wellbeing through the arts and culture.

Notes and Actions


Monday 26th March Meeting to discuss:

Recommendation 7: We recommend that Healthwatch, the Patients Association and other representative organisations, along with arts and cultural providers, work with patients and service users to advocate the health and wellbeing benefits of arts engagement to health and social care professionals and the wider public.

Notes and Actions


Monday 23rd April Meeting to discuss:

Recommendation 8: We recommend that the education of clinicians, public health specialists and other health and care professionals includes accredited modules on the evidence base and practical use of the arts for health and wellbeing outcomes. We also recommend that arts education institutions initiate undergraduate and postgraduate courses and professional development modules dedicated to the contribution of the arts to health and wellbeing.

Notes and Actions


Monday 14th May Meeting to discuss:

Recommendation 9: We recommend that Research Councils UK and individual research councils consider an interdisciplinary, cross-council research funding initiative in the area of participatory arts, health and wellbeing, and that other research-funding bodies express willingness to contribute resources to advancement of the arts, health and wellbeing evidence base. We recommend that commissioners of large-scale, longterm health surveys include questions about the impacts of arts engagement on health and wellbeing.

Recommendation 10: We recommend that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence regularly examines evidence as to the efficacy of the arts in benefiting health, and, where the evidence justifies it, includes in its guidance the use of the arts in healthcare.

Notes and Actions

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